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What shape is your face?

1. Heart  – this face has a narrow jaw, is wide at cheekbones/and or forehead
2. Square  – this face is usually as wide as it is long
3. Round –  this face is generally as wide as it is long
4. Diamond  – this face is widest at the cheekbones, narrow forehead, jaw line of approximately equal widths
5. Oblong  – this face is longer than it is wide
6. Oval  – this face’s length is equal to one and a half times its width

You can also measure your face to figure out your face shape. Measure your face across the top of your cheekbones, measure across your jaw line from the widest point to the widest point, measure across your forehead at the widest point, measure from the tip of your hairline to the bottom of your chin. Compare your readings with 1-6 above.

I have a series of make-up posts coming up for each face type. I thought it would be good to have this up for reference.

I hope this was helpful.

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