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When to Throw Out your Make-up

There are so many laws on the expiry of products these days. I don’t follow them as a rule but I do use them as a guideline. Here are the guidelines on the shelf life of your make-up:

Mascara:  4 Months

Eye shadow: 3 years +

Powder: 2 Years

Liquid Eyeliner: 6 months

Pencil Liner: Once Sharpened regularly up to 3 years

Lipstick: 2 Years

Powder Blusher: 2 years +

Lip Pencils: 2 years

Make-up Sponges: Wash regularly, sin after a month

Foundation (water based): 1 year

Foundation (oil based): 18 moths

The golden rule: If it starts to smell, change colour or consistency bin it!

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  • Aoife

    I filled a black sack of half empty bottles of stuff and old makeup I never wear!! I cleared it out from a press I haven’t opened since this time last year!! (I was away for 6 months!) One or two bottle of fake tan that I would say could turn me green!! So pretty much everything got the heave ho!!……Can I go to Boots to replace stuff now?!! :-)

  • stevie

    thanks so much this will be heaps useful…
    Stevie Marie (Australia, NSW)

  • innerbelle

    gr8 post as usual, and woah after 1 month with the spnge thing SINNER lol

  • Shannon

    This was really useful(:
    Thanks so much love

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