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Where are all my spots gone?

It feels like I have the longest breakout ever. My skin troubles started 10 months ago and there has rarely been a day that my skin has been clear.  I put it down to stress and hormones and decided that when I relaxed a bit things would return to normal.

The breakouts were confined to my chin, along the sides of my mouth. Nothing major but the fact that there was always something there started to get on top of me.I mentioned in one of my YouTube videos that I tried the Clinique three step system for breakouts. It worked well for a few weeks but then the breakouts stepped up a gear.


In early January I decided to say au revoir to my full shelf of skin care products. I have been using the All About Carrots cleaner I reviewed. It never would have occurred to me to buy this, it was a gift. I am delighted with it.I have also been giving myself a weekly facial using Liz Earl products.

5 weeks on breakouts are no more. I still get the odd tiny spot that goes away itself in a day or two. I don’t really understand why my skin has cleared using the only cleanser and Liz Earl products. I suspect it may be because I’m not using products that are drying and irritating my skin.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with breakouts and how you deal with them. It would be good to put all of your suggestions into a post, crediting each of you of course.

Amy x

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  • Debbie

    OMG I start using Clinique 3 step, at first i thought it was fine, not miraculous like everyone had claimed then i got bit of a break out so went onto the anti blemish 3 step and oh boy did my skin react!!! i have pretty oily skin, dry in areas but prone to breakouts on my chin, neckline etc. its been almost 3 weeks now and nothing is working, and the breakout is getting worse!!…tried Neutrogena 2 in 1, made it worse. Clean and Clear advantage spot gel, dried the hell out of my spots, made them bigger and flaky!!! Im actually sooo upset over the state of my skin now!!!

    Please help!!!

    • lyn

      Been experiencing several inflamed acne lately. Tried different drug store products and different home remedies but all just made it worst. Only oatmeal dried out my acne and reduce its redness. I wash my face with regular wash and use a oatmeal as a facial mask on a daily basis. You can search several ways of using oatmeal.You can check for other details.

  • Tea

    I had a similar situation to you. Got bad, under the skin cystic acne and tried everything, everything!!! Including antibiotics.
    Then I started realising the chemicals found in skincare and cosmetics etc. so started using a cream cleanser very very similar to the Carrots ones by a local brand (im in australia), spritzing with rosewater and following with a light natural lotion. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be using a cream cleanser! But I am and as soon as I run out and use something else, boom my skin is bad again.
    I have also paid particular attention to ingredients that break me out, in particular shea & cocoa butter. Its almost impossible to find natural products without these in them so I have to hunt around!

  • Laura J

    I love the liz earle range I always use cleanse and polish to remove my make up its amazing and affordable. I suffer with acne and oily skin and the products that I swear by are the clearsil stayclear skin perfecting wash, simple oil control scrub and the body shop clay mask you should try some of these. xx

  • Liv

    Whenever my skin acts freakish, I love to use the Dr Hauschka Normalising Day Oil. It seems to get my skin back on track faster than anything else I have tried. It refines the pores and heals breakouts.
    For anyone who may be wondering, even though it’s an oil it doesn’t make the skin look greasy at all. Just be sure to only use a very small amount – this is not only good for you skin, your wallet is going to thank you also. A bottle lasts me at least 4 months (if I use it daily), I’ve had my current one for about a year.

  • Kerry

    I always get break outs on areas like my forehead, nose and chin. I use Liz Earle products, and I have been for a while now, and they are amazing! They smell great, I recommend the Deep Cleansing Mask with green clay, it’s brilliant for spots and my skin feels so fresh & clean after it. They also have a fab spot roll-on that has really helped decrease the redness and size of my spots.

  • Meghan

    Unfortunately, I’ve had acne since I was 9. Yes, I know that’s extremely early! I find that the only thing that’s been really working were Neutrogena cleansers and H2O moisturizers.

  • Carissa

    I’ve tried most drugstore brands, the Body Shop’s aloe line and the Clinique regimen, but my face only broke out worse each time I tried something new. Finally, I went back to the tried and true brand my mother uses, Mary Kay. I use the dry skin formula and in addition the Mary Kay Intense Moisturizing cream. If I have bad flaking, I use St. Ives apricot scrub in the sensitive skin formula. As weird as it sounds, my face breaks out when it’s dry and clears up when I keep it oily.

  • Zoe

    Hey, I currently use this rose scrub, and it’s bery gentle =) I don’t know where to get the brand though as it was a gift, but it’s really gentle and it helps alot =)
    but just a warning, Clean and Clear’s advantage acne spot treatment is the worst thing i’Ve ever used for my breakouts.. it does nothing but irritate my skin, and my friends tried it too andhad the same reaction

  • nicole

    I use the clinique 3 step system and i find that the clarifying lotion really helps keep the blemishes and spots away. however when i do get spots I not only use the queen helene mint julep mask as a face mask but i use it as a spot treatment over night. my blemishes seem to disappear a lot quicker when i use the mask on my spots

  • Jenn

    I have suffered from acne and now the rare breakout since i was 14 (i’m now 26). What has been working wonders for me for the last month has been removing my makeup with a neutrogena makeup removing foaming cleanser or a clean and clear foaming cleanser, followed by lush’s fresh pharmacy soap, then lush’s grease lightening and finally lush’s tea tree toner. I’m loving how my skin is looking less red and irritated and scars are even improving.

  • Caitlin

    I only use the Clinique 3 step system and most of the month I wash my face at night only. But around ‘that time of the month’ (when I tend to get more breakouts) I wash my face at morning AND night and that really seems to help prevent them and treat the ones that I have.
    Please note: Proactive doesnt work for me AT ALL!.

  • MissFitz1981

    I used to have acne when I was younger and since then have always had breakouts at least once a month. Not any more… and it’s down to double-cleansing. I remove my makeup and then do a second cleanse with a foaming cleanser. Probably sounds obvious to do that, but it hadn’t even occurred to me – I had resigned myself to the fact that it was something I just had to deal with!! I thought it was hormonal and hadn’t considered that makeup residue would be causing it

  • Dorothy

    I only use Lush products for skincare and hair care. They’re natural, mostly organic and hand made, so there are no crazy amount of chemicals that could harm my skin. I use their ‘Fresh Pharmacy’ face wash and I’ve tried several moisturizers and find ‘Vanishing Cream’ to be the best one for me. That’s all I use and since I started using them, I’ve had barely any spots and my skin is much clearer than before. :)

  • Vic

    Hi there Amy,

    I have started to come round to your view that fewer products is better, and the gentler the better as well. I have oily, breakout prone skin but it’s also very sensitive and I don’t think the way the beauty industry categorises skin accounts for that. Have you seen Lisa Eldridge’s YT video on her skincare routine, it’s very interesting…She only use the gentlest cleansers and exfoliants and argues that products that are too harsh, although aimed at blemish prone skin, do more harm than good as they strip oil away and the skin then overcompensates.

    I am now trying some of her recommendations, Bioderma cleaner and some Dermalogica products. Will be interesting to see if they work!

  • Nancy

    Isn’t it weird how when you use less, you get better results? Yet these companies try to sell us extra junk and market it to us like it’s a need…because we’re so “flawed”. Sometimes I think it’s the products that create flaws. I see more people with wrinkle-free skin that don’t use products than those who do. Well, I may be wrong there…but I feel i’m just sticking to basics and going to stick with a brand or two. Shiseido is excellent for skin. I love their products – no other range leaves my skin so dewy in the morning. xx

  • Essjay23x

    Yay, great news that you’ve lost your spots. I have been using Clinque 3 step and have never really had acne but just a couple of little whiteheads/spots once a month/every six weeks. I don’t have the blemish version but type 2 and am not sure how I feel yet. My skin feels better but not exceptionally better and I wonder if it is just having the routine that is helping rather then the fact it is Clinique products and then the spots also still crop up but they do not grow as big as usual. So at the moment, I’m still deciding if I I will repurchase.
    I use facial Clearasil products on my body and back and that works well for me. I don’t know if there is anything in it but I read somewhere once, that spotty skin is agaitated or damaged skin and so you should only ever apply products on that area that you feel are gentle enough to use on your face.
    I do find though that when I clear somewhere like my back then suddenly a few spots will appear on a formerly blemish free area. It is like I’m always destined to have a certain number of spots. Thankfully, it is not a massive number though.

  • Desi

    I really like Neutrogena products. I am also using a daily oil free cleanser from Lancome and I am pretty happy with it (my brother even much so lol).
    I also have a homeopathic treatment if I can call it that way. When I take this medicine I don’t have breakouts.. It is called Lycopodium clavatum and I am not taking it specially for breakouts but for another purpose, however I read about this herb and it is quite popular for healing wounds, so I just get the free breakout skin as a bonus. Another thing I recently read is about mung bean flour (mung bean is a staple in Asian dishes) – it has a detoxifying effect, years and years ago it was used in Chinese medicine against mushroom poisoning etc. etc. You make a facial mask with yogurt and this mung bean flour 3 times a week. It is supposed to clear up breakouts really well and it even helps removing scars. I haven’t tried it personally but if you are interested you can google it. :) x

  • whiteorchids23

    heyhey :)!

    i used the clinique anti-blemish solution system for maybe two weeks and in the beginning it worked really well!
    but after a few days my skin got worse and worse…(have also tried the regular qlinique 3-steps-skincare-system,didn’t work either).
    i’ve been using neutrogena products since then and i’m quite happy with the effect.
    the marks and “scars” from my breakout are fading so much faster with neutrogena.

    but i definitly want to try something more natural and specified for sensitiv and oily skin,since i don’t want to put tons and tons of parabens on my skin ;).

    sorry this is so long and excuse my english,i’m german :).
    love your vids and your blog,keep the good work up!


  • hannah

    thats great to hear about your skin. wish i could say the same for mine!

    just wondering where do you buy liz earle products? and whats your daily moisterizer/cleanser?

  • TheBeautySpark

    I must say that good old savlon seems to work wonders if I get the odd breakout, I just apply it before I go to bed and sleep on it, when I wake up my spot appears less angry and clears up in a day or two. I also love to steam my face once a week as a preventative measure.

    Laura xx

  • Sinead

    i use the cliniqe 3 step system im level 3 it works good is there anyways of preventing acne i dont have it but lots of my family have tanx

  • Claire

    I have had severe breakouts for over a year now all around my chin, jawline and throat and it’s been really getting me down.

    Af first I wasn’t really in a skincare routine, but then I decided to try out my Liz Earle stuff for what feels like the 100th time!

    A couple of weeks on and my skin is definitely clearing up. The spots aren’t as red and inflammed as they used to be and there is a noticable improvement and I can only say it must be thanks to Liz Earle, mainly the Cleanse and Polish and Skin Tonic – the only two regular products I use. Currently I’m switching around my moisturisers.

    Now if only I can sort out my enlarged pores and I think I may finally start feeling better about myself again. Any tips? x

  • Kitty

    I used to get break outs all over my chin and sometimes on my upper lip! But now I have set down a proper routine, I hardly get any spots! I use clearisil, st ives anti-blemish scrub and tea tree oil cleanser and that combo works a treat for me!

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