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Where are all my spots gone?

It feels like I have the longest breakout ever. My skin troubles started 10 months ago and there has rarely been a day that my skin has been clear.  I put it down to stress and hormones and decided that when I relaxed a bit things would return to normal.

The breakouts were confined to my chin, along the sides of my mouth. Nothing major but the fact that there was always something there started to get on top of me.I mentioned in one of my YouTube videos that I tried the Clinique three step system for breakouts. It worked well for a few weeks but then the breakouts stepped up a gear.


In early January I decided to say au revoir to my full shelf of skin care products. I have been using the All About Carrots cleaner I reviewed. It never would have occurred to me to buy this, it was a gift. I am delighted with it.I have also been giving myself a weekly facial using Liz Earl products.

5 weeks on breakouts are no more. I still get the odd tiny spot that goes away itself in a day or two. I don’t really understand why my skin has cleared using the only cleanser and Liz Earl products. I suspect it may be because I’m not using products that are drying and irritating my skin.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with breakouts and how you deal with them. It would be good to put all of your suggestions into a post, crediting each of you of course.

Amy x

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