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Where have you been all my life? Vichy Cleansing Wash

As a teenager I relied heavily on Vichy products but in the last few years I have gone cold on them. Lukewarm might be more appropriate.

Well consider me warmed up!

I have been using their Essentielles Facial Cleansing Wash and I am in love – the kind that never dies (or at least until I find something amazing!). I haven’t felt this emphatic about a product since Nars Sheer Glow Foundation so forgive my love rant.

According to the box the wash is enriched with Rose Gallica which apparently soothes and protects. I can’t vouch for that but I can tell you what ingredient makes this wash stand out from others I have tried – Glycerin! Glycerin is a common ingredient in skin care products but appears to be in abundance in this wash.

When I first applied it I thought it felt too thick. I also assumed that this thickness would some how bring on a cataclysmic breakout. Wrong. Basically you massage it in and lather it up like any other wash. The magic comes after the washing off! Your skin feels tight for about 30 seconds (don’t be alarmed it’s not true tightness associated with dryness). After that time your skin is literally squeaky clean, yes, actually squeaky! The initial tightness is something you may have felt if your use handmade soap (supermarket soap manufacturers remove the glycerin so they can re-use it, that’s why imperial leather etc is so drying). It’s actually from the air hitting the glycerin on the skin. Not only is it a barrier but because of it’s make up it attracts and contains moisture.

If you haven’t guessed already – I truly heart Glycerin :)

This is one of those products that I can see people either hating or loving. I’m not sure how well this would work on dry skin to be honest. I only know that it works a treat on my combination skin.

The price is also a little surprising – €4.90 in my local pharmacy. That is less than one would usually expect to pat for a Vichy product. This just means that I need to buy 4. You know in case of disaster, emergency etc.,

There are more products in the range but I haven’t tried them yet. After my experience with the cleanser I will happily explore the rest of the line.

What are your thoughts on Vichy? Do you approve of facial cleansing washes in general?

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  • Amanda

    Hi! I am new here! And I am already loving your blog. Ok, the thing with me is that I used to have very dry skin all my life, and then I got very sick for like a month, and my skin totally changed to SUPER OILY SKIN. Right now I am using the all product line from “The body shop” called “Tea tree oil” (gel cleanser, tonic, tea trea oil for the pimples, daily and nite moisturizer, and also a exfoliant made from seaweed, special for mix types of skin.
    I just want to know if you know some other treatment that I can try (not very expensive please, cuz I have already spend wayyyyyyyyyy too much money in products that havent worked out), and also something for the scars that I’ve got in my skin since it turned totally oily.

    Hopefully you can help me !!! (I am learning english, so im sorry if you didnt understand something because of the grammar or spelling!!! ahaha)



  • Chrissie

    I agree with you on this one :) it is a fabulous product, and honestly, a little goes a LOONNGG way. The price is good, and it actually does leave your face squeeky clean! love love

  • Katy

    Hmm I haven’t tried this yet but I recently bought the facial cream for dry skin from this range and its definitely one i’ll be buying again! Its paraben free, smells gorgeous and leaves my skin super soft =]

  • alii

    Got dis d oder day aswel for €4.90 in crumlin shoppin center and im luvin it(:tanx x

  • Lyndsay

    oh hi Amy! I would love to try this but have no idea where to get it from! Just checked and it’s couldn’t find it! I live in Manchester. Any ideas??

  • Anne K

    Hi Amy – just a little comment from a fan in Denmark ;)

    I’ve always loved all the foam-cleansers from Shiseido – the texture is amazing and they leave skin perfectly clean! This summer I’ve used Ole Henriksen’s On the Go Cleanser, dont know if you are familiar with that brand? (He’s a danish skin care-guru, anyway:) And I’ve really fallen in love with that one as well.. Great for all skin types..
    But surely I have to try out Vichy’s first thing in the morning..

    Thanks for being such an inspiration :)

  • Amy

    Agree with @EACHT2001 Amazing!!

  • Annabelle Cosker

    Agree with @EACHT2001 Amazing!!

  • Evelyn Y

    I was in boots the other day looking for a cleanser and came out with wipes…again! Thanks for sharing this. You have me all excited about it :)

  • Tanyawoo

    I love this too!! My mother hates it so I guess you’re right about it being a love or hate products ha ha

  • Alla Yeliseyeva

    it’s Vichy basic range, that’s why it’s so cheap. good to see they try for the budget minded people and that it’s actually a success. I like japanese drugstore face wash at the moment HadoLabo it’s cheap and amazing. AHA+BHA is great for my flaky skin. And you need the smallest amount, i never had to use so little facewash :)

    • Amy

      Thanks for sharing it :)

  • EACHT2001

    love, love, clarins pure melt cleansing gel, just love the ease of use and how welll it takes off make up, it’s a keeper for me!!!!

    • Amy

      Oh no! Now I have to try that one!!

  • June

    Oh NO!!!! Just when I decided that Cleanse & Polish was IT for me forever…….Will I never be able to repurchase something in my life??

    • Amy

      haha Ioooove cleanse and polish too :)

  • Erica (madameir)

    Oh I’ve seen this in my pharmacy. I love using facial wash in the shower after the gym. For the times I’ve had makeup on (not in the gym :p) I still usually go over it with my normal cleanser after anyways, sort of habit I guess.

    • Amy

      That’s meticulous cleansing – I wish I wasn’t so lazy at bed time.

  • Cassie McFadden

    Might be giving this a try when my La Roche Posay cleanser runs out :) So cheap for Vichy, I have a hydrating masque from them which is really good but it’s priced at the usual not-so-cheap-Vichy stuff..haha!! Also have their setting powder which I love so much :)

    • Amy

      Setting powder you say :) Must have a look. Haven’t used la roche posay since I was a teenager…maybe it’s time for a revisit

  • Monika

    I’m not a fan of cleansing washes. I’d rather use a cream cleanser

    • Amy

      I often wish I was like you, I’m always looking for the lazy option haha

  • Olivia

    I wonder if they sell this in the US. Hmm will start searching :) x

    • Amy

      Hmm I assumed Vichy was available worldwide

  • Olga

    I also love this! Just blogged about it :)

    • Amy

      Will check it out now :)

  • Emer F

    This sounds great. I must try it!

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