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Who needs Ray-Ban’s when we’ve got Forever 21

I’m not a label snob in the slightest. Don’t get me wrong, I love quality products and I like a bit of luxury on occasion but I wouldn’t buy a designer piece that had a label on show for the world to see. I find that tacky for some reason.

That being said I have had my eye on a pair of Ray-Ban aviator glasses for a while.

They cost €170 on Debenhams website and I saw them on sale in the US for $139 (which is €100!) – why do we have to pay €70 more for them huh?


Anyways, like many of you, €170 for a pair of sunglasses is not an option for me right now. I just couldn’t justify it – pay my electricity bill or buy the sunglasses sort of a scenario.

I felt a little better however when I found this pair at Forever 21 in Chicago (I saw them in Forever 21 Dublin too).

This pair cost me about $3. Granted they need a bit of a polish but they look great on – just as good as the gold Ray-Ban aviators.

Considering I don’t like designer labels on show these might just suit me better. They most definitely suited my wallet better and at least we’ll have electricity :)

Best of all – if I sit on them, I won’t cry!

Do you spend money on quality sunglasses or are you a cheap-and-cheerful sunglasses sort of a girl?

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