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Who needs Ray-Ban’s when we’ve got Forever 21

I’m not a label snob in the slightest. Don’t get me wrong, I love quality products and I like a bit of luxury on occasion but I wouldn’t buy a designer piece that had a label on show for the world to see. I find that tacky for some reason.

That being said I have had my eye on a pair of Ray-Ban aviator glasses for a while.

They cost €170 on Debenhams website and I saw them on sale in the US for $139 (which is €100!) – why do we have to pay €70 more for them huh?


Anyways, like many of you, €170 for a pair of sunglasses is not an option for me right now. I just couldn’t justify it – pay my electricity bill or buy the sunglasses sort of a scenario.

I felt a little better however when I found this pair at Forever 21 in Chicago (I saw them in Forever 21 Dublin too).

This pair cost me about $3. Granted they need a bit of a polish but they look great on – just as good as the gold Ray-Ban aviators.

Considering I don’t like designer labels on show these might just suit me better. They most definitely suited my wallet better and at least we’ll have electricity :)

Best of all – if I sit on them, I won’t cry!

Do you spend money on quality sunglasses or are you a cheap-and-cheerful sunglasses sort of a girl?

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  • Coleen

    I just got the cutest pair of aviators at Dorothy Perkins for….get this…1.50! I couldn’t believe it. I was looking thru all the regular priced ones and my favs ended up being the last ones on sale. They’re gorgeous. Glad you found some you like, I’m so jealous that Forever21 is in Dublin, I gotta get up there soon!

  • Lyndsey

    I have a pair of the Raybans and I can honestly say that I prefer my pair of sunglasses that I bought at Accessorize to them! They just feel more comfortable.

    Although the pair from Accessorize were considerably cheaper than the Raybans, they still have the protection in the lenses. I wouldn’t buy any sunglasses that didn’t have protection. Even living in the UK, were sunshine happens once in a while!

  • Sarah

    I am such a sunglass junky…(even though we dont get much sun over here) and i love the odd splurge but my favourite place for sunglasses is PENNEY’S!!!! They have tonnes of different, in-style options. I’ve often spent a long time in the shop trying on every pair haha!!

  • robyn


    I tend to buy cheap sunglasses and such b/c, like you, i will lose or break them soon :) that has stopped a little bit since i started caring a major case that holds my GIANT plastic one and my aviators slip in behind them….i just can’t justify spending that much $ on eyewear. i live in the US and we do get more strength of sun and thats when i’m more careful about wearing my protective cheaper glasses. I’m not a label snob either. if i can get something for loads cheaper & it looks like the real thing then i’m fine. but i’m also fickle like that. i have a ton of purses b/c i bore of them easily and will switch it up…thats why i don’t spend $$ on expensive brand purses b/c i change them so frequently.

    hope to see a pic soon!!!

  • Ciara

    If i lived in America or Spain or Italy or somwhere i would get a good pair of sunglasses, but here in Ireland, its just not worth it!

  • Anes

    What about protection? You do know that cheap sunglasses DO damage your eyes right?
    For me expensive all the way! I have 4 pairs Chanel, Ray-Ban, Bulgari, Burrbery. They are an investment I know but my eyes are more important than money!

    • Amy

      That’s a good point Anes. My optician assured me that In Ireland I don’t need to worry since we rarely get stregth of sun. On holiday I am more careful – but you can buy affordable sunglasses with the same uv protection as ray-ban without paying for the designer label. I also loose glasses very quickly :)

  • Nikki

    I used to buy high street sunglasses before but found I cared little for them like some of the responses before me, I invested in a decent pair albeit purchased (for much less in the UK) and find I mind them, get them tightened and looked after, just too a while to save up bult felt it was worth it in the end !! ps I agree total joke shop on the price comparisons !!

  • Aoife

    I’ve spent quite enough on cheap sun glasses. 2 years ago I had to spend 6 months in the US where d sun was blinding so for driving I invested in a pair of polarised RayBans. They’re also quite stylish! I think they were $139. Best investment ever and make driving (even here on a sunny day) much easier. Couldn’t go back to cheap shades now.

    • Amy

      Definitely worth it for driving but they again I’d only have them for a short time before loosing them ha ha

  • Doris

    Ahem…. I have a pair of Ray Ban’s, but not the stylish ones above but more neutral (dated) ones (sorry, my English is I don’t know where… ;-). I have very (sun-)sensitive eyes and I drive a lot, so I really need good glasses & have had my current pair for four years now (before that: 2 pairs of Ray Ban’s). Something that expensive needs to last me a few years so I tend to choose a rather boring frame. I do occassionally buy a cheaper, trendy pair just for the fun of it but then I end up never wearing them.What I do not like about them is that the glass is real glass instead of plastic. So the glasses are comparably heavy and easily scratched. Please post a pic of you wearing them! :-D Have a nice evening.

    • Amy

      Hi Doris – will add in a pic of me wearing them :)

  • Emma

    I’ve bought more cheap sunglasses than I can remember…and I just never took care of them. I’d sit on them, drop them, crush them at the bottom of my bag and shut them in the car door! So when I decided to buy a pricey pair I was sooo nervous about damaging them. That was three years ago and I can happily say I still have the same pair and I still love them! I can honestly say as someone who hates the glare of the sun, an expensive pair of lenses makes a massive difference! Expensive all the way for me – I now see it as an investment for my eyes!

    • Amy

      Good point Emma

  • Karen

    I always buy cheap and cheerful when it comes to sunglasses because I have a habit of leaving them behind me. Penneys and A Wear usually though I did splash out about €25 last year on a “JackieO” style pair in Monsoon.

    My friend wears glasses and needs prescription sunglasses so splashed about about €400 quid on a Chanel pair last year. 2 days after she got them she sat on them and broke the arm!

    • Amy

      That’s me all over Karen – bought a pair of D&G glasses and broke them. Devastated! :)

  • Aoife

    I constantly break my sunglasses because I just throw them in my handbag. Last summer I had odd bits from 3 different pairs of sunglasses cluttering my bag. So I can’t justify splurging on an expensive pair. The other day I bought 2 pairs from penneys. Both big and gradiantly coloured. One pair orange-red and the other purple-pink. I think that spending 1.50 each on them means I can get a pair to match every outfit.

    • Amy

      Woo hoo! that’s what I do. I’m careless when it comes to glasses

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