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Sophisticated Chic – Getting sucked in by Nail Polish names?

This was one of those nail polishes I bought just because of the name. How ridiculous is that?! It’s called Sophisticated Chic by Catrice. I found it last week in my local chemist for €1.49, a friggin’ bargain! The name was enough for me. Maybe on some level the company knew I would buy into their sophisticated chic ideal, well done. Rather surprisingly I have actually fallen in love with this shade.

It’s gold, which was rather alarming at first, but looked pretty in the end. It was easy to apply although I did need 3 layers. It says on the bottle that it dries in 60 seconds, it does. It also lasted ok for such a cheap polish, 3 days with minimal chips.

PIC_1309I’m heading back to the chemist to pick up one of two more in case they discontinue it!

Have your tried Catrice nail polishes? Have you tied any products from that range?

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  • Jessi

    I live in Dublin 4, does anyone know a chemist nearby that stockists the brand? I don;t mind travelling a bit for it.

    • Amy

      @Jessi I have emailed them and asked for a stock list

  • Celine

    I have the all around concelor and it does the job!!! but defnintly will be having a look at the polishes!! 1.50 is pretty good!!!

  • Julia

    I haven’t tried anything by catrice yet to be honest but I bought a nail polish by nivea the other day cos it was called ‘vampire’ – a really gorgeous deep red! :)

  • Aoife

    I have a Catrice nail polish in C01 Soft Lilac, just saw it on a chemist counter one day and it was so cheap i couldn’t say no!
    Needs a few coats, but a very nice colour indeed!

  • Ulrike

    Better stock up soon because they’ll probably really discontinue it soon. As another comment already said we have a whole new range of polishes over here in Germany which launched a few weeks ago.

  • Holly

    Hi Amy,
    Yes I love Catrice! At the moment they have their Nude Sensations collection out, and I purchased two blushes and two nail polishes. The blushes are gorgeous, one is a coral and one a nude peach. So pigmented and looks great! The nail polishes and Coral Pink and Nude Beige. The coral is gorgeous but I’m still not sure if I like the beige one. I also have a turquoise polish from them and the Allround Concealer, which I really like. Hope this helps!

  • Emma

    I totally did the same thing with Collection 2000 Button Moon….totally loved the tv show, “we’re off to Button Moon, we followed Mr Spoon, Button Moon” (when I was about 5 btw) So I totally bought the nail polish , fortunate that I liked the colour too!

  • Aoife Birmingham

    Im a nail varnish addict so i have tried lots of brands. I recently got Coral Pink by Catrice and love it =D

  • J

    Like the colour. I am such a sucker for polish and always looking for nice colours for day wear. like the gold. have a tesco “Make-up” polish on today, called whimsy. was unsure first cause it’s “BROWN” but turned out really nice for day wear. Lasted 3 days before chipping, not bad but I do have a good top coat and base coat on!!

  • Thifa

    Ah, I have just the same thing. The other day I saw a gray nail polish (by essence) and I kind of felt like buying it. However, it was when I read the name, London weather forecast, that I made my decision. I thought it was so accurate that even my boy friends agreed with the name and had to laugh (with a hint of sadism of course) :-)

  • Yvonne

    I’m from Germany an I just tried the new Catrice polishes, cause over here Catrice has changed their whole line of permanent polishes completly. The new colors are georgeous and and really good.
    I like the color you’re wearing. It fits your skintone very well.


  • roshni

    I love the colour! I also like the writing on the polish.. very princessy :) I have a gosh one that looks like that! The opi have pretty names but I don’t gel with opi polishes.. they come off after 2 dayss?

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