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Wig time…Can I pull off being a red head?

PIC_0274 I know it’s a wig and it looks a wee bit silly but I’m using it as a guide.

I have been toying with the idea of changing my hair colour for years but in the last few weeks the urge is strong! I have always been blonde. My entire family are blondes, even my Dad and brother.

I just really fancy a bit of a change. Since my mother is a colourist a colour change is convenient but I am terrified of looking weird. Ha ha

What do you think of the wig colour on me?

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  • Brittany

    It’s great! I think it suits your skin tone nicely. Go for it! You can always change it back gradually with highlights if you don’t like it. Take the plunge, Amy. ;)

  • Lex

    I think the color suits you nicely :). Go for it!

  • louise

    awh i just went your colour blonde to deep dark reddy brown and its amazing! i used pro colours of 7.34 (the red) mixed together with (i think) a 6.00 (dark blonde) and it is the most beautiful colour ever

    • Amy

      @Lousie Ah you’re making me want to change it :) Glad yours worked out so well. Will take note of the colour info thank you :) x

  • Anita

    YES you most definitely can! you look gorgeous with red and blonde hair girl <3

  • Tracey

    Ok so its difficult to tell from the wig,but i think it would be great. I really like dark reds…very rich and good winter/spring colour.

  • Catriona

    WOW u look gorgeous as a red head!! It really brings out the colour of your eyes x

  • Anna Saccone

    Definitely! Looks amazing on you!! It looks so natural even though it’s a wig! I think with your colouring you could definitely pull it off…why not, go for it a change is always good and you’ll regret it if you don’t! :) xoxo

  • Janine

    I like it! =] x

  • Julie-Kim

    Its really cute but it kind of erase your eyebrows maybe you’ll have to darken them ..You wouldlook good as a redhead

  • Ally

    With your colouring you pull this off nicely. Consider a deep auburn colour too, would look very sophisticated.

    And hey, there is always semi permanent! :)

  • Maja

    In my opinion the blonde suits you better :) Especially in the picture on the left here on this blog.
    I wouldn’t change the color if I were you, because you are gorgeous with blonde hair :) My opinion :)

  • Bridget

    ooooooo, I really like it!! But be brave Amy, if you are going to try something different then I think a dark auburn would look amazing on you!

  • Rebecca

    You can always go with auburn first and ease into the red.

  • Shannon

    I think it looks amazing hun
    It actually really suits you (:
    I love your blonde hair too though!

  • Erin

    I think you’re one of those people who could pull off any color hair…the red looks great…really warms up your skin tone (def not weird looking)! BTW love the yorkie pup in your videos, such a cuite! :)

  • Amy

    Amy this looks beautiful! It would compliment your skintone perfectly with some darker red/brown lowlights. I think the long wavy style looks amazing too :) x

  • veronika

    personally, I love it!

  • debbie

    it looks like it’d be really cute on you! :) i would say go for it. it reminds me a bit of ashlee simpson and i think her hair is very pretty so take that as a compliment. :p

  • Amanda

    I went brown about six months ago after having hair your colour my whole life and I love it! It’s warmed up my complexion so much and I can wear more colours now. My hair is also much, much healthier, shinier, and has grown long. I think you could totally pull it off!

  • Morgan

    Definately, it looks great!

  • ann

    LOVE it!!! red looks beautiful on you…

  • Sammie

    Beautiful! I love it you should deffo go red :) where did you get the wig from? Good idea to test first I wana try being blonde lol xxx

  • hannah

    omg i think that really suits you! it makes you look more mature and sophisticated. i dont thiink you should go too dark though, but to a warmer tone

  • Alex

    It’s nice but I definitely think a darker shade would be nicer, or even if you went brunette x

    • Amy

      @Alex I was thinking that too. A reddy brown maybe :)

  • Aistrid

    Wow! Definitely suits you yes! I think a slightly richer less orangey red would be better though, but this really looks good on you , you’re lucky ! I wish i could pull off being a redhead!x

    • Amy

      @Aistrid Ah thank you :) x

  • Kate

    I think it looks so so amazing, even if you had a few blonde highlights put in to it for the summer. But the red is so rich looking, and intelligent and and… well you know hehe!
    And you can change up your make up looks, and do more brozer! It would be a whole new Amy!
    I say go for it and be crazy! :)

    • Amy

      @Kate It’d be so crazy! hee hee, fun! thanks Kate :) x

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