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Will you be changing your hair this Winter?

Cheryl has gone red?! It looks a little Sharon Osbourne red to me but then again I did have orange hair last year so who am I to pass comment :) What do you think?

I hear that Cheryl used L’Oreal Casting Crème Gloss in Mahogany. (I also hear that it’s cheaper to buy it at Savers in the UK)

You know you’re seriously gorgeous when you can pull off reddy/plum locks and look hot and not anaemic! She’s a brave lady and I’m all on for spot of change, particularly this time of year.

I was thinking of adding some lowlights for the Christmas period. How dull am I! The truth is that I scared myself silly the first, and last, time I wavered from my natural hair colour. I’m no Cheryl, unfortunately!

Will you be changing your hair colour for Winter?

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  • http://www.strobist101.com strobist 101

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  • annie

    what was her hair color before she died it this shade?i have drarkish brown hair wanting this exact hair color? will i get the same result? also do they still sell loreal casting creme?

  • Gemma

    would that shade be ok to be used on bleached blonde hair? And would it eventually all wash out ?

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      I wouldn’t put it near bleached hair!
      1) The colour it turns out depends on your base colour – cherly was dark brown and then went red. If you put mahogony on your hair your will prob turn bright red – as in crayon red.
      2)Bleached hair is damages and porous because of the damage caused from bleaching. This means that it absorbs colour – so even if you use a semi permanent colour it prob won’t ever wash out completely.
      If your considering going darker from bleached hair I would really consult a professional if I were you – will avoid all the tears and the wasted money on colour correction. I’ve been there and made this mistake haha x

  • Lieenie

    I went from Amy’s colour blonde to a red mahogany (tis what the box says)
    I really love it I’ve been getting hi lights since I was 16 and they are soo expensive and a lot of effort.

    My only problem is a lot of make up and clothes I wore when blonde look different with my dark hair. I have to wear more neutral shades or I look like a clown. Lol

    Go for it for a change but if your going lighter get a professionals help especially if you’ve dyed it before or use that shampoo that colours hair (the ones for say brown hair that give a red tint) mad orange is not a good look.

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      That a really good point Lieenie – I had the same problem

  • Jane

    I don’t like Cheryl’s hair at all, she looks like Leela from Futurama!!

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      Haha good comparison

  • http://tesni.tumblr.com Tesni

    Just browned up my hair, it was getting too blonde from highlights.

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      Might follow suit Tesni!

  • Riina

    I have medium blonde/golden blonde hair, but I wanted a change, so last week I wanted to go light brown. Not too dark, but just enough to suit the yellow tree leaves and pull off darker lipsticks. But the “light brown” dye turned out dark! Dark medium brown! I guess it fades out a bit, since I have blonde hair and I really enjoy the more sophisticated look with what my green glassframes suit perfectly :)
    But I wonder – how is it possible that a colour called “light brown” is really dark? So if I would’ve wanted light brown hair, I should’ve picked up dark blonde hair dye?
    Next time will go straigh to the salon! :)

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      It’s all to do with your base colour. If a blonde a light brunette use the same medium brown dye the end result will be very different. Another factor is that f your hair is already coloured it is more porous meaning it will absorb colour like crazy.
      You probably should have picked up a darker blonde x

  • http://deedee255.blogspot.com/ Dee

    Well, it’s Summer here and I usually go blonde in Summer, but I’m already semi-blonde (foils), and I’m sick of the upkeep, so I’m actually considering going back to brunette or doing red. The only thing putting me off is what a pain it is to keep colour from fading when you do it over blonde. That and I’m super lazy, lol.

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      Haha I know exactly what you mean Dee. I loved having darker hair but it was way too much work for a naturally fair haired person. I too am super lazy! Keep me updated if you decide to change :)

  • Michella

    I use mahogony and it comes out a little darker on me but I’m sure it’s down to your base colour. I’m thinking of lightening up for Winter, go against the trend ha haa

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      Why not Michella! It’s better to be different, trend scmend :)

  • Orla

    Loooooove it!!!!

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      Cool all right!

  • http://anne-marie-bardot.blogspot.com Marisa

    Casting creme gloss it’s my favorite hair color! It doesn’t ruin your hair and gives great color results! Since I was a teen, I’ve always changed my hair color.. now I’m not that adventurous… Sometimes I go lighter, others darker.. but always blonde ;)

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      Thanks for the casting gloss tip! I too will be sticking with various shades of blonde :)

  • http://gabsrants.blogspot.com/ Amy

    I just got a full head of highlights? Bit opposite to be getting highlights this time of year but why bother be like everybody else :) x

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      Ah who cares, pretty hair is pretty hair :)

  • http://lovelygirliebits.blogspot.com/ Karen

    I think Chery’s hair is nice but I much prefer it brown, it looks a little tacky and yes Sharon Osborne-esque :) She’s a gorgeous girl and can pull off any colour, will be interesting to see what it looks like on X Factor tonight.

    I will definately not be changing my hair this winter, I was colouring it non stop for over a year and have spent the last few months bringing it back to normal. I’m happy with it now, its a light brown as opposed to the mousey brown I had before, but I will hopefully go back to blonde by next summer. I loved your orange hair but I’d say the upkeep was a b****! Blonde deffo suits you the best :)

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      Thanks Karen, think I’m done with the hair testing for life haha

  • http://www.veronikasblushing.com veronika

    I love her hair brunette with highlights but maybe she needed a change? I don’t change my hair often, I just know what works and stick to it!

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      That’s a good approach!

  • http://affordabletreats.blogspot.com Louise

    I used Mahogany last year and no way is that how it turns out. It’s like a deep brown with red tones, nothing like that!

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      It depends on your base colour Louise. I used mahogony and ended up bright red since I’m blonde whereas someone as dark as cherly would go a perfect mahogany shade

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