CLOSED – WIN: 3 Cuisine de France Muffin Hampers Yaaaaaay!

I love sugar, all sugar. Cuisine de France have reduced the price of their Classic Muffin to €1.50, I can actually hear myself getting fatter! To celebrate they are offering Makeup & Beauty readers the chance to win one of three hampers. I bought the toffee and apple one the other day (shh it’s a secret) and it was divine.

All you have to do is comment below with your favourite flavour muffin, no explanation required. Et voila.

“Cuisine de France is celebrating the delicious Classic Muffin and all its flavours, Blueberry, Triple Chocolate, Berry Blast and Toffee & Apple and it’s new price of €1.50”

I’m offering 3 readers a fantastic hamper full to the brim of not only delicious Cuisine de France Classic Muffins but also full of fun kitchen essentials including a pretty muffin stand to display your Classic Muffin booty!

The 3 winners will be announced on Monday and the hampers will be posted on Tuesday.

Good luck sugar junkies!

*UPDATE: Winners selected at random are Brona, Christain Hughes and Elaine.

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  • Ingamaybe

    Raspberry white chocolate! :)

  • Michelle

    Blueberrrry!! YUMS

  • Karen

    im supposed to be on a healthy eating run but sure what could you do if you won it!! blueberry is my favourite!

  • Evelien

    Triple chocolate offcourse!! Jummy, that’s all I can say :)

  • Sharon

    Triple Chocolate mmmm with a cuppa on a nice cold wet rainy day always makes me feel warm n fuzzy! :)

  • Treasa

    Berry blast ;)

  • Rosalind

    Blueberry muffin! Mmm mmm :-)

  • Daisy Banham

    Triple chocolate! Mmmmm x

  • kcov

    banana nut! yum!

  • Monica

    triple choco nom nom nom!! x

  • Heather

    Chocolate Praline….

  • Cecilia

    blueberry for definite!! but other flavours are so yummy too!! perfect with a cup of tea ;)

  • cliodhna

    triple chocolate for sure! yummy :D

  • Lucia

    triple chocolate chip!

  • deirdre w

    blueberry yummmmm but i do love me some toffee and apple!!

  • Danielle

    Triple Chocolate Chip :)

  • Leah

    The toffee and apple without a doubt!

  • Racha Mennad

    Blueeberry :D

  • Natalia

    Almost every day I have Triple Chocolate Chip :)

  • Sarah Jane

    Has to be the Toffee Apple ….. Mmmmm nom nom nom … least its got fruit in it ! lol

  • Denise

    Hey!!!!!! Its got to be Tiple Choc!!!! I love it!!!! yum!!!!! =) =) xxx

  • emma


  • Aisling

    gotta love a Triple Chocolate muffin with ice-cream. Yum!

  • Ciara0x

    Chocolate muffin and a mug if hot chocolate with marshmallows :) Heaven

  • shauna kelly

    my favourite is the triple chocolate chip great for evrytin. my friends bf dumped her n i bought her four and when she saw them she started smilin. i like dem because i love chocolate and it was the first muffin i had ever tasted in my life

  • Kelli

    I go for the classic – blueberry!

  • Bex

    My favourite is banana and chocolate chip!

  • Aoife

    Apple And Toffee……. I Always Feel As If I Had One Of My 5 A Day ;)

  • UnPetiteAmie

    Triple choc chip….with cream!what more could a girl want :)

  • Dervlaxox

    My favourite it white chocolate!!! yummy!!! :) Thanks Amy!! :) xox

  • Gemma

    Blueberry….yum yum!

  • Elize

    Blueberry! Yuummmyy nom nom, I love fruit mixed with cakes and things!

  • mary

    toffee & apple

  • Caoimhe

    Blueberry definitely

  • Caoimhe


  • Sarah

    Triple choc!!

  • Katie

    Berry Blast all the way! yummy!!! but naughty

  • J

    Blueberry definately

  • Salma

    Triple choc muffins

  • Louise

    triple Chocolate :)

  • Kaitlin

    Apple Cinnamon with little chucks on apple in it! Amazing!

  • karen

    tripple chocolate!!

  • Laura

    I hate to be boring and predictable but nothing beats chocolate for me (plus chocolate chips obviously)!

  • Denise

    triple chocolate! yum :)

  • Ashley Beth

    Triple Choc!! anything with chocolate makes me smile!

  • orla

    carrot cake muffin!! yummmmm

  • Caitriona

    Raspberry all the way.

  • christina

    triple chocolate sounds divine!!! =)

  • Caitríona

    chocolate all the way!

  • Jen

    It has to be Triple chocolate. It so nice :-)

  • Ciara M

    Toffee and Apple deffo :) Best ever :)

  • Brona

    Chocolate…without a shadow of a doubt!! Hard to beat a bit of chocolate!!

  • Clare

    I buy a toffee and apple muffin every friday as a treat :)

  • Tesni

    Difficult to pick, but Blueberry!!

  • Rebecca

    toffee and apple

  • Amanda

    I have to say…….ALL MUFFINS! but none with nuts. That’s just wrong. haha


  • Mollie

    Blueberry muffin, with a latte – my perfect breakfast. I would be eating this every single day if only I had the will to exercise!

  • lisa

    white choc chip with strawberry jam in the middle yummyyy

  • Alethea

    It’s a toss up between triple chocolate or cinnamon & apple (mainly coz it reminds me of christmas :-) )

  • Mana

    Any sort of Apple Muffins

  • Joelene

    Blueberry muffins never last long around me…nom nom nom! :-P

  • Aisling

    Gotta b chocolate.! =] x

  • Tania

    Chocolate Chip Muffins :-)

  • Erica (madameir)

    Blueberry for defo!

  • Jackie

    Chocolate all the way haha

  • Sarah Cooney

    Choc chip…….double choc….triple choc………as you can see there’s a bit of a pattern evolving!!

  • Jenny

    Triple chocolate! If there was a way of making a quadruple chocolate muffin I’d love it even more ; )

  • Christian Hughes

    Triple Choc, om nyom nyom nyom :)

  • Linda

    Defo has gotta be Triple Choc… mmmmm :)

  • Charan

    berry blast :)

  • Sheniz

    Love tripple choc! (: x

  • Ailis

    Chocolate muffins!! x

  • Zara

    Blueberry :D

  • Rebecca

    You just can’t beat chocolate muffins. Others may come close but what can really top chocolate? Nothing! Chocolate Muffins it is!

  • Lyndsey

    My favourite flavour is Banana and Choc Chip…mmmm!

  • catherine

    Anything with chocolate in it! :D

  • Louise

    Chocolate chip! Best.Muffins.Ever!

  • Caoimhe

    I love triple chocolate… sooo bad for u yet so good!x

  • Becca

    Chocolate chip :) nom nom!

  • Jodie

    it has to be CHOCOLATE chip muffins!

  • Ashley

    Triple Chocolate….. hits the spot whenever I need cheering up! :) :) YUM!!

  • Elaine

    I love them all, but triple choc is my fav :)

  • emer

    my favourite muffin is chocolate yummy!!!!!!

  • kate

    my fave is with white chocolate or caramel, too hard to choose, yummmm

  • Emma

    ooh – im quite partial to a berry muffin!!!:)

  • Aoife

    Chocolate all the way =D x

  • Dolo

    My favourite flavour muffin is Chocolate!!! :)

  • Fiona

    Banana and walnut is my absolute fav!

  • Mim

    Blueberry! But the Berry Blast one sounds good! Might have to go give it a try! Oh dear!

  • Lydia

    My favourite would be any kind of chocolate muffin! :)

  • Lucy

    What a great giveaway :)

    Cranberry and orange has to be my favourite…yum!!

  • kiki

    Great giveaway! Triple chocolate has got to be my favourite! Yummy! :)

  • Kerry

    My fave flavour is CHOCOLATE! Haha!!

  • Sarah

    My favourite has to be chocolate!
    I’m a chocolate junkie!!


  • Jolien

    Chocolate chip if I’m in need of it (as I am often), otherwise antyhing with red fruit in it. I love blueberry ones. The classic.

  • leanne

    toffee and apple :):):)

  • Tarandip

    I have always loved muffins!
    My all time fav is still Chocolate Chip muffins that simply oozes chocolate!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • ann

    My favourite muffin is raspberry & white chocolate yum! yum!

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