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CLOSED: Win Mascara! 4 The Body Shop Big and Curvy

The Body Shop have kindly offered Makeup & Beauty readers the chance to win one of four Big and Curvy Mascara’s.

All you have to do is comment below with your best makeup/beauty tip and follow this site.

This mascara is a current staple of mine so I’m delighted that more of you get to try it for free.

Good luck! Winners will be announced next week.

ádh mór!! x

*UPDATE: Winners – Innerbelle, Eadaoin Burke, BeautyJunkie86, Maureendoyle

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  • Vilte

    My best tip: If you wanna get a tan but dont want to use fake tan or go to a sunbed use Johnsons holiday skin lotion before you go to bed and in the morning you get a slight tan

  • Orl

    The Kohl concealer is the best I’ve tried. It’s available in Brown Sugar.

  • MaureenD

    Pat a tiny bit of highlighter over your cupids bow for fuller lips

  • orl

    now that its the season to expose more skin, why not use this recipe to exfoliate skin. Mix, sugar, salt and oatmeal /porride together.

    your skln will be super-soft

  • Lynda

    Shower with cool water. It straightens your Hair and is better for you !

  • Olivia K

    Best beauty tip is get a good nights sleep! You always feel fresher afterwards!

  • Rachel

    My best beauty tip is always own a jar of vaseline – its so useful for all things beauy related

  • Ciara OReilly

    Would love to win this mascara, my best tip is Cleanse and tone every night before bed and use a night cream (I use body shop night cream) and moisturise your whole body every day my skin is always so smooth so many people have commented on it :)

  • Audrey Waugh

    Now that the fine weather is here, I think everyone should use a tinted moisturisor during the day (make sure is has sun protection). Keep it au nateral during the day and leave the dolling up til the evening time.

  • Catred

    My Beauty tip: Apply a clear mascara first to your lashes which thickens them, then apply your favourite mascara (mine is the Body Shop Big and Curvy mascara) This makes your lashes look fuller and longer! Start batting those Eyelids girls!!!!

  • noelle

    always put ur nail varnish in the fridge the night before you goin to put it on as it goes on alot better…..

  • shining star

    my best beauty tip is keep it simple let your skin breath. Tinted moisturerer is perfect for day and just use some benefit moonbeam as a highlighter to give you a more dewy look

  • AnneliesatBlogspot

    My beauty tips are:
    – eat at least 1 piece of fruit a day and drink lots of water

    – if you have a rough skin, don’t use concealer and foundation, just use cleansing water (like Eau Precieuse) for a day and let your skin rest

    – for mascara : pull your eyelid up while applying it. If you have splatters, remove them with the tip of a tissue when they’re dry. If your mascara get too messy, let it also dry before you whipe it off, you don’t wanna look like the Grudge.

    love, Annelies

  • Aliona

    1.if You dont have body scrub beside You,take soda and mix with gel,or if ou dont have sensitive skin just soda and in circular moution all over Your body it is amazingly takes of dead skin cells,makes skin soft and brighten
    2.For puffy or circles under eyes,take potato,take of dark part put for 10 min on your eyes it helps 100% or black tea bags very helps too
    3.drink atleast few cups ot green tea and You will see how amazingly Your skin glowing.

  • Hannah-May

    I’ve got three tips I live by-

    I. Less is more. Instead of caking concealer on with a big brush (it will most likely leave the red throbbing spot poking out from underneath), apply it with a smaller brush, and just apply the concealer on the spot and the redness and don’t smear it everywhere. Also always apply concealer after your foundation, because the foundation will wipe the concealer away.

    2. Less skincare products, works better. You don’t need to clense, moisturise and tone. Just exfoliate when you shower (face) and just apply a complexion enchancing moisturiser and a little spot controlling gel in your spot prone areas.

    3. Invest in a good pair of eyelash curlers! Shu umera ones are amazing, and when you get the hang out of using them, your eyelashes will look almost X10 better when you apply your mascara! Flutter those lashes!

    Also, try drugstore stuff now and again, you’d be amazed at the bargins you can find!

  • Louisemanning87

    Hey Amy
    this is a weird but good beauty tip :)
    Apply Mayonnaise to your hair does make for a great hair conditioner. The oil and eggs that can be found in real mayonnaise is rich in fatty acids and protein that nourishes the hair.

  • Emer Breen

    hi Amy,

    My tip is:
    when your mascara is drying out and finished up, leave it standing for a day in some vinegar and it will be as good as new again. You’ll easily get another few weeks out of it!! Great tip in these recessionary times…i’ve extended the life of lots of my mascaras this way!! XXX

  • Gabriela

    My beauty tip is to exfoliate my lips twice a week and apply a balm everyday.

  • Julianne Long

    Hi Amy,
    One of my beauty tips is to to use a touch of white or peach eyeliner on your waterline. This makes your eyes look larger & more awake. You can set with powder to make it last longer.

  • Sara

    I think that the best makeup tip anyone can give is try and still look like yourself. Yes, makeup helps perfect our own selves but don’t cover up too much of yourself or it won’t really be you until you take off your makeup. Just be your beautiful self but with some cleverly enhanced features. :) And always remember to smile

  • Emma F

    My best beauty tip is when applying foundation with a make up brush, to brush in downward strokes in order to prevent any facial hair becoming noticable!

  • eilis murphy

    My best beauty tip is to use a shaving oil when shaving you legs, not only does it guarantee silky smooth legs but it adds a nice soft glow to them too.

    another one is if you are getting a spot before a big event put a blob of toothpaste on it the night before and wash it off the next morning, the redness will have vanished.

    Another is to get rid of remove stains on your skin from dyeing your hair, simply use toothpaste, apply a small dab to your finger and gently rub the toothpaste over the stained area of the skin. Rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat until the stain is removed.

    Finally as a blonde when swimming in chlorine if unprepared I sometimes used red sauce to remove the green ting caused by the water in my hair.

  • geraldine

    I always use a primer on my eyelids as it makes the eyeshadow stay all day

  • geraldine

    i always use a primer on my eyelids, it makes the eyeshadow last all day.

  • geisharock

    I’ve added you to my blogroll because thats how I follow people – I hope that counts! My top beauty tip, or a recommendation really, is the shu uemura cleansing oils – they are sooo effective at washing off make up and don’t dry your face out! xx

  • Sasha

    Hey Amy! Love your soaps :) My best beauty tip is always wash your face at night and use toner to get rid of any makeup and dirt before putting on any serums or creams :) Also, a way to make sure you always do this (because everyone has slept in their makeup at least once) is buy a really nice pillow that you don’t want to get dirty with makeup and it actually works :)

  • guy_vemp

    put vaseline on your eyelashes every night before bed THEY WILL GET SO LONG

  • Jen

    My beauty tip is to use an angled brush to apply pencil eyeliners. It gets the colour closer to your lashes and is easier to apply in an even line :)

  • Amanda

    Sleep at least 8 hours every night, use Visine on red areas, and short nails carry less bacteria (touching your face)!!

    love your videos Amy! xo

  • Maclisa

    My make up tip is to buy olive oil!! It can be used as a make up remover for heavy make up, including eye make up……just put some on cotton wool, wipe off make up then cleanse and tone as normal (saves cleansing 2 or 3 times and it’s much cheaper than cleanser/make up remover). It also makes a great exfoliator when mixed with sugar (particularly great for feet, knees and elbows). It can be used for making face masks, just boil some oatmeal, allow to cool, add some olive oil and a couple of drops of lemon juice, spread over face then wash off when it dries…..this is great for lots of skin complaints from dry skin to blackheads to oily skin as the lemon juice removes excess oil from the skin and helps clear blackheads while the olive oil provides moisture, just adapt to your own needs i.e. if you have oily skin don’t use too much olive oil but if you have dry skin use a decent amount of olive oil. It can also be used as a hair treatment for dry hair, just rub olive oil spairingly into your hands and massage into wet scalp and hair, cover with shower cap for 10 to 30 minutes depending on hair ( those with limp hair shouldn’t leave it as long as 30 minutes), shampoo and rinse well. Massaging it into scalp has the added bonus of boosting hair growth. It’s a good hair serum too, but be careful you don’t use too much. Rub into hands and apply by barely touching the hair with hands. It is great for cleaning make up brushes as it breaks up the make up. Dip your brushes into olive oil, wipe on kitchen towel and then wash them in baby shampoo! And finally it makes a great moisturiser, best way to use it as a moisturiser is to add a few drops to a bath as it may be too heavy for all over body use except for hands and feet. To moisturise feet rub olive oil onto feet at night and wear socks then in the morning it’s dried in and feet are full of moisture! Hope some of you try out these tips and are delighted with the results!! :)

  • innerbelle

    great give away idea amy!

    im loving all these brill tips!

    mine would have to be do ur nails a lil while before ur shower/bath, i do mine before bed, very sloppy around the edges becoz in the mornin when u wash, all the bits round the edges wash away and leave u with a great finish!

    oh one other one would have to to be apply serum on wet hair before using hot styling tools so your ends wont look dry and well stay in gud condition for longer!

    enter me!

  • X-Lisa Coyne-X

    Hi Amy x
    My best make up tip is if when you are doing your mascara and bit of it goes up on your eyeshadow wait until it dries and then get a cotton swab or bud whatever you call it and wipe it away it works pefectly x
    Thanks Amy:P

  • Ciara Smith

    my best beauty tip would have to be for girls with shaky hand and their liquid eye lines goes all over you eyeshadow,get an cotton swab dipped in vaseline and run it gently along the removes the liquid eyeliner mess without ruining your shadow:)thanks amy:)x

  • Leah O Sullivan

    My best beauty tip is to find a foundation that is the perfect colour for you and to remember that less is more! :D

  • Niamh

    My best makeup tip is if you drop your eyeshadow on the ground and it smashes, pick it all up, put it in a little pot and add vaseline to stick it all together – and voila, new creamy eyeshadow! (I’m very clumsy!)

  • sarah Hope Smith

    my top tip is vaseline…….bring it everywhere, it covers dry spots maily for you lips but if u wanna travel light or have a last minute face to face date or something softly place some on your cheeks, lips and abit on your chest bones for a lovely glow….its usually only E1.50 in boots… hahaha love it ;) x

  • Jessica

    My best beauty tip is, if you run out of shaving gel/foam use conditioner on your legs instead. It makes your legs twice as soft as shaving gel/foam!! Xx

  • LiLo

    my tip is to use a bobypowder or the lush dusting powder as a dry shampoo, but make sure to work it in because the powder it kinda white, but 4 me it works really well :)

  • romaana

    tilt your head back while doing your prevents you from gettins mascara on your lids or on your eyemakeup!

  • Marta Rodrigues

    My beauty tip is to use an eyelash curler before aplying mascara, makes all the diference!

  • Aisling Conway

    johnson’s baby lotion keeps the frizz out of yur hair. =]

  • Penny

    My best beauty tip is to make sure your lips are always exfoliated for the perfect nude lip, for me Carmex and a childs soft toothbrush works a treat! Love your blog!

  • Maria

    I put johnson’s soft wash on my face and it makes it very very soft :)

  • Lyndsey

    My beauty tip is to make sure that when you are applying your moisturiser to your face and neck, always ensure you carry on downwards and moisturise your chest too. This area ages just as quickly as the skin on your face!
    Same goes for your hands, keep these well moisturised and NEVER do dishes without rubber gloves!

  • Tilly91

    Hi Amy! My favourite tip at the moment is to exfoliate your lips. If I don’t I get that horrible flakey lipstick look so I use Lush’s lip scrub everyday and they’re so soft and kissable! It tastes delicious too! For a cheaper option make your own with sugar and abit of oil or use an old toothbrush and a bit of lipbalm.

  • Ciara

    Hey Amy, My tip is to spritz macs fix+ on your skin after makeup, it’s a great way to fake dewy skin. If you can’t get fix+ try steaming your face lightly after applying your makeup, even hovering your face over the kettle! Thanks x

  • elaine

    to use olive oil as a moisturiser. leaves your skin sooo smooth!

  • Diana

    Hi! =) My best tip is to put a little of olive oil every night to make your eyelashes grow bigger and fuller

  • Megan S

    Always always always wash your makeup off. I use the Clarisonic to wash my face morning and night, and the texture and tone of my skin has changed dramatically!

  • Jolien

    Um… What if all the advice I had in mind are already posted? As in… all the advice I had in store…? Love all them other advices though, this was such a great idea!

  • chinaz84

    hi, my tips is use jojoba oil on your scalap twice aweek before before go to bed massage it for 2 minute your hair look more alive and grow faster and thicker …..thanks

  • Monica

    My beauty tip is to put powder over ur lips and then apply lipstick if u want it to last all night!!! =] x

  • Sarah

    my best beauty tip is to not wear too much makeup, keep it simple, and let your natural feautures be enhanced by the makeup:) this sound like a great mascara, thanks for the givaway!

  • Heejin

    my best beauty tip is to clean off makeup brushes with baby shampoo! it makes them super soft, is really cheap, and doesn’t smell harsh (:

  • catherine byron

    My Best Beauty ti would be To Exfoliate with Sugar s it gets rid of all trapped dirt and dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling amazing.x

  • ann

    Enter Me please!!

    My beauty tips are: If the skin on your armpits looks darker than usual,you may not be changing your razor blade often.Replace yours once a week & you will get a much smoother result.
    DON’T use perfume near pearl or costume jewellery. The alcohol in perfumes can cause pearls to yellow and can strip the coating off jewellery.
    Lipstick shades for hair colour:
    Light blondes can use wines, berry’s and mauves. They also suit cappuccino colours.
    Golden blondes should use corals, apricots or peachy hues.
    Blondes with olive skin tones are best suited to warm peaches, browns or terracotta’s.
    Brunettes suit terracottas, cinnamon’s and brown tinted reds.
    Red heads can use warm terracotta colours, cinnamon’s and peachy browns.

    Love your videos,keep them coming : )


  • Cecilia

    Hi,amy. My tip is to put a bit of baby powder on under eye area after applying concealer but before applying eyeshadow/eyeliner to avoid smudging and panda eyes at the end of the day. Cant go out the door without doing this every morning!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Sophie

    my tip is to apply your foundation with a stipling brush, its not a gimic it really does give you a flawless finish. :)

  • Lovesmakeup

    my best beauty tip i suppose is to put vaseline on your foot where the heel starp or shoe rubs, it acts as a kind of barrier so you can say goodbye to blisters.
    hope this helps
    thank you

  • Ally

    To use BHA lotion as everyday exfoliant, it’s literally changed me skin for the better, no flaky skin, can wear my photoready now :)

  • Sarah ConnoR

    Hey amy. My tip is to mix olive oil and sugar for a natural lip exfoliator. :] xoxo

  • Stephanie

    Hi Amy – Great work as always! I think my top three tips for great beauty would be as follows:

    – if i’ve had a long night, I use a highlighter under my eyes rather than concealer. I find that a little bit of foundation under my eyes with a liquid highlighter tends to brighten up the area and make me look (and feel) alot more awake during the day :)

    – Keep three foundations on standby – one for everyday, a darker shade in summer and a lighter shade to be used as a concealer. That way, at any point during the year, you’ve got an ideal mixture of foundations to get that all important colour match. :)

    – Try, where possible, to go for makeup that isn’t tested on animals and is all-natural. Alot of brands are now realising how important this belief is amongst consumers and are converting their brand to cruelty-free development practices. Alot of us know the big brands like Urban Decay, The Body Shop and MAC, but it’s also worth looking into Tarte, Smashbox, Stila, Victoria’s Secret Beauty and Revlon have all received the PETA bunny ears and are widely available both online and in beauty halls everywhere. :) A good appearance for you and putting your money into a company who promotes ethical beauty = happy people all round! :)

  • Anita

    My best beauty tip is putting Vaseline on heels that hurt!

  • Saby

    My beauty tip is to drink hot water instead of tea or coffe, as when boiled it vanishes all the bacteria and after drinking it everyday my skin has never looked so clear! x

  • Isabelle

    My beauty tip is if you have a hole in your tights paint it with some clear nail varnish and it won’t ladder :)

  • Esther

    Hi Amy :) My tip is to get a dark nail polish, let it dry, then dab on a glitter dust (like dazzle dust) across each nail, fanning out from one corner. Then apply a see-through top coat and let it dry :) It gives any dull nail varnish a boost and looks lovely ;) xxx

  • Anna

    Always do your foundation after your eye makeup so you don’t make a mess!

  • emmap

    my beauty tip is if u have run out of eyeliner or are in a hurry, when applying mascara push the wand in at the bottom of your lashes and hey presto – instant eyeliner! and it will be as close to the lash line as you can get too :)

  • Grete

    You can paint your nails with whatever brand of nail polish you want and it stayes beautiful if you use high-end top goat polish! For example O.P.I ;)

  • Charlottesmellsnice

    My beauty tip is to put mayonaise on your hair to give your hair a super moisture boost :)

  • Emma

    Hi Amy count me in. in serious need of a new mascara. My beauty tip is really invest in your skincare from a young age. It really pays to look after your skin. If the canvas isn’t good, no amount of makeup will be effective. Also, use SPF every day. Love your blog. More videos plese! E x

  • Nicole

    Here’s my favorite- Use an orange or salmon cream blush for your under eye circles or any other dark spots that need to be corrected. Then cover with a concealer in your skintone. You can mix the two or do it in layers, either way, it works wonders for me!

  • liza

    apply a gold or grey under your lashline instead of black or white it will look less severe

  • rubeena

    line the inner corners of the eyes with white liner to look awake!

  • Amanda

    I’d love to try this :)

    A beauty tip I could give would be to remove heavy eye makeup (such as waterproof mascara or black liner) with baby oil on a cotton ball. I think it works better than any of the high end make up removers, for a ridiculous fraction of the price.

  • Elisa

    Hi Amy! A beauty tip that I love is treating acne spots with a cotton swab that is soaked in Tea tree oil (melaleuca oil). It is a natural anticeptic that treats the area without drying the skin as some product with benzoyl peroxide can do.

  • Amanda Culley

    Hi Amy,

    I use Olive Oil To Take Heavy Stainage Off My Eye Makeup Brushes. It Works A Treat.

    Amanda (Makeupmadeeasy)

  • Lana T

    TIP: Put an eyeshadow of a similar colour over your eyeliner for a softer, smudged look that will last all day!

  • Laura J

    My best beauty tip is to be comfortable in your own skin and smile, that way your true natural beauty will shine though. Well that and a kick ass lipstick preferably from Mac!

  • Laura

    ermmmm.. always file your nail surface down a little before applying false nails… they’ll stay on for a whole week without popping off!

  • AislingC

    exfoliation is key to clear bumps on the face and body. A good homemade scrub for the body is baby oil and sugar although it can be drying so a good body moisturer should be used in conjunction with it.

  • H

    My tip is to use a face mask once a week to keep my skin zit free. it really works.

  • London Wilson-Edwards

    my make up tip is to get really bold lashes use two different types of mascara. I use great big lash mascara first and then i put lash blast by cover girl on top of it.

  • Ellie

    Get 10 hours of sleep for fresh, doe-eyed, glowy skin in the morning :)

  • Angel

    mix sugar, extra vergin oilve oil and honey to make a scrub and use it once a week! provides moisture as well as exfoliating!!! love itt

  • Francesca Shewan

    My favourite beauty tip at the moment is baby oil! I have been using it to remove my eyemakeup, my makeup and then as a moisturising boost underneath my night cream. I wouldnt really reccomend it for those with oily skin, but mine is dry and recently it has been so much improved since i have been using this. Its also really affordable and you’ll probably already have some in the house!xx

  • Googleflex

    My beauty tip: How not to waste ‘finished’ lipglosses which wands can’t pick out.

    If you have a ‘finished’ lipgloss tube, put it in boiling water for 5 minutes, which melts all the lipgloss from the walls of the tube which is collected at the bottom. You can pour the product in a little pot and then use it anytime with your fingers!

    Nothing wasted! :D

  • Beautyjunky86

    a little beauty tip of mine is when you apply mascara and get a smudge on your lid or just under your eye, instead of rubbing it right away, let it dry and then gently roll a cotton bud (q-tip) across and it will come off without leaving a black smear and avoid a foundation touch-up to the area.

  • Sara

    I swear by exfoliating my lips every week with a towel (or face cloth). Dampen the towel, gently rub over dry lips and apply a generous amount of Vaseline or lip balm before jumping into bed. Big soft lips in the morning!

  • Jolien

    Tip: I use olive oil to take off my eye makeup :)
    I visit your website almost everyday

  • aggie

    i have discovered this tip myself…
    take an old mascara and take out the brush part and clean it under warm water…and you can use it to get mascara clumps from your eyelashes or you could use it as an eyebrow brush..
    it saves you from buying an expensive brush …!

  • Angell

    put cold tea on your eyelashes and they will grow faster!

  • melissa

    Apply sudocrem for a couple of days after your bikin wax and say goodbye to nasty redness, bumps and rashes! :) Hurrah!

  • Elle

    Never go to bed without taking your makeup off

    Makeup should accentuate, not cover-up

  • Jodie

    i love curling my eyelashes, then put a tiny pit of mascara on the lashes then doing it again! :D this works really well because my eyelashes are very long and it adds curves! xx

  • LaurahKate09

    soap and water great way to keep your skin in good condition.

  • han

    if you want your perfume to last al day put a dab of vaseline on first and then spray the perfume over it! x

  • Holly

    Hey Amy. My beauty tip is if you are afraid to use colour on your lids, a pop of liner on the lower lash line is gorgeous for summer. I use blue and it really whitens your eyes!

  • jessica chiodo

    prome prime prime: prime before foundation: before eyeshadow: before mascara and lips!!

  • amanda

    Petroleum jelly is a great life saver! you can use it on dry lips, it can be used on the eyelashes instead of clear mascara, it can be used on any dry patches and also on the cheek bones to highlight them! great product that you can use in several ways without the high price tag!

  • Tracey

    After using a make-up brush I spray anti-bacterial spray onto the the brush, to prevent bacteria growing which might spread onto my skin the next time i use the brush. Decrease’s the risk of break out

  • chloe flavell

    Apply your first caot of mascara as you normaly would then apply a second on your upper outer lashes to give it that boalder look :)

  • Shineandsparkle29

    Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish – my skin has never looked better!! :-)

  • sarah

    my best tip is probably to stand back from the mirror regularly rather than staying close up or using a little handheld mirror. It helps to make sure you don’t over do it! Oh and definitely use natural light for the same reason

  • Ellie

    my tip is sponges create greater even coverage than brushes or fingers. brushes create a more flawless airbrush look.

    great tips so far used some alreay.

  • Megan Hughes

    my tip: if i’m in too much of a hurry in the morning to do an eye shadow look, i simply use a gold kohl eye liner to line my upper lash line! i use a barry m one but any would do. its simple yet effective in really giving a pop to your eyes in an unusual way!

  • Chloee

    When plucking your eyebrows, coat the hairs you want to remove with concealer:)you can see then better:)

  • Mise

    If you have oily skin and/or are prone to spots, put a few drops of tea tree oil in a basin of hot water and wipe over your face with a muslin cloth after cleansing, but before moisturising. The tea tree oil helps prevent spots and the muslin cloth acts as a mild exfoliator. 2 for 1 :)

  • Tania

    Always moisturize your face before applying make up :-)

  • Vera

    Even when in a hurry, I always apply a light shimmer to the inner corner of my eye and mascara – these keep me looking put together no matter how little makeup I actually have on.

  • Aliiciiox

    Try stuff out!
    at the weekend or in the evening have a day where you can experiment with makeup styles invite friends over make a real deal out of it…you never know what kind of fabulous look you could discover :) x

  • ‘sarah Ox

    i have two beauty tips. both include vaseline :P
    * 1st is every night before i go to bed i coat my eyelshes with vaseline. so when i wake up in the morning theyre nicely moisturised and strong for when i aply mascara
    *2nd is once or twice a week i get an old toothbrus of mine and exfoliate my lips before i go 2 bed and apply vaseline. it makes my lips oh so soft and moisturised. x

  • Qu33neY

    Add some highlight to your cheeks using products such as radiant highlighter by The Body Shop or MAC vanilla pigent! This adds a subtle glow but makes all the difference! The sun catches your cheekbones and they really do pop!

  • Andrea G.

    Hi Amy! My tip isn’t really makeup related, but if you have a pair of shoes that are too big, try stuffing a makeup sponge or two in the toe. It’s much easier than stuffing cotton balls in there…sponges form to your toes better and they’re a slightly more permanent option. : )

  • scarfyblue

    Put a dark nail polish on your nails before you apply fake tan as it acts as a barrier and stops your nails staining with tan, which takes aaaages to fade off! :)

  • Laura

    My beauty tip would be to apply your lip balm before you start putting the rest of your make up on…that way, by the time you get to your lips they’ll be soft, smooth and ready to pucker up :) x

  • leanne

    always blend your eyeshadow!! :)

  • Laura

    Remove your makeup before you cleanse. My favorites are boscia makeup breakup cleansing oil or Dior clensing water. Also use enough moisture for your skin, as long as it doesn’t clog you pores or have irritants it will help your skin heal faster. My faves nars moisture cream and lush celestial. Serums are good to just make sure they don’t irritate you skin. I’m super sensitive and the PTR oxygenating serum is amazing.

    So my skincare tip is follow a routine, exfoliate 2 times a week and if u feel like it a mask for your skin type once a week.

  • Hannah

    Exfoliate and moisturize! Even the most expensive makeup look poor on sickly skin.

  • Racha Mennad

    My beauty tip is :
    Don’t wear makeup ^_^ :P

  • erin allen

    my beauty tip is when applying black eyeline to the waterline get an angled brush and apply black eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner. This will secure the eyeliner. This works as eyeliner has wax substances in and melts with body temperature so the black eyeshadow prevents this from happening! Enter me :D
    Erin xoxo

  • Aoife

    White eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger, and if you apply a darkish coloured lipstick, dab abit of Vaseline just in the centre to give a more plum effect! xxxx

  • Eenz

    concealer is a great eye primer!

  • dietcokeholicx

    less is more

  • Daisy

    ~Always remove your makeup at night….no matter what!!:)
    ~Make sure your using the right cleanser and moisturiser for your skin type
    Mascara is one of my favourite makeup products…im always on the lookout for new ones to try out!

  • Catriona

    My tip is not to bother with expensive body scrubs, get exfoliating gloves that are only about £1. I find they do a much better job and you can use any shower gel with them.

  • jenn

    Wow so many great tips.
    Okay so mine are always look for a good brush with your mascaras, thats something my mother always tells me. Also use white eyeliner on the waterline and inner corner of the eye blended out to give the appearance off larger (more awake) eyes

  • Georgia

    Always use a primer when using eyeshadow

  • Emma

    take your makeup off every night!! – and dont use makeup wipes!!

  • Julie-Kim

    My best beauty tips is using vaseline to remove eye make up that stays after you wash your face. It gets rid of everything no exception without having to rub your eyes like crazy

  • Ciara M

    If you want to apply foundation, but dont have a foundation brush and using your fingers sounds nasty, use a blusher blush. It doesnt soak up the foundation like sponges and still leaves you with a flawless skin look. :)

  • Kerry

    My best beauty tip is to apply white or peach eyeliner on your waterline- it brightens up your eyes and makes you look wide awake! And a quick dusting of pink blush can make you look tons brighter and better :) x

  • ArtDonatella

    Ok, I’ll play…I will share two tips that I have discovered myself (swear to God! :) ):
    1. I use No.7 Shine Free Makeup Primer – in 40ml. white tube (designed for face use) on my lids as a base, and boy this does wonders to my eyeshadow – 16hrs of intact eye makeup – to think I wanted to throw this out when I saw it was like white paint on my face
    2. If your mascara is too watery (for girls who like the va-va-voom lashes), just dab a bit of face powder on your lashes before mascara
    Again I discovered these alone- genius!

  • Mana Smith

    The best beauty advice was given to me by my late grandmother when I was 7 years old: Pamper yourself, give yourself weekly pedicures, do at home face masks, buy yourself that special lipstick, indulge a little and have that cake. You’re a woman, enjoy your beauty.

  • Aoife

    I love putting on mascara. I find it therapeutic! No makeup look is complete without it! My lashes are quite long so I have to be careful not to open my eyes fully before it dries or else my eyelids get covered in little black dots! :-)

  • Joanna

    prime yr face then foundation :)

  • Amanda

    One tip i’ve been sticking to a lot latly is to put on a cream eyeshadow before your regular powder eyeshadow! It gives great staying power :)
    And i’d love to try a new mascara!!!


  • Chimpers23

    My best tip is to buff your nails before applying nail polish, it makes your polish last so much longer! :-)

  • sarah

    Use bio oil before u go to bed on ur face, and then wake up with lovely glowing even skin:) x

  • Ruth

    After removing all of your eye make up at night rub a little bit of vaseline on your lashes and when you wake up in the morning they will be lovely and soft:) x

  • Daisy

    Dab a little bit of Carmex on to a particularly red and nasty looking spot before bed and by the morning the colour and size will dramatically improve. Its my favourite multi use product for such a tiny price.

  • Saoirse Stewart

    My tip is to layer on eye liner if you want it to stay.
    First I use Gosh black eyeliner, then some Urban decay cream eyeliner.
    I leave it to sit, then apply some Illamasqua Cake Eyeliner with the sealing gel, then to finish it off with Smashbox Waterproof Gel Eyeliner.

    This is great for the water line, and especially good if you’re going out and don’t want it to smudge or disappear. Also great for messy occasions like concerts :P

  • sonia angus

    Always take off your makeup before going to bed. If you don’t it will break you out. Not good.

  • Amy

    Meant to say skincare! Natural skincare! :)

  • Amy

    Use products as close to natural as possible! Your skin will be grateful! :) xx

  • Laura

    My tip is to define the lip shape by outlining very lightly with a little concealer!


  • Sophie Moran

    the liz arden cleanse and polish, its the only thing that would budge my waterproof mascara…after trying two eye makeup removers the ‘remove waterproof mascara’

  • MichelleG

    Best tips i’ve had is to apply bronzer in ‘C’ motions from the temples to the cheeks, cheeks to neck. It gives the illusion of a more proportioned face and to use a brown eyeshadow to fill in and define my brows

  • Chris Leao

    Include me! I love your website

  • Nicole

    My best make up at the moment is nars orgasm multiple :)

  • Thamires

    I want to take part! :-) I visit your website everyday!

  • eadaoin burke

    my favorite beuty tip is with ur mac makeup brushes to keep the numbers on the holder part put a strip od clear nail polish over it this has kept all my numbers on my brushes for me because i know brushes espically mas and sigma tend to wear off thanks eadaoin burke

  • Thifane A.

    I’d love to try a Body Shop mascara. It would be my first one!

  • J

    As usual look forward to checking in daily… mascara also one of my cant live without!!

  • Lynsey

    Not sure if this is really a tip but more a thing I have realised recently.
    I have always been a slave to ridiculous amount of eyeliner on the waterline. Recently I’ve just been applying a tiny amount on the upper lash line to create a wee flick. It’s so much more flattering. Gives me a much brighter look. Hurrah for “less is more”.

  • Tarandip

    Before applying eyelash glue for your fake lashes, it helps if you apply a light layer of oil control powder on your lids so the oil gets absorbed and lashes will stay on longer!
    (applicable to those with oily lids)

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Aoife Collins

    I put toothpaste on spots to dry them out overnight!

  • Claire

    I think the best beauty tip for makeup is that less is more and don’t forget to cleanse tone and mosterise, the results are always better with a clean canvas :)


  • macbella2

    That mascara sounds amazing! Thank you! My best tip is: if you get mascara on your upper lid/below the brow area while applying on your lashes, let it dry completely before flicking it off with the tip of your fingernail. That way it will leave your eyeshadow intact and you won’t have to start again. If you try removing the splatters before it dries, you will have a big mess on your hands to clean. Not fun. ;)

  • Policosmetics82

    My best beauty tip is to drink minumum 2 liters of mineral water a day! :)

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