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Help! I need a name…

I used to have natural bath bomb in my soap store but I didn’t like the bomb idea. I wanted something more elegant and luxurious so I started experimenting. Here is what I came up with….

It’s like a bath bouquet. I need your help naming it. As you know my soap store is now called Pink With Natural Potions & Lotions and my soaps names are inspired by fairy tales, legends etc.

Although they look just like bath salts they actually contain an element of bath bomb. When you sprinkle some in your bath they fizzle a little. They also contain…

  • Salt from the Dead Sea – known for it’s skin healing abilities
  • Epsom salts to draw out impurities from the body
  • Sweet Almond Oil to nourish dry skin
  • Rose petals
  • Pure essential oils for sensitive skin.

All natural as usual. I need some help with the name. I’ll give a full size away to the the person who comments with the best name for this goodie. (Click here to see the names already used for my products) I’ll also throw in a natural soap of your choice.

Thanks for your feedback :)

Amy x

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  • privo shoes

    I immediately thought of the name “Pixie Dust” when I read this post :). I think it fits!

  • april

    That’s right! Fantastic writing, keep up the awesome work. This is the sort of material that should get acknowledgement pertaining to it’s workmanship. Far more writers need to learn from you. This is right on the money.

  • Su

    Did u ever pick a name after amy ??

  • Su

    Did u ever pick a name amy ?? Xxxx

  • roisin

    sweetie pie
    sugar plum
    darling I’m yours
    butterfly kisses

  • ann

    Cinder in Bath Salts
    Alice in Wondersalts
    Angeldiva Fizzies
    Sleeping Beautyfizz
    Kings & Queens Fizzy Bathsalts
    Roses r reds salts
    Snow White & The 7 Salts
    The Ginger Dust
    The Ugly Sisters
    Salts in Wonderland
    Wish upon a starsalts

  • Steelnpurple

    Queen’s Quest.
    Inspired by the old adventure game King’s Quest which included princes, kings, singing flowers, wizards and all sorts.. :D

  • Sasha

    Hey Amy! Love your website :)

    – Snow White Beauty Bath
    – Beauty Bath Bouquet
    – Fizzy McFizzle Bath Salt
    – Sonnet 116
    – Rosy lips and Cheeks Beauty Bath

    Thats all I have so far :| have a great day!

  • Laurie

    *Fairy Dust
    *Buried Treasure
    *Mermaid’s Secret
    *Bath Bouquet

    Thats all I can think of right now, hope it helps!!!

  • lauren gleeson

    “i wish for fizz”
    amys’s fizzy dust
    “wish me clean”
    bath of fizz

  • Tracey

    My suggestions:

    Banshee Banish
    My Fair Lady
    The Suds of Knowledge
    Bubble Boru
    Fionn MacSud

  • Emer Breen

    Hi Amy,

    Wow, you’ve got some great suggestions there. I’ve been racking my brains for ages, what about:
    Magical sea dreams
    Fizzy rose delights
    Fairy tale surprises
    Luxururious sea treasures

    good luck with the choice!

  • Janine

    “Salt´n`Rosebud “

  • Shinyspoons

    Enchanted treasure dust
    Princess crystals
    Frosted snowdrops
    summer snow
    cinderellas diamonds
    almond candy drops
    sweet n salty
    sea jewels
    frosted diamonds

  • Bríd

    hey amy!!im a huge fan!!how about
    “enchanted sea salts”??i would be keeping in with the theme of fairytales and magic!!:) xx

  • Anna Banana

    1) Delicate Dreams
    2) Merriweather at Midnight (sleeping beauty’s fairy
    3)Aurora’s Bouquet (Sleeping Beauty’s name)
    4)Fairy Ring O’ Roses
    5)Rosey Slippers
    6)Neverending Fairytale
    7)At the End of the Rainbow..
    8)Salt, and Spice and All Things Nice

    Clearly never grew up lol xxx

  • Anna Banana

    1) Delicate Dreams
    2) Merriweather at Midnight (sleeping beauty’s fairy
    3)Aurora’s Bouquet (Sleeping Beauty’s name)
    4)Fairy Ring O’ Roses
    5)Rosey Slippers
    6)Neverending Fairytale
    7)At the End of the Rainbow..
    8)Salt, and Spice and All Things Nice

  • Victoria Evans

    I just have a little suggestion,there are some really good names by your other subscibers though!

    Briar Rose Salts of the Woodland

    (inspired by Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora change of name when she is living in the woods with the three fairies)
    Best of Luck in choosing a name!:)

  • Esther :)

    Hanzel and grettle’s bread crumbs

  • Holly

    Hey Amy, how about:

    Secret Ocean Salts
    Hidden Gem Fizzing Salts
    Mermaid’s Potion

  • Lex

    I immediately thought of the name “Pixie Dust” when I read this post :). I think it fits!

  • Lizzie

    how about:
    Wish Upon A Fizzle
    Sherbert Rose
    The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Fizzing (lol)
    Angel Dust
    Fairy Dust
    Sands From Neverland

    I hope this helped lol :)

  • fern

    how about “Prince Calming Bath Salts”

  • beaniesmalls1

    how about:
    Glena’s Good Witch Potion
    Rose n Shine
    Rose Couldren (sp?)
    Fiona’s Fizzy Bliss

  • Lyndsey

    Only ones I can think of are;
    Magical Skindom
    Toil and Bubble
    and Wish upon a Fizzle.
    This was fun…….let’s do another! (big child at heart ;)

  • Sara

    Tink’s Magic Fairy Dust

  • Bridget (vividsmile)

    How about “Fizzy, Fizzy, Bang, Bang.” I know it’s not a fairy tale, but Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a children’s story and has lots of fantasy elements in it, so I hope it qualifies, lol. Plus, it’s just a fun name!

  • Dollface_24

    Ok my suggestions, here it goes…
    Enchanted Fairy Dust
    Sea Maiden
    Spell bound

  • Kerry

    – ‘Creamy Crystals’
    – ‘Shimmering Satin Fizz’
    – ‘Love Potion’
    – ‘Rosalie’
    – ‘Twilight Mist’
    – ‘Rose Baby’
    – ‘Rosy Dew’
    – ‘Soft Rose Mist’
    – ‘Fairy Rose Mist’

  • Rhiannon

    Hey Amy,
    Looks lovely, I like the name “Sizzling Stardust” :)
    Hope I helped :)

  • Clare

    Only ones i can think of right now are..
    Potion Pouch
    Pouch of potions
    All Good Things.. (Come In Small Pouches)

  • Eilis

    mo grá geal

    under the sea

    love story

    true love

    forever yours

    love lifts you up

    head over heels

    honey bunny

    perfect princess

    prince charming

    miss fit

    mo ghrá thú

    once upon a time

    far far away

  • Hannah

    I second what Mary said! I was going to say “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Dust”. I mean… if it can turn a pumpkin into a carriage, surely it can do fantastic things for legs lol. So pick Mary!

  • Kerry

    And a few more!

    – ‘The Fizzard of Oz’
    – ‘Rose Queen’
    – ‘Sweet Relaxing Rose’
    – ‘Petal Power’

  • Kerry

    Hi Amy!
    Well, I have some ideas:

    – ‘Fantasy Fizz’
    – ‘Sizzling Spell’
    – ‘Spellbound’
    – ‘Magical Moments’
    – ‘Rose Romance’
    – ‘Shooting Star Rose’
    – ‘Rose Kiss’
    – ‘Mermaid Magic’
    – ‘Mermaid Mischief’
    – ‘Call of The Ocean’
    – ‘Undersea Dream’
    – ‘Mermaid’s Kiss’

  • Beautyjunky86

    >pixi dust/fizz
    >once upon a fizz
    >witches brew / wizards brew
    >Hubble Bubble Fizz and Bubble
    >Fizz-atively enchanting
    >twinkle twinkle little fizz

  • Kei Kei

    ROSE RAIN/DROPS or ROSE ROCKS. Sounds like a potion ingredient. ^_^ .x.

  • stephanie

    fizzy fairy dust

    fairy godmother’s sprinkles

  • Rachel

    celestial cauldron

    celestial meaning heavenly/out of this world
    cauldron being the latin word for bath

  • Charlene

    how about “Dorothy Fizz” or “A Bathfull of Fizz” or lastly “Wizzfull Thinking” loool hope you like

  • Style my Closet

    Fizzy tale :P

  • aggie

    Drop Dead Sea Gorgeouse….
    because of the salts from the dead see ..
    Beauty And The Fizz ….As in Beauty and the beast
    Beauty Dust ….very simple but effective
    Once Upon A Dust …..”once upon a time” but changed it to dust becuase its a powdre =P
    Fizzly Ever After ….
    Elegant Fairy
    Luxurious Dust Fairy …

    I really hope you love them =D xxx

  • Tarandip

    How about:

    Fizzy Queen
    The Rosy Fizz
    Bashful Fizzies
    Little Red Riding Hood

  • Kaitlin

    Mermaid Bubbles or Mermaid Fizz. I got the inspiration from the sea salt and the Little Mermaid. Hope that helps! xo

  • kelly Marie

    ohh how about..

    Little Sprite
    Genie Dust


  • Aoife

    i was gonna say “Tinkerbell dust”, but what about “Ruby Slippers”, as there sparkly, or “Canzas”
    or “Todo”Please pick me :) xxxx

  • Sinead

    i didn’t come up wiv this jodie did but i think saltn’ beauty is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    fantastic product!
    all i can think of is :


  • Claire

    Hmm fairy tink bomb? Lol looks pretty

  • Joelene

    “Under the Sea” Bath Beads

  • Brona

    I already mentioned this one in your video with your soaps..but “Fairest of them all” or “Abrafizzabra” or “you shall go to the ball” or “Far far away”….anyway the product looks gorgeous x

  • lisa

    pretty as a rose?

  • lisa

    every rose? tinkerpink

  • Jessica

    I could only think of a few :S

    1. Aerial: Swim into the unknown
    2. Forbidden Fruit
    3. A sprinkling of fairy dust

  • sharon

    Fairy Godmother’s Dust – What every princess needs for her Happily Ever After

    Dust of Fairy tales

    Dust of dreams

  • Mana

    magic dust or fairy sparkles, enchanted waters,

  • ArtDonatella

    It might not have anything to do with the names of your other products(:(), but here are my suggestions. I think you should call it “Wanna hear me fizzle?!” – or ‘Rose’n melt’ – just my thoughts.

  • Alethea

    “Sea Foam”-from the little mermaid; what the little mermaid turns into when she decides she can’t kill the sleeping prince

  • lovesmakeup

    this is fun :), i was thinking
    beauty in the bath (beauty & the beast)
    that’s all i can think of at the moment there are some great names to choose from so far

  • Mary

    Fairy Godmother
    Bibbity Bobbity Boo
    Stroke of Midnight

    I guess I’m going with a Cinderella them.

  • Jodie

    These are a little cheesy but anyway…

    Little rose riding dust

    or salt’n beauty (sleeping beauty)

    beauty and the bath dust/salt


  • Roseanne b

    I heart the name ‘Faylinn’ it means ‘Fairy Kingdom’ or ‘Fayette’ that means little fairy (: x

  • Maja

    Since it’s a bath product I think the perfect name would be Alice in Waterland :)

  • Alethea

    Sorry Amy, I just checked out the names of your other fab products and noticed that you had a happily ever after!! Here I was thinking I was so original lol!
    How about:
    “A sprinkling of fairy dust”
    “Once upon a fizzy time”
    “Sir Fizz-a-lot”
    “A pocket full of posies”
    This is so much fun-you must of had a great time coming up with the other names :-)

  • Alethea

    This looks lovely-I love bath bombs but they can be expensive as you only get one use from them. I really like the idea of buying a bath bomb-like product that you can use multiple times.
    For names, I was thinking:
    1. Happy Fizzy After-Like at the end of a fairy tale-Happy ever after.
    2. Salt and spice and all things nice-like an adaptation from that line in the rhyme ‘what are little girls made of’-sugar and spice and all things nice….
    These were the only ones I could come up with, I’m a big child at heart!!
    Btw, its great that you are going to be blogging more regularly-I love reading you blog xx

  • Grete

    Bath&Body hugger

  • Patricia

    how bout Fairy Dust or Pixie Dust?

  • Chrissy

    The ingredients for this product sound so good. I think Lizzie has found some really nice names for it.

    The only thing I could think of is ‘A Mermaid’s Dream’ or ‘Mermaids dream of Roses’. Lame. I know :(

  • Annathea

    Fairy/pixie/tinkerbell dust?
    Godmother’s special?

  • Camelia

    Or maybe … Snow Fizz!

  • Camelia

    Snow Dream!

  • Karen

    I like the idea of fairydust…maybe ‘Fizzly Fantastic Fairydust’ or something from stardust..maybe ‘star’s dust’

  • nina

    since you are using ingredients that remind me of arabian(eastern countries:

    a thousand and one fizzes

    arabian nights fizz

  • Tarandip

    Bath Fizzies!

  • Stevie Marie

    Hey Amy,
    I think ‘Fairytale fizz’ would be a sweet name!!
    Stevie xx

  • Lizzie

    Ok I had a few thoughts.. mainly to do with the rose in it though!
    Something like..enchanted rose (like the one from beauty and the beast)
    Or Briar Rose (the other name for sleeping beauty)
    Or Rose red (is snow whites sister)
    haha i know they aren’t great but it’s a start :)

  • Kelly

    Only thing I can think of is Hubble Bubble Bath Fizz! Lol!

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