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CLOSED!! Win One of Five MAC Stereo Rose MSF’s

I picked up 5 Stereo Rose Mineralise Skin Finishes from MAC last month for a giveaway. So many of you couldn’t find it so I couldn’t help myself. It’s super easy to enter. All you have to do:

  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel
  • Follow my blog (on the right hand side)
  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Like my Facebook page – if you like it of course :)
  • Comment below this post and mention your screen name (people always ask me will I check haha)

The giveaway is open worldwide. As always if your under 18 make sure you get a guardians permission.

I will leave the competition open for one month from today. All entrants will be entered into and I will announce the winners the following day.

I’m also going to add all of you who have ordered soap and comment on my blog into the competition as a thank you for your support.

I will be running a 20,000 subscriber competition soon too :) I will keep you posted!

Le grá,


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  • fa


  • Christian Louboutin Schuhe

    I respect your work!You are very professional!I will look up with you!

  • Natalie ellis

    Enter me for mac stereo rose plese.I do have facebook page Twitter page and you tube page but I’m not sure how to write of the addresses Twitter page name is harrisonme and facebook is natalie ellis you tube name is nattyboo1980.thank you

  • Rachel

    I have been looking for this,EVERYWHERE!!
    I Absolutely Adore Mac Makeup and Your tutorials are amazing and such great help!
    You Have Inspired me to hopefully go on and make people feel confident with makeup
    just like you have.I Hope you read this just to let you know your’e deadly and please
    keep posting blogs and uploading videos.
    Thank You :D
    Facebook : Rachel Quirke
    Twitter : xRaychaelx
    You Tube : RaychxD

  • Hien

    i am a follower: youtube: swttie twitter: xaznbabychikx facebook: Hien Vo

    Thank you for doing this giveaway! =)

    • N.

      I’m dreaming about one of M S F but in my country we’ve got only about 5 mac stores in the hole country. it’s terrible becouse I love mac. that’s the rison I’d like to win.

  • Vilte

    I would honestly love to win it for my mum cos shes always going on about how much she wants it and i think she seserves to get something little since she had to move jobs cos the other job wasnt treating her right. My name on youtube is missmusey

  • Coleengirl

    Amy, has this contest been closed yet? Have you announced the winners? Love your page and your videos, keep ’em coming, girl!

  • Yumiye1117

    OMG!!! I LOVE stereorose from MAC!!! They were all sold out everywhere!! Hope I can win!!
    My Youtube,Twitter, and blog are the same username: Yumiye1117
    and I did “like” u on facebook: Yumi Ye
    Thank u for the giveaway!!! :)

  • http://http// Amanda Culley

    Hi Amy,

    would love to be entered for this giveaway
    I am makeupmadeeasy on youtube and twitter and amanda culley on facebook I am subscribed and follow your various facebook twitter and youtube pages thanks Amanda

  • Hannah

    I love MAC!!!!!

    Youtube: hannahbeautyful
    Your Website: hannah
    Twitter: hannah_beauty

  • Diana

    Hi Amy! Love love LOVE your vids! I always get scared to try blushes because the colors in the pot are always so shockingly bright I’m terrified to buy any. Even though I KNOW that the colors (in good blushes anyway) are buildable and don’t go on terrifyingly bright. Haha!

    Anyway, my youtube and blogger names are dinessa99.

    Thanks so much!

  • Natasha

    Hiii! I really loove your videos.. even though i’ve only recently subscribed you i think you are awesome.. Your videos really inspire me,, i’ve now decided to get my hair dyed blonde & i’ve decided to take a beauty course next year at my college . haha. hope i win. haha.
    Natasha xxx

  • Emily

    Love Your Vids You Are An Inspiration To Me
    YouTube: Princesspop181095
    Twitter: Emily181095
    & I Have Got Permission Because Im Under 18 :) xx

  • Hinna

    hi i am following you everywhere love your videos and site.

    My usernames are…

    Youtube: Hinna212

    Your Website: MakeUpAdikt4Eva

    Twitter: Makeupadiktt

    Facebook: Hinna Habib

    Thank You :)

  • Dezerie Gurung

    love it. my youtube username is 87lovefool (

  • Dezerie Gurung

    love it

  • emily carter

    i follow you on twitter, facebook, and i think i worked out how to follow ur blog. i hope i did. and im subscribed to your youtube channel. love ur videos.
    Twitter: Emm95x
    Youtube: EmmCx

  • Ruth

    Youtube- xoxRufus

    Twitter- RawrRufus

    Blogspot- Ruth

    This is such an amazing giveaway thank you so much!

    • Iris

      Youtube: 0hPrettyBaby
      It looks so lovely :)

  • Tiffany

    Would love love love to get my hands on one of these!!!
    facebook: Tiffany Miller
    username: millertr
    youtube: millertr87
    twitter: tiffanyrm87

    thanks thanks!

  • martina

    love giveaways!!!
    Facebook martina pennino
    Twitter dubmarlene
    Youtube dubmarlene

    and also i fallow ur blog!

  • Eilish

    Really want to win this:D It looks fabby:)

    Facebook-Eilish Mackinnon

  • Michelle robinson

    Hi amy
    fab giveaway and fab website.
    Twitter – michelle378
    facebook – michelle Robinson
    you tube – ilovechocolate58

    thanks x

  • Aneela


    This is a great giveaway, thank you.

    My youtube: Silverstargirl20

    twitter: Silverstargirl2

    facebook: Aneela Sweets

    Blog follower name : Silverstargirl

    Thanks again, D

  • Sadi

    Lovely giveaway !!!

    My usernames are…

    Youtube: Sad20ful

    Twitter: @Sad20ful

    Facebook: Sadia latif

    Thank You :)

  • Kirsty

    My youtube- Tinkerbaby321
    but sorry i dont have facebook or twitter :( xxxx

  • Teresa

    Kool Give away !!!! Have never tried Mac products don’t have them where I live:(

  • http://Saphirra19onyoutube Debs

    Wow, a very generous give away and so many of us missed out on stereorose so I would love to be able to say I have it, fingers crossed x

  • Doireann

    This is a great giveaway, thank you.
    My youtube: dbayf
    twitter: dbayf
    facebook: doireannbayfield

    Thanks again, D

  • ella
  • NitemareHippy1980

    youtube: NitemareHippy1980
    unfortunately, i don’t have twitter or facebook! but thanks for entering anyway!

  • Moira

    Any day now!! Good luck everyone!!! I would truly love this MSF..too gorgeous not to won one! Thanks Amy for this giveaway!!!

  • Chloe Lloyd

    Hiiii please please please pick meeee i LOVE STEREO ROSE! cannot get it anywhere and running low on money so cant get it anyways

    my youtube is : chloeemmalloyd


  • Debbi

    Aw a fab giveaway! X

    My usernames are…

    Youtube: Scoobydoob

    Twitter: @debbilangbridge

    Facebook: debbilangbridge

    Thank You :)

  • http://utube kerrie

    utube: xxkerrie
    twitter: xxk3rr13xx :)

    luv yhooo!! <3 x

  • http://utube kerrie

    utube: xxkerrie
    twitter: xxk3rr13xx :)

    luv yhooo!! <3

  • MissCrazyButterfly

    Hi Amy :)
    I love your videos! They are really enjoyable :)

    MissCrazyButterfly on YT and CrazyButterfly0 on Twitter

  • beckey

    Twitter- vintagedollyx
    Youtube- vintagedollyx
    Blog- vintagedolllyx
    Facebook – beckey davies.

    :) i love your videos and blog!

  • Sammie

    youtube: alldolledup26
    I don’t have any videos yet. i’ve been working on a few but am hesitant to finally post :(

  • Alison

    Hi amy!! Lovee the blog:)
    Stereo Rose looks absolutely gorgeous
    Youtube name – alison101

  • Jessica Eles

    justsayjes! :) i would love to win <3

  • Chelee`

    o-o I forget if I entered or not.. If I have, then sorry XD

    Twitter – DragonRose215
    Facebook — DragonRose215
    Youtube – Silvermagic222


  • Alla Yeliseyeva

    hi :) ooh, i really want one :)

    well i tweeted you about the batman t shirt today, so you know i follow you on twitter. also alla yeliseyeva on blog and allycreative on youtube. mmm… really want to win :)

  • Crystal

    I would love one of these!! It’s looks gorgeous!! I follow your blog, twitter, Facebook and I love your YouTube videos so of course I am subscribed!! Thanx;) my username is blueeyedthumper

  • Claire

    Oh yay giveaways :)

    My usernames are…

    Youtube: XClaireBear16X

    Your Website: Claire Stevens

    Twitter: Born_To_Shop

    Facebook: XClaireBear16X

    Thank You :)

  • Eva (Mullingar)

    Yay, I follow your blog, I follow you on twitter (ewaklaudia), on youtube (ewaklaudia) and I obviously like your facebook page (Ewa K-ska) Thanks :)

  • elaine

    elainec17 – my youtube!
    i love this website :)

  • Nancy

    love your blog and youtube!

    nanners628 on youtube and blogger

  • Becky

    Love to win!!! This is Becky in WA, USA

  • shannnybannny

    Hi – I entered earlier as Shannon – but my user name is shannnybannny! Follow you on everything! Twitter – Facebook – Youtube – & here!!!


  • Shannon

    Hi Amy!!! Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway!!!!

    I am a follower of you on here, twitter, facebook, & youtube!

    I love your channel! This is so kind of you! Good karma is on its way to you!!


  • Darlene

    Love seeing a Succesful Irish Youtube Guru !
    Youtube username : Looksleeknotcheap

  • candace

    my facebook is Candace R. Bass…as well sorry forgot to add it

  • candace

    makeupcandygirl…my yt !!! i would really like to win…..candyb1988….my twitter

  • Emma aka computergirl

    I follow you on blogger, youtueb and twitter. I dont really have a facebook so you probably wont enter me, but just thought I’d try. :)

  • Beth

    Enter me please :)
    Youtube – bethparky92
    Twitter – @beautymarked24
    – beth x

  • Kellie Morwood

    Enter Me please :)

    YT: KellieM1995
    Your website: Kellie M
    Twitter: xkelliexO
    Fb page: Kellie Morwood

  • Lisa

    great giveaway!
    YT: 24macmakeup
    I dont have any other accounts.

  • Sarah O Sullivan

    Twitter: o_Si_Si_x
    Youtube: Si92Si
    Facebook: Sarah O Sullivan (SiSi92)

    :) :)

  • shabnam

    Great is katakuti08 and twitter is shabnammostary.

  • Angela

    YT name: toastie624
    I don’t have Twitter or anything else lol
    I would love to win this, please :)

  • Fudge

    youtube screename is lovesmakeup91

  • http://youtube Nicole

    i love you videos! yt screen name NREnger

  • Derek

    My wife watches your youtube videos and I thought it would be nice if I could try and win it for her. :) My youtube name is dob8012.

    (Admittedly, I started watching them with her!)

  • Melinda

    Hello Gorgeous Amy I would love to Have This Amazing Msf It’s one of the Most Desired Ones I haven’t got my hands on One So I would love it if I was entered in this Great Give Away @~~>~~ oxox Melinda “”

  • Claire

    I’m so glad you are doing this contest, this is fantastic! Ive looked everywhere for Stereo Rose!

    I followed you on twitter, youtube, your blog, and your facebook page!

    Here’s my info-

    Twitter- @Claiireeeeeeeee

    Thanks again for doing this awesome contest!

  • zeezeec

    Comórtas an mhaith, tá súil agam bhuachan. Ní féidir fanacht chun féachaint do físeáin i nGaeilge!

    Youtube: zeezeec

  • Skyla

    Youtube: edwardluvr10

    Twitter: Skylaxdelilah

    Facebook: Skyla Yvette Webster

    OMG ty so much!! i’ve been looking ALL over for this. :D

  • Sarah

    Twitter = shawty_4lifxO
    Youtube = shawty_4lifxo

    subscribed on all (:
    Love your blogs :P

  • jessica Guerrero

    Facebook-Jessica Marie Guerrero
    I suscribed to your blog. I have been looking for this blush everywhere.

  • Kim Smith

    Twitter – infohound2b
    google friend – infohound
    facebook – Kimmer
    added to RSS feed

    Thanks for the contest.

  • Lucie

    I just want to say thank you for holding such a generous giveaway!

    Twitter name: Lucie31507
    YouTube name: Lucie31507
    Facebook name: Lucie Brown


  • Annie

    Love your blog!!!!

    youtube: maisnontoutoune

    And I’m your facebook fan and you’re on my google homepage.

  • eva

    please enter me! youtube is shurwhywudtya
    Thank you again for this competition, it was really sweet of you to think of buying these for a giveaway

  • Jane

    Fab giveaway and I love your blog! Now following and also liking your FB page (Jane Ashford)! x

  • antonia sambanidis

    dia duit :),
    facebook-antonia Oxo
    blog-antonia sambanidis

    im only down the road in louth lol and i say u bought all de msf’s in BT’s haha.i dont own a msf and wud love 2 win it :)

    slán :)

  • Ruthie

    Amy, This is a fantastic giveaway, I couldn’t get my hands on it in BT so my fingers are tightly crossed.
    Long time subscriber to your blog through RSS and my twitter name is mozobag.

  • Tiffany, omgitstiff626 on youtube.

  • laurence

    hey, I would really love it, cocolesinge21 on youtube :)

  • Carlie LN

    Hi Amy
    This is amazing!!! If I’m lucky enough to win you can can email me for my youtube,twitter etc Thank you!!!!!! carlierulesok x

  • Pakika

    In my country don’t sale too much MAC so i’ll love win this…

    Youtube name: PakikaCDG
    Subscriber on blog name: PakikaCDG
    Twitter name: Pakika
    Facebook name: Sandra Correia


  • Sarah

    Chippyxoxo on youtube=] ooooosh i want this!

  • eva

    i would LOVE to win this! thank you for hosting this competition.
    youtube: shurwhywudntya

  • Sweetcheeks.sp

    Twitter name Sweetcheeks.sp and youtube name snowflakejan2010 and facebook sharon pearse :)

    Thanks for making it soo simple! x

  • Vicky

    Hey my user name is MoodyLilMe i know its gay :L

  • Xana

    Hi my screen name is MsXanaLopes on YT, and xxxana on twitter. And and follow you here.


  • Brid

    Hey not on twitter or YouTube, but like on Facebook and subscribes to newsletter. Just discovered the blog today and love it:)

  • eskobar

    0eskobar0 is my youtube screenname :)

    you’re fab!

  • Chimney Sweep

    Awesome blog I have your rss subscribed, thanks alot :)

  • Arnold Gropp

    I added your blog to my RSS feed, thanks for the post! Hoping for another blog post soon! Thanks!

  • martinawrede

    I dont know if i properly followed your blog because i am new to blogs, but i tried and if i didnt then could you tell me and i will

    screen name on youtube : martinawrede

  • Celeste


    BIG fan!
    youtube is celesteislost
    twitter is celj87

    Love reading your blogs :)

    -Cel :)

  • paula

    hey would love it!! sosinful2008 thanx xx

  • Hopettina

    I really like this blush, there’s no MAC stores near my town in Italy, luckily (or unlikily for my wallet ) I’m going to move in Paris in 4 days =)

  • Eire

    I entered! What a great giveaway. , elittlemisssunshine on youtube! I also subscribed to your blog! :)

  • Aoife Oneill

    pinkapple18!! i need to win :P

  • Aoife

    Fab prize Amy. i was on holidays when you launched this comp! Nearly missed it! :-) My twitter & youtube username is yddib. Aoife Ryan on FB. x

  • Svenschka

    I added you on Youtube (Svenschkahier is my screenname) and follow you on your blog :-)

    I really like your blog and vlog. and I really would like to win the Skinfinish :-)

  • Elaine

    Great giveaway (:
    It’s great to see the blog doing so well.
    My twitter name is oelleo, youtube is soXstarstruck, and here is Elaine Kingston.

  • Laura

    Hey Amy!
    Fab comp, thanks so much. I always look forward to your videos and am delighted to see an Irish Beauty Blogger do so well! Best of luck for the future! x
    My screen name for all the the above is LFitz712

  • Rachel

    Awesome giveaway!!

    My usernames:-

    Youtube: rsdonald1
    Twitter: rsdonald
    Facebook: Rachel Donald
    Following your blog on

  • adriana

    hy,my youtube name is cosmolit100

  • Andrea

    I love your videos! My username on youtube is candiapple208.

  • The Allure House

    Follower name: The Allure House
    Subscriber Youtube Channel: chriistieANNE
    Facebook name: Slovenska Gera


  • Jeana

    please enter me in the stereo rose give away.

    xoxo beautycouture1 youtube

  • Maisie-ann

    wooaah, thanks for this opportunity :)
    my youtube user name is: maisieannxx
    i love all your video’s x x x

  • Donna Bourne

    Hi Amy my youtube username is dobo75 thanks for this brill comp :D x

  • millie

    hii :)

    my youtube name is ameliaamberr ,,
    love this product. but could never afford it. my friend has it :)
    <3 xxx

  • Danielle

    Hi! :) Thank you soo much for doing this giveaway! I would love to try out this msf it looks so pretty! My youtube name is xDanni7x and my twitter is danielleB7xx I love your vids! Thanks again! :D

  • Rachel Horrigan

    Hi Amy!
    Hugh fan of your videos and website!
    my youtube is RachelHorrigan1994
    xoxo :)

  • eva

    thank you for running this contest amy. please enter me! my youtube is shurwhywudntya

  • eva

    i would love to try stereo rose. I have yet to jump on the MSF band waggon but being on a students budget this would be a bit of a treat for me!
    Thank you for this give away amy!
    my youtube: shurwhywudntya

  • Nele

    My username on Youtube is Chocoluxbeauty.

    Thank You for running this competition xx

  • Nele

    hiya. Thanks for doing this competition, would love to win one.My username on Youtube is Chocoluxbeauty.

    thank you xx

  • Zahra

    Hey i wanna win this sooo much i couldnt get hold of it my yt is xoz4r4ox thankyou

  • Chanel

    Does we HAVE to follow you on twitter, coz I don’t have twitter =[ … maybe I should get it after all lol

    Anyways… I’m a subby on youtube and obviously on here, and I like your facebook page so if this comment counts then ENTER ME! =D hehe


  • Jieman Meng

    hi thanks for this great giveaway, ive never had the chance to own any MAC products so please enter me :) my twitter is jiemanmeng and so is my youtube chanel!

    much love xxx

  • Alysha

    You are beyond lovely for doing this for us, thank you so much!
    My username on youtube is moonbunnii :)

  • céline

    Hi! I wouls really love to win this M.A.C item! My youtube is stitchclv, and on twitter it’s epikamelot.
    thanks for this giveaway and for your great videos!

  • Jessica

    xBreakTheIcex – is my youtube channel

    Amy I love your channel. Im from Ireland aswell and I love to watch your videos. Love to see an Irish beauty guru on youtube and I would love to get my hands on the stereo rose :D

  • Lirazly

    thanks for this awesome giveaway. my yt is lirazly and twitter is is missbettyvang. thanks again!

  • Tania

    Amazing Giveaway
    My YT name is Misstania08
    Thanks xoxo

  • Marie Mojica

    username: rieig

  • eva

    i would love to try stereo rose. I have yet to jump on the MSF band waggon but being on a students budget this would be a bit of a treat for me!
    Thank you for this give away amy!
    my youtube: shurwhywudntya

  • Suzanne McN

    Amy i would loooooove to win this. I have no access to mac at all and I heard everyone talking about this msf. It would be my first mac things :-) I’m under 18 but I have my parent permission. I’m peachybabypie
    Love your blog!!! Tnx
    Suzie xxx

  • Alisha in WI

    My youtube name is perfumesnob84 your vids are my favorites and you have such good taste.

  • Gerrybee5

    Would love to win stereo rose for Mary.


    ( Maeve is mad about Amy but David is All for Sonic and Shadow )

  • Aleeza

    hi!. i would love to win stereorose. :D i love your videos!
    username: esifwuble


  • Amy

    Followed you for aggggges. YT name is Amzy06x (Original i know- i was only 16 at the time!) Keep up the good work xx

  • Anita

    miss 21s is my nickname x

  • Emma

    Hey :) My youtube name is roxyred96. I always find your videos useful in one way or another. Thanks for the giveaway =)x

  • nida

    i would love to get my hands on it cos it sold out every where in manchester,I’ve been a subscriber on YT and twitter my user name is nidakashif2

  • Misty


    I would LOVE to win the Stereo Rose. I have been trying to buy it for weeks now and all the stores have been sold out AND the MAC website has been sold out since it first came out. If you have an extra one I will buy it off of you. :<)

    I am subscribed to your YouTube channel and I follow you on Twitter and I liked your Facebook page.

    I do not see where we can sign up to follow your blog??? All the other blogs I follow we sign up using our email address. Please help. Please tell me how I can sign up/follow your blog.

    Thanks so much for the contest!

    40chanel (Misty Richardson)

  • emalith

    Hi, I forgot to say that my user name is emalith when I left a comment earlier. So I just wanted to mention it. And thanks again for this great giveaway.

  • emalith

    Love your blog and youtube chanel. I always find something helpful when i check either. Also, great giveway. Hope I win!

  • Hayley Black

    Hi I’m a subscriber on YouTube, my username is misshayley261. I love watching your video’s as you talk alot of lower price brands unlike other people who only ever talk about higher end products, and as a student on a tight budget this is very useful to me, I would love to get my hands on one of these as it looks beautiful and would be my first mac product :D.
    Thank you,

  • Lauren

    my MAC is always sold out of stereo rose!! thanks so much for the great giveaway! :)
    I’m Laurenx0Eliz on youtube!!

  • shaunica

    love your blog.
    im not sure which username im ment to give, but my youtube username is ‘MissShanderella’

  • Barbara Schneider

    Hi Amy!! I just want to say that i love your videos and blog!! I’ve been a subscriber long time now. My YT name is baletkaba. And thanks for the giveaway i really want this! :)

  • http://n/a Charlotte Mc Loughlin

    my youtube name is Charlottemcl.. very original i know!
    I would love to be able to get my hands on this product.. I can’t believe your generosity to buy 5 to give away :) I live in lovely leitrim and find it hard to get to mac stores.. i would love to be able to add this to my small, but growing, mac collection with your help!

  • carrie d

    I hope I win one!

  • Laura

    best giveaway ever! love your stuff, btw youtube name is realtistars :)

  • RachelM

    my username is starlitstarlet (: xx

  • Lowri Davies

    Hey :) Love you’re youtube videos, they’re always very helpfull and the cute irish accent is an extra added bonus :P My youtube name is LowriElinD :) Thanks for organizing this givaway, the msf really does look beautiful :) x

  • Christina Leon

    I’ve been a subscriber on YT and twitter forever. My username is MissesCrispy. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  • KatieMil

    wow great giveaway, would love to get my hands on it :P :D
    ly lots

  • Katie

    I follow you on youtube my username is katieheart89. Love you youtube channel and blog xxx

  • eva

    Thank you for this giveaway! I really would love to get my hands on one of these!
    My youtube: shurwhywudntya

  • Mercedes

    Following you for a while now here and on YT.
    My username is mspurplemakeup.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  • diane

    i follow you on youtube my name is Deeoneee and i missed out on stero rose because i was on holiday when it was released thanks for the giveaway :D

  • gvw

    Accidentally found this website, and am glad for it (:
    Subscribed on Youtube, s/n ghislainevonwald and liked on fb

  • Louise

    very generous giveaway :-). i’ve been subbed to you on youtube/blog/twitter/facebook for a while, i love your style. my twitter and youtube is ‘esiuolj’

  • eva

    Thank you for this giveaway! I really would love to get my hands on one of these!
    My youtube: shurwhywudntya

  • widya

    sorry forgot to put my you tube username:


    thanks amy…

  • widya

    this is a wonderful give away… thank you for doin it…

    i was looking for this stereo rose, but couldnt get it anywhere…

  • KatieMil

    i love to win thats it would be awesome:)) you are so nice:D
    yt and twitter: kmomiller

    ly lots,

  • Melanie


    I love your videos on youtube. My youtube name is waldpurzel.

  • Lori

    Love your youtube channel. My youtube name is escalady411. Have a great day!

  • eva

    i have yet to try mac MSFs so couldnt resist this chance!
    Thank you xx
    youtube: shurwhywudntya

  • Aly Hurtado

    Hiiii Amy !!!
    Thank you for doing this giveaway.. I would love to win because I love this MSF, it looks so pretty on pictures, I can imagine how this would be in real life =)
    I can´t buy it because on my country (México) there´s only a few MAC stores and the one that is nearest to me is like 9 hours on car :( So sad, also MAC doesn´t sell all the collections on Mexico stands :s
    I´m your subscriber on Youtube: alyhurtado1
    On twitter: alystrawberry
    I liked your facebook page: Aly Hurtado
    And of course I´m following your blog !!
    THANK YOU AGAIN ]!!! A LOT !!!! This is amazing !! You´re so sweet !
    Pd: I´m sorry if I did a grammar mistake or something like that, I don´t speak english very well, but I´m doing my best effort to explain me =) Hehe.

  • Renee

    Hey Amy!

    I couldn’t resist entering since I have never tried mac before! My youtube user name is alaskanblonde84! Thank you so much Amy and you look gorgeous! Love your hair! <3

  • eva

    i have yet to try mac MSFs so couldnt resist this chance!
    Thank you xx
    youtube: shurwhywudntya

  • VictoriaN

    I subscribe to your RSS feed.

  • Martha germany

    I love your work. I find myself on your blog when Im supposed to be working.
    I’m marthag
    Thank you

  • Raphaëlle

    Hello Amy! Just cheking in & saying that your blog is fabulous!
    My youtube username is raphynette & my twitter screen-name is goodgirlgoesbad!
    Keep up the great work!
    Take care xxx

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    hey amy! my youtube name is: cucha03
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    Hey!!! Completely love you <3 My name is talbee – Love it when your face shows up on my subscriptions, I get all giddy about your accent haha, SO awesome.

  • swiftie

    hey would love love love to enter! C: im from ireland too! :D
    my screen name on youtube is lipgloss48

  • rachel clerkin

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  • Zoe Scraggs

    Hi Amy!

    Would love to win this!! so excited to see what its like after all the hype!
    Thank You!! :)

  • Aoife

    im doing my friends make up for her debs and this would be perfect :)

  • Aoife

    Hi Amy, i really hope i win! love you!

  • Aoife


  • Linda Conyard

    Love your hair Amy, beautiful!

    Youtube Username: lindypooh89

    Linda xXx

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    I follow your Blog, FB, YT & Twitter – username is GlamourSkittle

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    hey amy! love ur vid! idk how many times u can enter so this is just my 2nd time entering because i love msfs fullstop so anyone would do me! although i dont have any i think there really cool unque products! love rachel

    Twitter : RachelC1012
    Facebook: Rachel Cooke
    Youtube: CookieMonster101210
    and i follow ur blog and facebook and a subbie!!! xxx

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    Love your videos and blog!!!! xxx

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    Youtube: HunterHeartache01
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    Thank you so much!

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    I love your channel~!

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    i would love to enter but i don’t have a facebook!

    i followed everything else so…

    my youtube screen name is: gracie1247

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    my yt name is ooespertinhaaoo
    love the videos!! =)

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    Hey! love your videos and your blog. id loooovee the stereo rose msf! i dont have anything from MAC yet :(

    youtube: itsjustsarahnicole
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    and i followed your blog but im not sure how to prove that. and i liked your facebook page <3 but i dont want to give my personal page out to millions of people! :)

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    My username for everything is meighantosten =] Love your vids and blog!!!

    really would looove to get my hands on one of these as I have yet to try an MSF…I know I know, I’m way behind on the craze! haha, but I really want to try this one =]

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    Just heard about this website & I’m following you on Twitter. My screen-name is Sharikitten.

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    love the work, keep it up :)

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    Hi Amy,

    I’d love to be in with a chance to win but i’ve a slight problem, i only have access to a computer at work and our security does not allow me to access twitter, youtube or facebook. I would really really love be be included and i’m a huge fan of your website, i’m on it everyday – it’s fab! fingers crossed! Emer XXX

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    I’d love to be entered! twitter s/n is UrbanOwl

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    my youtube name is freewing78 :)

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    My YouTube is envygeeksgirl :)

    thank you so much. I love your videos and your blog.

    I couldn’t get my hands on this either. :(

    this is so kind of you. it must have cost you a fortune!

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    I would love to own Stereo Rose… My MAC ran out!!!! my youtube name is Cynamine

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    Hey amy!! thanks so much for this contest ive been wanting stereo rose since before it came out but i wasnt able to get it. i havent gotten anything for my self in a longggg time any extra cash goes to my kids so i think i deserve at least one thing. again thanks for the contest and good luck to everyone else! <3Jess

  • Izabela

    My youtube username is TheBellaCam!
    I am following/Like/subscribed like you asked! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

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    I been following on YT for ages and now I’m a follower.
    Thanks so much Amy.

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    I would love to be able to win this contest, seeing as I don’t have a MAC store near me.

    Youtube name: lovingbenji
    Twitter name: Leann0110

    Thank you and keep making your amazing videos.

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    Hi dazzledust!
    My name is izabela and my online name is TheBellaCam!
    I would love to win the MSF because I sadly missed out on it :( That’s what I deserve for not staying up ’till 3am XD

  • Summerpeony

    Hello my youtube name is Whiteglimmer
    Thank you for this contest!

  • cliodhna

    hi amy! i would LOOOVE to win stereo rose as ive checked brown thomas in galway and dublin and ive checked 3 MACs here in florida, where im currently on holidays, and i still cant get my hands on it :(
    twitter: well i used to follow you but i got a little too addicted to twitter for my own good so i quit cold turkey and deleted my account. i hope i can still qualify for the comp even though i deleted my twiiter account
    i also follow your blog

    thanks for the great competition amy!

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    Sarah Ní Mháirtín=]
    Loving the blog!!!
    And this blush i amazing..oh how i want it!

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    Love from Texas xx

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    Keep up the good work, I love your blog :)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Am subscribed, and following you on Twitter and Blogger.

    I would LOOOOOOVE to get one of these, and it is so sweet of you to be giving out so many…

    Good luck everyone!

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    My online/YT name is stylebysophia :)

    Lots of love,



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    Gaelgoir forever xxx

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    Really hope i win :D

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    this is a great contest and I would like to get this prize because in my country there is no MAC store :(

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    Thank You for your generosity. Would love to have this in my collection. xoxo (UN: Kei Kei)

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    Lots of luck everybody!

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    i dont think this is working anymore, but if it is i hope you realise how important this is to me, makeup is my passion, and if you recall i sent u a coment saying, Omg i just got an inglot eyeliner and you write back :)
    ily xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lyly

    my tumblr is thelylyanne (:
    and i would love to win that because well, i don’t own anything mac other than a concealer so :P

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    amazing give away :)

    i was already a follower of everything, and have commented before but hey, i wanna win so im entering :p

    my youtube (and swapsies) name is kellllyx and on here im Kelly Hodgson

    great blog x

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  • Mercedes

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    I’ve been following you for a while now :-). My YT and Blogger name is Ms Purple Make up.

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    Love your blog and videos there the best! I don’t own any mac products unfortunately so I would love to have the opportunity to win one!! So thank you!

    twitter name- Nicolaaa_xx
    Youtube username- Cosmeticsmile

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    I would love to win this giveaway :) thank you so much for running it!

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    Hi Amy,

    I would absolutely love to win this msf, it was sold out when i went to get it.
    My youtube name is rmolf and my twitter name is molfee and my username on this site is nelly25.
    Thanks! x

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    im so dedicated :P
    barrymlover <3

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    barrymlover :P

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    you once tweeted me about easter eggs (Y)


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    my sn is cahbayb


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    and twitter is barrymlover <3

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    Love the fact that your a beauty Guru from Dublin! Webname is Becksieful.

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    did all in your list :)
    username is laceribbonsequins.
    thank you X

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    Hi Amy,
    I follow you on twitter (amslatts) and have ordered soap from you which I love – I’ll be ordering more as Christmas presents.
    I’d love to be included in your competition.
    Thank you

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    I follow you on YT and here…no twitter or FB account…
    My username is Ms Purple Make up.
    Thanks for this brilliant giveaway..

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    on YT i’m eLLehobbit

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    Oh sweet Jesus this is an awesome prize for anyone who wins (crosses fingers)

    My Youtube name is: MissShoptastic and I follow you on Twitter as @Aniyah
    :) x-x

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    My youtube name: outrespacemusic
    My email:

    Subscribed, followed, and commented :)

    So generous of you to throw this giveaway :)

  • Aoife

    Omg i’d absoultely love to win :D
    seriously like im so passionate about being a makeup artist and im 15 :P
    this would be perfect for my kit!
    twitter barrymlover
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  • Lara

    would love to win this, my screen name is uniquastudio :)

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    Hello Amy, I really really like your videos and especially your blog posts! :):))) Keep it like that!! :)))
    I really want to enter in the competition!
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    HI Amy – you have the best quality videos on all of youtube :)

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    I really really want this… i went to a lot a lot of mac’s to find it , but every one was sold out :(
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    seriously like im so passionate about being a makeup artist and im 15 :P
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    YT: Alatariejel

    I don’t have a twitter of facebook account because I am one of the odd people that just don’t have one :)

  • Aoife

    Omg i’d absoultely love to win :D
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    hi follow you on youtube ( cowan1973 )
    it would be cool to win cause that particular msf is like hens teeth here

  • Katie

    Hey, I’m on all three with you.

    Twitter: fatherspodo
    youtube: fatherspodokomodo
    facebook, Katie Mac

    Love your vids :) recent convert

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    Youtube username: ruwizisthename
    Twitter username:ruwizisthename

  • Aoife

    Hi Amy!
    I adore your videos..its really good to see your tutorials because you can get most of the stuff in Ireland..I also really like the videos which feature your sister because im around the same age as her and they always look excellent! My screen name is rosalie_ish
    Keep up the fantastic work! x

    • Amy

      @Aoife Ah thank you for the lovely feedback :) x

  • Hannah

    Hi Amy
    Love your youtube videos and your blog :)
    Please enter me
    Hannah xxx

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    Thanks for the fab giveaway!
    I follow you on Twitter, YouTube and your blog as MrsPerkyP xxx

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    so thoughtful of you to do this.
    YT: Rose3796
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    Hi Amy, I’d love to win the MSF. My yt name ist ElliesBeauty, my twitter name is EllieS1983. Thank you and best wishes from France ;)

  • rachel clerkin

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    Amy thanks so much for this competition, I’m dying to get my grubby mitts on Stereo Rose!!

  • AmyCatherine

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  • Marsídia (MarsyMM)


    Count me in, please!

    I’m your follower via Google Friend Connect!

    Name: Marsídia
    Known As: MarsyMM
    Mail: marcidiamelo @ hotmail . com

    Bye bye & Kiss

  • biancalabelle

    Heyy Amy!! this is soo insanely generous of you!! how did you ever find these????

  • Cassie

    I really hope I win , I was so gutted when I couldn’t find this anywhere!!

    Youtube – iloverazzles95
    Blog – Cassie McFadden
    Twitter – cassiemcfadden
    Facebook – Cassie McFadden


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    love your channel & blog!

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    Youtube username: joybellebelle
    Twitter username: dearjoy
    And I’m following you blog using Google Friend Connect :)

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    Hi, Amy!
    Your Youtube channel is so helpful for me and my girlfriends, and so I just wanted to thank you for that. And for this giveaway of course!
    I’m not sure if I’m qualified or not, (seeing that I don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account) but I do follow your blog, and I am subscribed to your Youtube channel. :)

    Love, Hannah

  • Sunita

    Hi Amy

    Love your videos, keep up the good work

    Please please please enter me for the stereo rose contest

    My online name is MACbeauty25

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    Hi amy
    youtube name is faffylaffy
    Twitter ezzzo
    i’m never on twitter so if you need to contact me please do it through ytube :)

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    Awesome videos :) Would really love a Stereo Rose MSF!
    YouTube: sLcutieXoXo
    Twitter: sLcutieXoXo


    Hi, great give-away
    Rache xoxo

  • Aoife

    Omg i’d absoultely love to win :D
    seriously like im so passionate about being a makeup artist and im 15 :P
    this would be perfect for my kit!
    twitter barrymlover
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    I’d love to win one of these!
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    My facebook is Katy Mc Padden and i follow this blog on Google connect. =]

  • rachel clerkin

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    Your channel is great…my email name is Estonia51…..Keep up the good work!!!

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    Hi Amy,
    Your new extensions look lovely. They look really natural.

    My Youtube account is: jevr
    My facebook is: jennifer Ryan
    My Twitter is: Jenireland
    And my Blog name is: Reviews and All.

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    i followed your blog : Sylvia 雅雅
    I followed you on tweeter: yaya1101
    I followed you on youtube: imyaya1101
    as well as facebook! Sylvia Ng

    hope i can win this!=)

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    Hey Amy,
    Id love to win MAC Stereo Rose MSF’s. I have searched everywhere still no luck tho :L

    My Twitter: GottaLoveJonasx
    My Youtube: XxAmyyxX12

    Love your videos xx

  • Erin

    Heey Amy
    I love your videos :)
    im just back to school so if i won this it would really cheer me up :p

    Youtube – ezz009x
    Facebook – Erin Ingram
    Twitter – ezzzo

  • Grete

    Youtube: ggrrish

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    hey amy! love the new hair :) would loooove this-

    YT – livt18
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    Best of luck to all the ladies (and possibly guys)!

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    Seriously love your work; I watch your vids with my morning coffee. Your hair saga was particularly helpful, as I went through the exact same thing a while ago.

    Love love love Stereo Rose, but alas have yet to earn it, AND I just smashed my Dollymix..raging!

    Sian xx

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    I’m still trying to get everything set up to start bloggin though! :)


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    Slan go foill mo chara :D

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    aimesbegonia is youtube name
    The rest of the accounts are my real name (dn’t want to post but my name is in my email address that I filled out in the form to comment here). If you can’t find it – just ask and I’ll tell you privately if I win one. :)

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    (i don’t have facebook for “creep” reasons. haa BUT I’m a faithful Amy fan)


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    and my twitter is

    all my love

  • darina

    Hey I am rheatali on twitter and goldenesmoon on youtube… thank you :)

  • Kerrie

    Hi, i’m ‘bruisedpetal’ on youtube, ‘kerrencewitaker’ on twitter and im sorry but i dont have a blog account!xx

  • Steph

    Hey, my youtube name is Steph30201

  • MsKimEnid
  • hannah

    heyy, i’d love to win the Stereo Rose MSF, it’s like impossible to find! my user name is hannahewart (boring i know!!)
    thanks! xx

  • RoseanneB13

    Beautiful (: My youtube username is RoseanneB13 & @Roseanne13 on twitter. Thanks

  • yaderit

    twitter name is : YaddiJimenez
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  • Rosalind Hall-Sharp

    The entire city of Sacramento is sold out of Stereo Rose. I have heard such wonderful things about it. I am Glamazonz is my you tube channel and my you tube name is HotRoz. I also am following you on all of the sites.

  • Tina

    Hey :) Looooove the prize <3
    Twitter: XxTinaaaxX
    Youtube & Blog: Tinalovesmakeup


  • Hannah

    Thanks for doing this contest! My counter sold out of this before I could get it. :(

    I’m obesepenguinsYEES on youtube and hannahsprenkle on twitter. :)

  • Arianne

    haha it’s results night in UK and i’ll definitely need a stereo rose to cheer me up :(
    my youtube name is aricheeky21
    my twitter is Emelye21

  • stacey

    hey amy, i would love to win one! :) my usernames is : xstaceyjamesx Thanks xx :)

  • Alyssa Zabala

    Hi there! I’d love to be entered in your contest. My name is Alyssa Zabala, my twitter is alysskei and I followed your blog! Thanks so much :)

  • NGulnaz19

    Hey! Unfortunately, i don’t have a twitter account ’cause i’m busy with school, but i LOVE your YT channel! Great videos! )

  • rosie moreno

    please enter me !! i love it

  • Megan

    hey miss , my online name on youtube is XxmeganalexandraxX

    here it is

  • Marie

    Twitter name is Love_Eater
    Youtube name is xxmissmawiexx
    And I’m following your blog :D

  • Fozia

    Hey i want to win this because i love the colour… My UserName is iluvpink285 for both twitter and Youtube i hope i win fingers crossed thanks for the contest/giveaway

  • Amina (innerbelle)

    Hey amy! Aw thanks for doin dis giveway ur a star! Though as u alredy no it I dint need a mac freebie to convince me to sub follOw or tweet u! Iv loved ur yt channel, + blog ryt from the vry beginnin as u alredy no, its weird how u av blond hair blue eyes n eye dark hair dark eyes and asian – we stil love soo much of the same stuff hehe, neways thanks for all ur time n dedication it has nt gone unappreciated I assure u that love amina x

  • Arlene

    I’d love this – I have the perfect topping mineralise skin finish and i love it so much! I’m @senelra on twitter and youtube! Love the blog – I always catch up with it on Google Reader!

  • Cinone

    Omg Amy, I would LOVE to win Stereo Rose, my store in Sydney only had a few allocated and they sold out instantly. I’ve tried ebay but they are ridiculously expensive on there! My youtube name is MsCinone. Thank you! :-D

  • Jean

    The Stereo Rose MSF would be a great addition to my kit! My YouTube is JMMcNamara and my Twitter is JMcNamara78.

    Love reading your blog and watching your channel!


  • ashleigh

    hi Ami
    Thanks for the giveaway

    Twitter- ashleighhkidd
    youtube- bluemymind14

    love ashleigh xxx

  • Alexandra

    My online name is 00alxandra00 for twitter and youtube and Alex Nolan for blog- i think- I’m not too sure how to use te follow thingy! :)

    Thanks a mil for the competition- Its very generous!

  • Sarah (TheSarahAllen from youtube)

    I’d love to win one of these, but either way I love your videos loads :) xxxx

  • Nicole

    My online name NREnger

  • shannon halpin

    please let me win!!:)
    irish fan<3

  • Beth Cozens

    Hey I would love to get my hands on a gorgeous mac stero rose .
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    Thanks :) x

  • Justina

    Amy hello, thank you for giveaway! my youtube name is justei55 :)

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    Many thanks!!!xxxxx

  • Katelyn

    I’ve already been following on you on here and youtube. I am now following you on Twitter.

    My youtube and twitter name is Katelyn0703

  • Megan Davies

    i really want one! thanks for running it :)

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    thanks :)

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    i would love to have a stereo you tube and twitter name is suziechictv

  • Sami

    i would love to win this(: my youtube name is kissingroses13 along with my twitter

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    Thanks for the giveaway! My name is seeandbescene83 on twitter and yt.

  • emily

    hi amy, i would love to win the stero rose! :) my online name for twitter is Emm95x and youtube is EmmCx i am signed in to blogger using my twitter account, so i guess my username for this is the same as twitter. x

  • iceandfirexxx

    I didn’t have the money to buy stereo rose :(. thanks Amy :)

  • (.:~Paula~:.)

    I would love one of those.
    My YT name is SweetLua
    My Twitter name is PaulaNG_09
    My Blogger name is (.:~Paula~:.)

    Thank you!! XX

  • justsayjes

    I would love to get that msf! I can’t find it anywhere! I this the colour is so gorgeous! My twitter is eles323

  • Dana Lund

    Love your videos and thanks for offering this contest!! I would love to win!

  • Deb

    Wow, thank you so much for having this giveaway. Best prize ever. My Youtube & Twitter name is MrsTheDoll

  • stephanie

    what a nice giveaway!

    my youtube is 0hpalpitations :)

  • Stefy

    Love the giveaway :)
    I use ‘britese’ for Twitter,YouTube and blogspot :)
    Thanks for the amazing opportunity to win stereo rose

    Stefy x

  • DivaDarlingChic

    Hello Amy!
    My youtube username is DivaDarlingChic and my twitter name is DivaDarling23.
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    xoxo Ben :)

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  • Kaitlin

    i would love to have stereo rose MSF.. i was not able to to get it because the girl in front of me at the mac store took the last one..

  • Amy

    Please enter me, Amy :)
    i’m amy_doyle on twitter, mamyd on youtube and amyd33 on blogger – i’ve followed, subbed and joined. thanks! xxx

  • Pakou

    i love your videos and your blog :)
    thanks for this giveaway
    my youtube online name is tsubasaclow (yes weird name xD)

    and my twitter online name is PockyLuv33 but i don’t really go on it much..keep forgetting :b

  • Sarah

    i would loveee to win this! its such a good giveaway :)
    my youtube is sarah61619 and twitter is sarahhhhhhhhxx
    Sarah x

  • Maria

    I would love to win a Stereo Rose, thank you for doing this fantastic giveaway! My Youtube and Twitter names are SamovilaGoddess.

  • Brandi Stagg

    Hey Amy! This would be great! I am bstagg72 on You Tube and brandi72 on twitter.

  • Hayley Ryan

    Amy your my favourite make up guru on youtube :) & i just thought that this was the perfect chance to let you know. My online name (youtube) is RyanerssBabee . . :)
    Thanks :)

  • may2521

    oh yes please

    thank you amy for your kindness

  • Sharmaine

    My screen name is rednwicked, and I’d love to win!!

  • Mari

    my username on youtube is ninjafox123, on twitter its marils90! this is a really generous give-away, you rock :)

  • Glamorouxx

    I already followed you everywhere :)
    I am either Glamorouxx in blogger or Glamoroux in Twitter and YouTube.

    I would love to have my first MSF :)

  • Michelle

    I’d love to win a Stereo Rose MSF! Everyone says this is so gorgeous but it’s sold out everywhere!

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    i would love love love one! totally sold out in glasgow :( youtube username: erinlesley1. twitter: eriinmck

  • iiSmokeCrayons

    Wouldlove to win it :o Dont have any mac product apart from a paint pot which i luckly got :(

  • Natasha (nakovac)

    username on twitter, youtube, and um, the follow blog thing, is nakovac :) already following on twitter, subscribed on youtube, and just followed your blog <3

  • Lollz85 aka Laura

    Love your Blog and youtube vids Amy !!
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    Laura xx

  • LaurahKate09

    I would LOVE to get stereo rose,its so pretty :)

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  • Ashlay

    Hi I love watching your videos on youtube…They inspire me to maybe one day make my own videos on makeup and fashion =) my youtube name is Ashlayschannel !

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    I would love one of these :)

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  • Crystal

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  • Liat Butbul

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    Love your chanel and thanks for doing this giveaway!!!

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  • Nancy Bates

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  • Rachel

    Thank you for this competition! I have never owned a MSF and Stereo Rose is a beautiful color so I would love to win one! My youtube name is: msrachelbrooke

  • Nancy bates

    I woud love to try a stero rose..It looks so pretty. also I love your accent,,,

  • Ada

    Hi Amy, i love your youtube channel ! I would love to win one fo this !
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  • Cindy

    Hi Amy,
    My youtube and twitter name is Discokitty77. My fingers are crossed!:)

  • Francesca

    My youtube and twitter username is MACchatterbox

    I’ve had the MSF on my wishlist and I was going to go get it at my local MAC counter the day it came out but they had sold out by the time I got there :( Then I came home and was going to order it online but they had sold out already. I would love to win this!

  • Meka

    youtube: mekameeks328
    twitter: Miss_Meka_
    thanks for doing this giveaway!

  • Hayley Taylor

    Hi Amy
    I would love to win one, my youtube name is HTaylor16 and my twitter is HayleyAnn16. thankyou : )

  • diseasterfan

    hi my nick is diseasterfan :)

  • Christina

    Hi Amy! You’re awesome keep up the good work! btw, my youtube and twitter name is MissesCrispy.

  • Morna

    Hi Amy!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win stereo rose! Bts in Limerick and Galway always sold out when I go in!
    Loving the Gruige!
    MornaP twitter and Morna000 youtube

  • Daniela

    Hi Amy! I’d love to win a Stereo Rose MSF! I have no MSFs and would love this to be my first one =) my online name is cafeaulait19. Thanks!

  • Manel

    Thanks for the generous giveaway! YT as well as twitter accounts: MsTunisiana!! bisouuus

  • Patrice

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    This would be great to win! Thanks so much for the possible opportunity.

  • Christine

    Hi Amy!

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  • Carolina

    Would loveee one….thanks!

  • Paige Borda

    This is awesome! Thanks Amy! youtube: paigebianca86 Twitter: paige_borda :)

  • Chelee`

    Twitter: DragonRose215

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  • Ashlinn

    Such a brill competition, thanks so much for doing it! :)

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  • daniele

    I want one of those too!!! =]
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  • michela

    hi i would love to get 1 i could get 1 because i they were all gone when i went online and my online name is starcup99 love your channel xxxxx :)

  • Lina

    Lovely Amy
    you´re so generous :)
    my YT-name is: fleurfine

  • Celine

    ah, i dnt have twitter!! ah well!!! good luck everyone!

  • Katie

    Hi Amy,
    I’d love to get a stereo rose:)
    My name on blogspot is inkunderwater
    and on youtube- ItsAlwaysSunny89

    Thank you so much!!!

  • Dervla_G

    Hi Amy,

    I love all of your videos, I think I have seen every single one!! I would love to enter, thank you so much for entertaining us all :) Take care! My you tube name is dervla4741 :) xox

  • MrMalletism

    hey Amy!! Im a Tipperary girl bt live in dublin wen im in college!! love it up there and love following u on youtube and twitter :)

    I LLoovve MAC!! and i reali want this MSF!!

    Twitter username- NorrXo
    Youtube username- MrMalletism


  • msgirlstalk

    Hi Amy! I would love to be entered in the givaway! I’ve been a subscriber to you for a long while now, both your channel and your blog =) Just followed you on twitter =)! Thank for doing this givaway. My YT and twitter name is msGirlstalk. Cheers

  • Marian Carroll

    hey x loving the new hair! my jaw dropped as soon as i seen it b4 u even mentioed it! it looks FANTASTIC!!!
    Id love a chance to win Stereo Rose! cant find it and def cant afford it :-( damn recession grrr! lol
    my twitter name is MarianRose Alexa
    and my utoob name is mctemperance
    i was already subscribed on utoob but i hope i got the other two right xx
    best of luck to everyone!!! xxxx

  • Lori

    I really want Stereo Rose! My You Tube name is Escalady411. Thx.

  • Minty

    hi amy, this is an awesome giveaway, my twitter and youtube name is mintyenn :)

  • Kirsten

    … on youtube that is…

  • Beccy

    This is such a great prize! My twitter is just beccyhoneyman and my youtube is beccyboo17 :)

  • Becca

    I would LOVE to win one of these! :)
    My twitter is Bexypie, xbexyx on google & taintedluvx on youtube :) x

  • Kirsten

    Thank you for being so generous with this competition!!


  • Pringlesitaify

    OMW!! I want it!!!! My Online name is Pringlesitaify on YouTube and Twitter

  • Annie

    I been subbed on youtube for about a year under lilygreen12
    and i follow this blog under the name pop glitter17

    I would add you on twitter but I don’t have it as i cant seem to work it (sorry :()

    I would love to win one as im desperate to get hold of it so thanks for the opportunity :) xx

  • Naomi

    Hi, this is so generous of you. I’d love to win one to give to my sister because she really wants it. My twitter name is riskit_4abiskit and my youtube name is querty1s. Thanks:)

  • Alex

    Hey AmyI would love a stereo rose my youtube and twitter name is sugarcandy321 x

  • Quinne

    Hey Amy,

    Thanks so much for doing this!!

    Twitter: QuinneAnne
    Youtube: Anthro210


  • collette

    brill give away amy :)

  • Sarah

    Please enter me Amy.
    I would love to get my hands on one! I’ve been searching Ireland since In The Groove came out to find one, but no luck! Love your work.

    Sarah x
    (Online name SarahShikari)

  • Lorena Dondiego

    i would luv to win . my on line game is thelorenad

  • telisha

    i would love to win one the color is beautiful but my youtube name is msjuicybarbie1 and my twitter name is telishabryana( :

  • Cynthia

    I still can’t believe that you found FIVE stereo roses and you bought them to give away to someone. You are such a sweetheart!


  • Elisa

    I missed on that one and regret it so much!
    Youtube: brandyalexander 21
    Twitter: antigone_21
    Blogger: Antigone21

  • Angelica

    You`re so generous really! I`m soapeaterx on youtube [:

  • Atia

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    Great giveaway! Good luck everyone. I’m ValeneShay on both twitter and Youtube.

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    my youtube name is britafg enter me please xxx

  • Ella

    Great blog, and thanks for this contest! :) (YouTube name: ThatIsWhatWeAimFor)

  • Rhiannon

    Hi Amy,
    Thank you soo much for this giveaway! It’s lovely thing for you to do and you didn’t have to :)
    My Youtube name is rhiannonwalsh and my twitter is Sleeeeeeepyhead :)
    Thanks a million :D

  • Scherzinger (;

    Some stereo rose please! lol!
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  • Gilly

    I would love a Stereo Rose, my online YouTube name is Gillikat, Tweet name Gilli60. Thanks for the giveaway! Always look forward to your vids

  • TheSweethomeNC

    Hi Amy! So I’m TheSweetHomeNC on YT, and @MerrilyJaded on twitter. I think I’ve followed your blog, I’ve joined pretty much everything on the right side! lol

  • Applesaucery

    My online name is Applesaucery–thanks for having this giveaway, I’d LOVE to win Stereo Rose! : )

  • Hayley

    Great giveaway! My name is slappalil. Thanks!

  • Kelsey

    Hey! I’m ChellyPirate on youtube. (iMakeupPsycho), and I’m trying to follow you on twitter, but it;s not working…I’ll try again until I get it! =)

  • Marina

    Hi Amy,
    I’m MarinaBurca on twitter and february231980 on YouTube!

  • Rachel

    Omg I’ve wanted Stereo Rose for AGES still can’t get it :/ I’ve subber your blog and twitter and I was already subbin you on Youtube :D
    My youtube name is xoxorachie and my Twitter is TisRayRay

  • Joyce

    Hi Amy! I would love to be entered in your giveaway!
    I’ve been watching your videos and reading your blog for a really long time now and always look forward to your upcoming videos/topics!!!

    My username is joycexc on youtube, blogger and twitter.

  • Jen

    Hey! Would love to win a gorgeous Stereo Rose!!! My YouTube is Clunk87! x

  • Leah

    Love your blog :D name on youtube is leahluluhailey and on twitter its leahosullivanx xoxo

  • jenny kent

    i loove your channel.. iv recomend it to all my friends.. im so glad that theres such a good irish guru that understands and knows about irish products! :) my youtube name is lushmusicbabe and jenny_kent on witter! i loove love love mac nearly as much as i love your channel! <3

  • Jewel

    i would love to youtube channel is jewelnruben & my twitter is Mami_jewel

  • Hannah

    I would love to win one of those! Everywhere I had gone to get one was sold out but I had tried it on and it looked amazing! I love your blog by the way!!

  • Georgie

    What an amazing giveaway, you’re too kind! I love both your blog and Youtube. My usernames are as follows:

    * Blog:
    * Youtube: GeeFeexoxo
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  • moonprincess1000

    I’ve been looking for this everywhere and I would love to win this!! Thanks so much for an awesome giveaway! My username on twitter and yt is moonprincess1000 :D

  • Tania

    I would love to win one of these :-)
    Thanks Amy ,
    My online name :misstania08

  • JackieO

    Hello!! I would love to win.
    Twitter: jyotero
    youtube: 2021jacks

  • Lizzie

    Hey! Please enter me for the competition :) my username is lizzieboo1234 on twitter and youtube :) x

  • Erin

    i could not find stereo rose anywhere! i really wished i could find it but i did not :[
    So please enter me into your giveaway!

  • styleezta

    hiya :D i’m a youtube subcriber

    and now follow you on twitter

  • Frankierawrr

    I Would love to win one :) and i love your blog and watching you on youtube :D xox

  • Julie

    I would love a Stereo Rose MSF. My Youtube name is juliebbz and my Twitter name is juliebabbz

    Julie xx

  • Heather

    My online name is LivestrongH2 for youtube! I would cry if I won a stereo rose! I hunted forever with no luck! BOO

  • Brooke

    my youtube name is vancouvergurl07! thanks for the giveaway!

  • Angelika

    Hi Amy, I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!! Thanks so much for doing this giveaway, your so generous! I would love to win Stereo Rose which i was unable to get my hands on =( My online name is Glambition93 (on youtube) XOXO- Angelika.

  • Lyndsey Ellis

    great giveaway!! my twitter name is hiddenglamour and my youtube is hiddenglamour887 x

  • Jackie

    Hey amy i have been dying to try this. My online name is xxjackieohxx x x x

  • Kimberly Deck

    I can’t believe you were able to get ahold of 5!!! I tried 4 different stores the day it came out, and they were all gone :( I’d love to win one!

    youtube- lilkimi06

  • Ewa

    i’d love to win. couldn’t find stereo rose anywhere!
    my twitter account is ewaseweryn and youtube is ewse20.

  • Alana

    hey amy. Thanks for doing this giveaway :)
    Stereo rose looks so beautiful! I’d love to try it but I’m sad that my mac counter sold out straight away :(
    my YouTube is: xbaybeexalanax1
    my Twitter and blogger account is: alanaaaaa

  • NitemareHippy1980

    Hey, this is my youtube name. i’d love to win the stereo rose msf! its so pretty!!

  • Kayla

    Hiyaa Amy, love this product. :o
    I would love to be entered. My name for Twitter is KaylaKnot. My Youtube is Designed2BeMe.
    Thanks for entering me!

  • Aoife

    my online name is XxPrincessAoifexX :)

  • Aoife

    Hi Amy, i dunno how to follow your blog but im always on it! constantly :P
    youtube : pinkapple18
    twitter: barrymlover
    real name:Aoife :D
    ILy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • violentfaerie

    twitter: hvelreki
    youtube: heidiheidi0
    blogger: DH (or violentfaerie…that’s my email)

    I have you added on all three!

  • Jackie

    Oh Amy! You are so awesome! I can’t find this at either of my mac counters so it would be SO great to win! My twitter and blogger is superjaxster and youtube is jmk021. I love watching your videos so much. Thanks!

  • Natalie

    Wow, what a great competition! Enter me, please!

  • Chloe

    Heya Amy:)

    Twitter – Exotic_Hell
    YT – cutechloe123
    hehe i LOVE this blush but the closest mac counter to were i live in in Belfast:( a tad too far away:L

  • Kat

    This is a fabulous giveaway! I found your YT channel last year and have been also reading your blog ever since! Love it long time :)
    My twitter is @missxkitty
    My YT is MissKitty25
    and of course I’m following M&B!
    Kat x

  • Dezerie Gurung

    youtube account is 87lovefool

  • Dezerie Gurung

    . My youtube account is 87lovefool

  • Leanne

    Thank you for entering me. My twitter name is littlesunshine4, my you tube is littlesunshine444 and my blog is emberbloom. ;)

  • laura

    omg i’m so glad bot dis giveaway i cudn’t get it
    my name on youtube is blondebbygalgal22

    thnx xoxo

  • sheena elliott

    hi, fab competition, i have to have a go! love your vids, very informative
    yt – xsheenax18
    blog – madeupmummy
    twitter – sheenaelliott26

  • Dezerie Gurung

    You are gorgeous. My youtube account is 87lovefool

  • Megan

    Hi Amy :)
    I follow your youtube with RaspberryHaze47 and i follow your blog (and love it!) with Megan/

  • maxine

    I would love this, dying to get my hands on it! my blogger, twitter and youtube names are all maxinecassidy

  • Misteeqify

    Hi Amy,
    I would be soooooooooooo happy if I were to win one of these MAC skin finishes …
    The color of it is just stunning!
    My Youtube name is Misteeqify.

  • Lauri

    I would LOVE to win one of these. My name on Twitter and youtube is Lauri825.

  • Katie

    Heyy! this giveaway is fantastic!! i wish i had it, my online name is Katlizz18!

  • Imogen

    I would love to win! i’ve entered so many comps trying to win :(

    My youtube name is: iheartyou95x
    My Twitter name is: _ImogenStafford
    and My Blogger name is: Imogen and I follow your blog :)x

  • Aveen Kelly

    Ohh i would adore to win stereo rose i checked brown thomas in galway and dublin but no joy! :( Im trying to write this comment while watching your video on hair extensions its not working as I keep flicking back to your video and making loads of mistakes here as im not paying attention!! :)
    Aveen xxx

  • Thifa

    Hi! I’m a subscriber to both blog and youtube (as Thifa) but don’t have twitter. Hope that that’s good enough :-)

    *fingers crossed*

  • Holly

    Hi Amy, this looks fantastic!
    My YouTube is: LiveLaughLoveHolly
    My Twitter is: HollyTweets_
    My following name is Holly.Davage :)

  • Meredith

    Wasn’t finished!

    YouTube: sweetestearth

  • claire

    i would love to win stereo rose. it looks so beautiful. my name on here, youtube and twitter is Claire19842004


  • Jenny

    Heeey, I would love to win Stereo Rose because I couldn’t get my hands on it anywhere ): Thanks!
    Youtube name – xoheartcore
    Twitter – simpleejennyy

  • Meredith

    Oh gosh I’m under so many names on all the channels:

    YouTube: sweetestearth

  • Abi

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