CLOSED – WIN: Barry’s Tea Hamper, Pu-erh, Rooibos & more

Will you  have a cup of tea? G’wan, g’wan, g’wan… I’m assuming we’re all familiar with Father Ted. For me a cupán tae fixes everything. As a tea addict I thought you ladies may be interested in winning a hamper.

Barry’s Tea launched Pu-erh and South African Rooibos Tea. To celebrate the launch they have offered Makeup & Beauty readers the chance to win a hamper. All you have to do is comment below.

Pu-erh Tea – Made using the finest ingredients, Barry’s Pu-erh Tea, which has a very pronounced earthy aroma and taste, is blended from a variety of the tea plant Camellia Sinensis and takes its name from Pu’er county near Simao, Yunnan, China.  Rich in antioxidants, there has been a growing demand for Pu-erh in the Irish Market as it is widely recognised for its varied health benefits and is claimed to aid digestion and reduce blood cholesterol. Answering Ireland’s call with this new blend, Barry’s Tea has crafted it’s Pu-erh Tea to appeal specifically to Irish pallets.

South African Rooibos
Made from 100% Rooibos, a herb sourced in the Cederberg mountain region of South Africa, Rooibos literally translates to Red Bush, which it is also known as.  Being a herb Rooibos is naturally caffeine free howeverunlike most herbal teas Rooibos can be enjoyed with milk, similar to traditional black tea.  Naturally low in tannin, Barry’s Rooibos is a deliciously aromatic tea, the ideal alternative to Black Tea.

Barry’s complete tea range includes:
Main Range: Gold Blend; Classic Blend; Original Blend and Decaf.
Fruit Infusions: Very Berry; Cranberry and Orange and Lemon Ginger
Herbal Infusions: Organic Peppermint; Organic Camomile;
Green Tea: Organic Green Tea; Lemongrass infused Green Tea and Jasmine infused Green Tea.

To find out more about Barry’s Tea check out or become a fan on Facebook at

Competition closes on Monday. The hamper will be sent to the winner on Tuesday. Good luck fellow tea addicts!

*UPDATE: Winner selected at random was Clare who entered at 1.05pm.

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  • edel



    The word barrys dosent contain the letter .T.But only barrys make tea that tantalise your taste buds so much that one cup is never enough..

  • ingamaybe

    Total tea addict! :P

  • Michelle

    i love rooibos tea!!

  • Karen

    would love to try the pu-erh. isnt that the one that posh used to drink?

  • Treasa

    Tea is the best drink ever ;)

  • Heather

    Where there’s tea there’s hope.

  • Cecilia

    I drink the ‘very berry’ tea every morning during the summer months,so light and invigorating! When the weather is hot (very ocassionally!) i add some ice and its the perfect refreshing drink!

  • Ashy

    I’m pure addicted to herbal tea especially green tea or orange or lemon I even bring tea bags into college with me because they don’t have the flavors I like in the coffee shop my mates actually think I’m so weird when I whip one out :D :D :D x

  • deirdre

    tea such an irish thing i god damn love it even more than are fellow potatoes!! :D

  • Leah

    Barry’s gold blend has to be the best!

  • kate

    i’m currently addicted with tea! i used to be on the fence about flavored teas, but now i cannot get enough!

  • Racha Mennad

    I hope im not late lol :P
    I eat cereal in the morning lol
    i think i should change though because i find my self eating in between classes in school :(

  • Ciara

    Just a cup of tea and a bicuit is the perfect end to a stressful day :) Love it :)

  • Aoife

    Seeing as my family is a real irish family, Barrys Tea Bags dont last very long in my house ;) hope i win….. for my parents sake! xxxxxx

  • Elize

    I love tea! I can’t stand coffee, but I can’t say no to tea :D

  • mary

    i love flavored teas!

  • Claire

    I’m a 100% admitted tea-aholic to the point I drink that more than any other drinks if I’m thirsty I’ll have a cuppa cha! Would love to enter this to show my tea dedication! Everybody loves a good cuppa it brightens your day :)


  • Michelle

    I’m not sure if this giveaway is open to the U.S., but if it is, I would like to be entered! There’s nothing like a cup of tea to give you that nutrition boost throughout the day. I’ll venture to say that I often prefer it over coffee!

  • Katie

    oooh I love my cuppa Barrys in the morning..and afternoon..and..-all the time really :-)

  • J

    I am an earl grey girl myself

  • Kaitlin

    I am a huge tea addict, I have a cup every day when I get home from work.. with some chocolate biscuits of course! xoxo

  • denise

    really excited to try the pu-erh tea i love my herbal teas as much as normal tea and they make u feel so healthy:) :)

  • leanne

    enter me please :):):)

  • Ciara M

    My favourite is the green tea :) it tastes great and its healthy :)

  • orla

    cuppa green tea and porridge every morning … cant beat it !

  • christina

    i love tea! but i have never tried this brand before. would love to try them!

  • Ciara M

    My favourite tea ever is the lemon flavoured gree tea … And it’s healthy as well as yummy :)

  • Brona

    Tea….. The best thing in the world!!

  • Clare

    I love green tea, i carry around green tea tea bags in my hand bag incase i’m somewhere that doesn’t have any and I want one!

  • Tesni

    oo I love tea!! Green tea with mint is a favourite at the moment, but of course nothing beats good old english breakfast :D

  • amanda

    mmm gotta love a steeping hot cuppa tea! with something sweet and crunchy of course!

  • Mana Smith

    I’m addicted to tea, it’s almost all I drink anymore

  • Sarah

    Hey Amy.
    I’m a tea addict, i must drink about 20 cups a day.
    Would be cool to try something new.


  • Aisling

    i love my tea.! =] =P

  • Tania

    Please Enter Me , would love to try one ! :-)

  • Jackie

    Honestly i couldnt go through a day without tea

  • Jenny

    I love pu-erh tea and am so glad Barrys are finally making it, I usually but the Robert Roberts one but will be converting to good ole Barrys and shopping Irish. ; )

  • Christian Hughes

    I’m addicted to Pu-erh tea, drink at least 3 cups a day – I would luuuuvvvv this :)

  • missfitz

    Ah go on, go on, go on enter me please :D

  • Aoife Collins

    Ooh yay…LOVE tea!especially loving green and peppermint at the moment!!!

  • Emma Smith

    Count me in! I love tea, in fact…slightly obsessed in fact…this would make me v happy!!

  • Lyndsey

    I am ashamed to admit that I do not like ‘regular tea’. However, I do drink a lot of Organic Green Tea and I will have the occasional Camomile before bed sometimes.

  • Becca

    total tea addict here too! :)

  • Ashley

    Its got to the point where I get head aches if I dont have a cup of tea every day! ha!

  • Bridget (vividsmile)

    I love tea! Tea helped me to stop drinking soda.

  • Emma

    aahhh- nthn like a good cuppa!!- off to make one now;)

  • nicole

    yay! :) barry’s tea :) tea addict!! :)

  • ann

    My favourite drink in the morning is a cup of tea,just starts the day off nicely : )

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