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CLOSED!! Win tickets! Celebrity Skin Treatment Proactiv Makes its Debut at Xpose Live

Proactiv have offered 10 pairs of tickets to Makeup and Beauty readers, read on to see how to win (it’s super easy)...

“Struggling with spots or blemishes and have a debs, a hot date or a big night out approaching fast? Proactiv® Solution, a life changing, professional calibre ‘clear skin’ treatment system, used by an impressive line-up of blemish free celebrities will be hosting a very special ‘get clear skin confidence’ event at Xpose Live, RDS, Dublin 9-11 April 2010.

With spots and breakouts besieging four out of five Irish teenagers and many adults too, Proactiv® Solution is an important new treatment option.  Breakouts can dent a person’s confidence and stop their full personality shining through at any stage in life.  Sometimes sufferers say that problem skin erodes their confidence so badly that they won’t leave the house.

Proactiv skincare experts will be on hand to offer personalised consultations and advise how to get your skin ‘red carpet’ radiant, as well as sharing insider secrets on how some of the most famous faces have banished their blemishes.

Proactiv will also have fantastic promotional offers available with discounts and value kits as well as free samples on offer to all attending Xpose Live. So kiss your blemishes goodbye with Proactiv® Solution when you attend Xpose Live.
We have 10 pairs of Xpose Live tickets up for grabs for readers courtesy of Proactiv® Solution”

All you have to do is comment below and share you skin issues.


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  • Nancy

    Howdy very cool web site!! Guy .. Beautiful .. Superb .. I’ll bookmark your blog and take the feeds additionally?I’m glad to find a lot of helpful info here within the publish, we need work out extra strategies in this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .

  • Lorna Holcroft

    Hey there

    Am in hospital at the minute and will be out for a few hours on Sat 20th of November and would love to take my mam to Expose live for some pampering. Ps the dry hospital air s wreaking havoc with my skin any tips?


    • Amy

      Sorry to hear you’re in hospital Lorna!
      Olive oil for your skin – add some into your moisturiser and moisturise a few times a day.
      Hope your out soon!

  • noora habib

    Hey well the first thing is my skin is really really oily and tends to brake out in the most horrible spots and blemishes ever i tried diffrent things for my skin like clearasil but to be honest it doesnt work another thing i have got a problem with is ive very sensitve skin so when i try some new products i tend to either brake out in spots more and have loadz of blackheads or i get a really bad rash so for me i would mind trying proactive and seeing if it works ive heard queite a few good things about it on other bloggers and some youtube channels i tried using prescribed products by my gp but they dont work at all and ive also noticed that most products out there dont work iam really trying to find somthing to make my skin look amazing and flawless and comfortable to go out anytime and seen as ive a chance now i might aswell and dazzledust your youtube channel is very straightfoward ive learnt so many new things from you and would love to thankyou because there arent many good irish youtubers out there but you are and i also like xpose theres never enough fashion i say lol.anywayz this would be a great opporunitey so thankyou and hope i get it.xoxoxoxo

  • Emma F

    Hi :) my skin really irritates me as I feel like I cannot leave my house without any foundation on, due to my incredibly (but typicly irish!) blotchy skin. The redness is most prominant on my nose and cheeks. Because of this I find it hard to get a nice foundation with good coverage which is not too expensive, as i am a very poor college student! :( I’m sure Xpose would sort me out :)

  • Mollie

    I love Exposé almost as much as I love this site, I watch it all the time.
    I have constantly bumpy skin and b;ocked pores. I am also afraid of using foundation + concealer because it usually makes it worse. I feel like my confidence has just disappeared since my skin got bad, I’ve gotten really timid and shy.
    Mollie xoxo

  • eadaoin

    i live in kildare and my mam is the best mam ever aswell as me we watch xpose every evening at 6.00-6.30 and i know my mam would love to go
    thanks eadaoin

  • Laura

    Oh my Gosh im dyin to go to Xpose hah . EHm well i have really rough skin and its super sensitive , it reacts with nearly ever foundaton i buy and its got some redness on the cheeks i cant get rid of , thanks amy x

  • kayleigh

    i have a really oily t-zone but the rest of my face is quite normal, i get breakouts on my chin and forehead and people tell me they’re not as bad as i make them out to be but they make me less confident, i also breakout when i have an exam or im stressed . your tips are really helpful . thanks!

  • Orla

    Hi there, I used to have horrible cystic acne which roaccutane cleared up for the most part. I still get the occasional spot (Big, green and generally yuck) but a quick look at a pic taken a few years ago during the “Flare-up” stage of the roaccutane treatment is enough to put one lil spot into perspective.

    Fingers crossed I’ll get the tickets to visit “The mothership” blahaha!! :)

  • Ciara

    Hi, My skin is combination oily , oily t-zone and normal cheeks. I;ve been having really bad breakouts lately and went to get a skin analysis and a facial yesterday. The beautician said it was probably from the cleanser and toner i was using, which was Clinique. She said that my skin has become sentitive from it and recommended new cleansers from Dermatique. Would love to win the tickets, Thanks. Ciara :)

  • Jay :)

    Hiya Amy
    I combination skin..It dry around most areas but is oily around my t-zone! :)
    Thanks x

  • Melissa

    i suffer terribly from chest and back acne.. i do get break outs on my face also but mainly on the hest and back areas..
    i have been to dermatologists and the medication and lotions didnt work so then i went back to my doctor who put me on dianette.. it worked but i piled on the pounds with it which kinda defeated the whole confidence regaining thing as you can imagine haha!! so i came off it again and my skins was ok for a while and then it went back to its old ways..
    was delighted to see you recent post on a DIY scrub/cleanser for this area and cannot wait to try it :D fingers crossed it works :D
    thanks for your continuous help and tips :D
    apologies for the life-story-esque comment..didnt realise how much i ramble haha!

  • Mary!

    Hey!id love to win these tickets,could you enter me please ! : )

  • Sinead

    Hi Amy, I have combination skin, my main problem is an oily tzone, this is where most of my breakouts occur. I find I’m more prone to breakouts when I’m stressed and during these periods nothing works to help the problem. I would love to be one of your lucky ten and hopefully find something that actually works on my skin. x(“,)x

  • catherine

    hi amy would love to win ineed some luck my skin is dry/flakey in need of a pamper day never had one in my life

  • Cliona

    i have very acne prone skin which i was told by a dermatolagist that it was genetic and i was placed on a medication called roaccutane… and it worked but not without its horribe side effects i still get breckouts every now and again but atleast i am not being letf with scaring anymore… i now can sort of depend on my skin and i know when its going to behave badly!.. such as coming up to the T.O.T.M

  • Cliona

    Hi amy, iv been following your channel on youtueb for year now right from your first video right from your first review! i love that you give your honest opinion with every product… i would love to win a pair of tickets to bring my mam she would love to go too….

  • Aoife

    Hi Amy :) im 17 now nd for de past four years ive had terrible acne. Im currently taking roaccutane which wil hopefully stop it but while im on it, my skin is very dry :( i wud LOVE so much to attend Expose Live as i am a complete make-up nd fashion geek! Thank you so much 4 givin us de oppurtunity 2 win these tickets! Love, Aoife xo

  • Jenny

    Hey Amy :)
    I have combination skin which can be pretty sensitive but I use the clinique facial wash which is great!
    Thanks for giving away these tickets :)

  • Caoimhe

    Heyy Amy. I would love love love to win a pair of tickets I watch xpose religiously and I love all the girls. I am just back from New Yorj and bought a wad of make up but I’m am stuck because I need to no how to use it and where. I also have oily, sensitive skin and am really safer 2 change my skin care routine even though I know it is not doing what it Is supposed 2 do. Please consider me whilst choosing the winners. Thank you so much. Lovve your videos, keep up the great work.
    Caoimhe x x x

  • Alethea

    Hi Amy,
    For the most part, I have incredibly dry skin (topped off with eczema on my cheeks and psorasis on my eyebrows and around my nose). However, I am prone to the odd spot break out on my chin and forehead. I most definitly did not win the skin lottery! Thanks for your great posts.

  • Deirdre Wilson

    Hi amy well basically i have terrible combination skin! i have so many dry spots that are very patchy and then i have oily spots that break out like crazy! i have so many white heads its beyond natural and i just dont know what 2 do i have tried so many things but they just dont seem 2 work!

  • Fei

    I have combination skin, which used to be quite oily, but now its very prone to dryness. Although I don’t have acne, I can be prone to spots, especially if I’m using a new moisturizer or don’t look after my skin properly x

  • LauraJane

    Heya Amy , im sure if im supposed to talk about myself or not ? lol so im just gonna . Im 14 & ive watched your youtube forever cause its soo nice to see irish people on youtube who can show products availible in ireland , anyways me and my best friend are dyin to head out to xpose at the rds because Im obsessed with the show and all things Beauty :L . Anyways im ginger and have really super fair skin and whats annoying wit my skin is that no matter what foundation i wear my redness on my cheeks area always comes through , ive tryed so many things to get rid of the redness its unreal !! :( Also my skin is super dry in some areas but oily in others
    Thanks for givin people the oportunity to win :) xx

  • Ash

    Hey Amy! Im quite lucky I have quite good skin (most of the time) after Easter and an unholy amount of chocolate I’ve broken out a bit oops! Unfortunately my mam isnt so lucky she suffers quite badly with psoriasis but I’ve been passing on a few of your all natural recipes and she finds them great and they smell amazing :)

  • Ashy

    hey Amy have you ever tried La Roche Posay products? they are amazing!!! plenty of products for sensitive and reactive skin! might see ya in the rds if im lucky… grá mhór xxxx

    • Amy

      @Ashy I love their sun creams but have never tried anything else. Must have another look. Anything in particular that you recommend? Thanks a mil x

  • Amanda

    Hi Amy, i absolutly LOVE this website especially the beauty tips! :D Its abit ironic that proactive have giving you tickets because i’ve just had a terrible breakout, im hating touching my face at the moment and really considering getting proactive! Iv heard good things about it :) I would be so excited and happy if I won those xposa tickets as I watch xposa every day….without fail :) FINGERS CROSSED!! :D

  • Holly

    Hi Amy, this prize is amazing! I have oily skin in summer and dry skin in the winter which is so annoying! In winter my skin gets flakey and patchy and looks awful especially when I wear makeup! I have been on medication for my skin which has helped a lot, but I’m still very self concious. I also have really red cheeks and have redness on my nose and between my eyebrows, so annoying! Anyway Proactiv looks great, my friends swear by it. Thanks for this opportunity! Love Holly x

  • Sarah

    Hi! Would love to go to xpose! My skin has broken out recently and can’t figure out what’s been causing it as I have started using a number of new (expensive!) products recently and I don’t wanna give them up!!! :( Laters!

  • Ella

    Hi i love the site. My skin is combenation skin. It is okay now i do not have as much spots as i had. I still have some but they are small. The best thing is not to eat too much chocolate. That is what stopped all the breakouts. Thank goodness for kiwis because i think they helped a lot as well. LOL :)

  • Cathy

    Hi Amy!
    Its great that you are giving people an oppertunity to win tickets to Xpose in the RDS. i would love if i could be one of the 10 lucky people! i love the website. i check it out everyday, and the DIY skincare tips are great. i really enjoy experimenting with new ideas. keep up the great work.
    Cathy xxx

  • Caoimhe

    I have combination dry skin and struggle alot with breakouts..would love to find something that actually works..i’ve heard alot of good things about proactive!..would love to try it! xx

  • Elcaoi

    I have bad skin and would love to try something that would actually work and clear up my skin..would love to try out proactive xx

  • Emma

    My skin is ridiculous, i have like a skin condition which makes it really dry in patches which means i cant really wear foundation as it all goes to the dry patches and my foundation ends up looking patchy and flaky..not attractive lol. I tried going to the doctor but everytime he gives me the same thing. I hate not being able to wear foundation as i feel bare without it but i suppose you have to deal with what you get. Anyway enough blabbing, bye! :) xxx

  • Stefania

    Hi Amy, thank you for this opportunity :)
    I’m 28 and sometimes I have oily skin and spots in the T zone, especially in the summer time, and if I use product for oily skin, it gets too dry. It’s annoying!
    I didn’t know Proactiv products…i’ll check out their website :)

  • Caoimhe

    Hi Amy, Im 18 years old and have been suffering from acne all my teenage life. I have tried many different drug courses recommended by my GP, but have always found that despite taking the tablets I still suffered some spots. I have started on the pill about three months ago ad have found this to be the best and my spot break outs have become less frequent, the one disadvantage is that my once oily skin has become very dry in patches. I would love to give Proavtice a go and see if this helps the situation. x

  • Maeve

    Hi, I’m Maeve :-)

    I have a big event coming up.. the trinity ball next Friday. At the moment my skin is in okay condition but it often breaks out randomly.
    I’d like it to be really radiant for the ball.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Sinead

    I have dry skin but still get the odd breakout!

  • danielle

    hey im 16 and have tryed everyythingggg form clean and clear to countless creams and my skins just constantly decides to break out:( ..because im in school im findin it reallyyy hard to keep my skin clear for going out a night or even just goin out with friends who have perfect skin and im the one who has horrible skin :(

  • Caherine

    I Have only recently found a skin care routine that works i have very oily skin and get very bad breakouts…i use to have cystic acne..:( but i have been on superscription medicines for a while and it seems to be clearing up :D

  • emma staunton

    heya amy… my skin is normally very clear except in the past year i have started to get spots on my cheeks and this causes my cheeks to go red…i hate it… also in the past week there has been a spot on my forhead and i also i have a hugh spot growing under my skin and it is very annoyingg haha.. im not sure if it under the skin or not but it’s just like a little lump it isnt red or anything just very annoying xxxxxxxxxxxxxx thank for this chance.. luv ur videos xx

  • Lauren

    Hiya Amy,

    Im im fifteen this year and started modeling, i usually have super oily skin so oily you could fry an egg on it haha, and i am having trouble with blackheads which are a pain i rarely get spots as im getting older, and before i got my portfolio done i got my skin in immense shape and then lacked off and now my skin has went kind of normal and not as oily which is amazing woop, but its a pain when i put some makeup on that makes my skin feel dry and tight like after you get sunburn on your face, any tips!!/lauren.bejaoui?ref=profile

    Thanks Amy xo

  • Ciara

    i am 14 and my skin is the weirdest thing you could ever day it will be glowing with no spots,and the next day it will look like im recovering from the chicken pox.i always get bad black heads on the middle of my nose and on the middle of my chin.i put magnesium sulfate paste on my black heads so it brings them to the surface and then i burst them the next morning.i also only use silcocks base on my skin wich is 4.50 for a massive 500g tub an its well worth it.good luck everyone.:)

  • caroline

    Im in my late 20s i have patches of oily skin combined with dry areas at time I find it really hard to get the balance in my cleansing/moisturing regime!
    Fingers Crossed fro the Xposé comp x

  • Ciara

    Hey Amy, my skin is just horrible these days. Couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was causing it. I was considering going to a dermatologist to get some sort of medication for it. Went for a skin analysis yesterday and she said that it was purely caused by products, so no need to waste money on medicines or anything. So after going through all my skincare ingredients, I’m blaming the Clinique anti-blemish solution. Although it’s meant to clear your skin and get rid of blemishes, it did nothing but clog my pores. So now I’ve to go searching for a whole new skincare routine. Please enter me for a chance to win the tickets. Thanks :)

  • Myrren

    heyy my skin has become alot better recently and thats all thanks to pro active :D xx

  • Meg

    My skin is normal/oily and i rarly get breakouts

  • AineM

    Hey Amy. Im lucky as my skins does not break out very often but just get extremely dry which can get annoying putting on make up. But nonetheless not to worry :)
    Thanks for the opportunity to win these tickets by the way!:)
    keep up the gud work :)


  • Alyson

    My skin issues have only started since I’ve turned 20 which is ironic! Definitely think its due to stress and hormones. Trying to find products for my skin is a nightmare because it changes between being very oily to very dry weekly plus it can be quite sensitive!

  • Mandymc

    can we enter a second time ? :S hehe xox

  • MandyMc

    hey, my skin is finally clearing up now thanx to lenth, i gave up all the crap & its really paying off now ! would love the tickets !! xoxo

  • Aisling Purtill

    My skin is improving bit by bit but I hear that proactive is also good at prevention. I would love to give their products a try. Keep up the great work Amy. You’re an inspiration x

  • Anne-Marie

    Hiya Amy,
    I’m lucky in that I usually don’t get any break outs, except for the occassional one or two spots on my chin mostly. I sometimes get a bit dry on my forehead and cheeks in the winter which can make my make up look flakey but I find that a tinted moisturisor really helps! Love your channel and this site! xox

  • Niamh D

    Hey Amy,i have really dry skin to the stage where it cracks if i dont take care of it,because i am only 16 i do tend to break out though aswell on my chin and nose
    Id love to go to the xpose event this year as ive heard such amazing things about it :)

  • Aoife

    Im 19 and for the past 2 years i’ve been having a hard time with acne. People who have never suffered with it couldnt imagine how much this can affect your confidence and your ability to be yourself without being self concious. Hopefully i could win a pair of tickets and just have a good time =)

  • Annah K

    i have quite sensitive, dry skin, but do get the occasional annoying breakout in my t zone

  • emma

    Heyy Amy i adore your videos even tho im only 12 :) i wud really like to win these tickets cause i lovee fashion and makeup pleasee pickk me :) lovee youu xxxx

  • Leah

    I have normal/combination skin, i have to be careful what powders i use on my face because they can make my t-zone flaky and rough! i think its very important to cleanse and moisturise! I pampering myself and tonight im going to make a d.i.y facemask! :D xxooxx

  • Karolina

    I’m 17 and I have dry sensitive and acne prone skin. I can never find products that wont either burn my skin or break me out :( Its hard to find products for my skin type as if it cures dryness it might break me out and vice versa.

  • Ciara

    Hi Amy!
    I’ve really dry flakey skin, possibly due to cold Irish weather!!??
    I use products for dry sensitive skin. But I find that my skin never looks fresh or dewy :(
    Im only 20, so this is something I crave!
    Thanks x

  • aoife

    p.s i really hope you pick me, watching your videos really gave me confidence to wear make-up and experiment with colours, and now i feel so much more confident with myself, many thanks x

  • Lea

    please pick me xx

  • aoife

    hi amy, i love watching ur vids, and ofcourse u being irish is a plus :)

  • naomi

    please pick me xx

  • Hazel

    Hi Amy :)
    My skin is really dry around my cheeks but really oily in my T zone… But tend not to break out too much, I think its maybe because I eat lots of fruit and veg, barely any sweets and loads of water… xoxo

  • Lauren

    Hi Amy ! Please enter me:)
    I have combination skin, where I have oily skin on my t-zone and dry skin around my cheeks. I always break out when i don’t wash my face every morning and night!
    Thank you xxxxxx

  • Lee

    My skin is pretty dry but lately having terrible break outs, looking to try something new and of course if I could afford them have more facials :)

  • Angel

    I have combination skin, and I get break out really easily espevially when i eat really oily and greasy food. Spots and breakout tends to leave marks on my skin and I still can’t a product that can make them and blemishes to go away >..<

  • aisling

    hey amy!! my skin usually behaves quite well however recently i decided to give mac’s studio fix fluid foundation a try and my skin has broken out terribly!!!:( hopefully it will clear up quickly, would love to give pro activ a go, it has amazing reviews! xx

  • Lorna

    Hiyaa Amy (: I Want To Enter This Draw For Some Tickets (: I Have Super Oily Skin And Get Regular Breakouts ): My Friend Has Started To Use Proactiv And Her Skin Is Starting To Improve. I Would Love To Try It Out And Get A Consultation Also. Its Expose Live. Who Wouldnt Want to Go (: Ttyl. Love The Website and Vids. Keep Strong. Ly Xx

  • hilda murphy

    hello..just entering for the expose competition…love the site…x

  • Aisling

    my skin is fair oily nd its gets really shiny if i dont use the right moisture iser 4 my skin, sometimes i get big spots on my face nd i feel the urge to pick them (which i no its bad but i do it any way) coz i want them to be gone!! i also luv ur website im on it like all the time:) nd i wud luv 2 win da tickets!!!!!!!! XxXxXxXxXxX

  • Anna

    My skin is very oily and spot prone, and just recently I’ve been learning to deal with it. I love maekup and fashion and Xpose and would love a pair of tickets! xo

  • Kelsey

    My skin can get really dry, which is annnoying! And I do get breakouts aswell. It can be really unpredictable as it’s quite sensitive. But when it’s behaving it can be fine.. ish ;)
    Great competition + blog!! Always find myself coming back to read it, and love the youtube videos aswell xx

  • Audrey Kelly

    All i can say is thank god for makeup , cause between spots , scars and dry patches its not a good look ! Its good to know im not the only one though !

  • Evenny

    Hii Amy :]
    I have terrible, awful skin issues – although i’m a teenager so i suppose it’s acceptable. Everytime i moisturise my face, it just breaks out. I’m using a simple moisturiser & it still is effecting my skin. I haven’t tried proactiv, but it’s something i would deffo look into.xx

  • Louise :)

    awe thank god my skin isnt too bad..i just get the occasional spot or 2 around my time of d month :) hehe!
    i have a bit of a uneven skin tone doh but its ok :)
    Enter me Amy
    thanks xx

  • anne

    my skin is super oily and acne prone. im 37 yrs old but still have breakouts issue, i have used proactiv before, i got it in america, so excited to knw that its launching here finally….

  • liene

    HI HI…i love ur youtube channell.. never missed a video.:)
    my skincare problem is dat i have these little white spots around my cheek area.. u cnt see them whit eye but u can defo feel them. i went to specialist about my problem but only ting they sad was dat i have some kind of allergic action to something witch is unown to me…
    i would really like to win these tickets..:):)

  • hannah

    Im your normal teenager who gets breakouts i usally get them on my nose , forehead and t-zone .
    Sometimes or i pick them so they come off without realizine it so i get spot scars :(
    Thanks for the contest anyways :D x

  • Sophie Moran

    my skin is oily combination…but sensitive. possibly the worst combo ever as a lot of products designed for combo skin make my poor face break out! I tried a brand claiming to be ‘better than proavtive’ when i was in the us and it was way too harsh and stripped my skin giving me dermatitus…:S
    Would love to hit xposé live this weekend though, might cheer me up since i just broke up with my boyf…(and no not tryna get the sympathy vote :P) Love your website.x sophie

  • Lisa C x

    Hey im thirteen and i know its around when u get spots etc. but i really want to get rid of them , they are really such a confidence knocker and if I try and cover it with concelar it doesnt work half the time . I really want to no a good product that could get rid of these spots !

    Thanks xoxoxox

  • Kate

    Hey!! Okay, my skin problem is: I have normal/combination skin, but am acne prone. Whenever I find a product that will stop breakouts, my skin ends up really dry and flaky and stiff! I don’t know which is worse; acne, or dry skin!!

  • Andreea

    So…starting with ‘I’m 25 y.o. going on 26’…and I still get the odd breakouts. My skin is oily, flaky, the foundation gets all patchy on me, and cakey, needless to say I am desperate to get a clear looking skin, and ProActiv sounds promising. When I hear about other girls wearing tinted moisturizer…Ok, is it just me who can’t get to the mirror fast enough during the day to touch up??. Would love to try PROACTIVE…Good luck to all of us!

  • karen m

    Hi Amy,
    my skin is really dry,ive tried lots of moisturisers but nothing works ;(
    I watch xpose everyday and would love to see it live in the RDS,I think i would be in makeup heaven!!

  • Christina Lynch

    Hi Amy, Would absolutely love these tickets =] I have dry to combination skin that is extremely sensitive and a lot of redness =O xxx

  • elaine

    my skin is really dry in winter and recently i’ve been breaking out on my chin :(

  • Rebecca Keating

    Hi I’m 17 :D , My skin is always dry and then it can be oily it really has a mind of it’s own , it can get you down sometimes but I’ve seen a big improvement recently :D , Lovee youu :D xx

  • Lauren Byrne

    Hi Amy.

    My name is Lauren and I’m Eighteen.
    I Would love to go to Xpose Live.
    I have oily and sensitive skin.
    My debs is this year also.

    Lauren xo

  • Donna Kelly

    Hey Amy, Great website! I follow you on Youtube and being a fellow Irish lass I find it hard to find the right tone/ shade of foundation for my skin, I don’t want to have to buy a million shades to get it right!!! Also I love my freckles and I’d like a foundation that isn’t too heavy, so I’ve been thinking of using tinted moisturizer for the summer, I do mix up my make-up depending on the season anyway, but if you had any tips for summer make up that a) stays put, b) doesn’t make your face look like a mirror and c) has added UVA / UVB protection I’d be forever in your debt! :) Keep up the good work your blogs and videos are such a big help for Irish girls with fair skin and it’s great hearing about products that are available to us over here! xx

  • Jamie

    I have dry skin & I do get a few breakouts! My debs is this summer & i really want to have clear skin for it! It would be such a confidence boost if I had clear skin ! xoxo

  • Jade

    I have the dreaded combination skin…dry in some areas, oily in others :( Thankfully my days of breakouts seem to be behind me..but that doesn’t stop the occasional spot from popping up at just the wrong time…:(

  • Karla

    I have fairly clear skin but my wee nose and forehead are always sooo dryyy! It gets really bad in summer and winter and when the weather gets cold my skin is in bits – and my makeup seems to fall off & go patchy! So its moisturising and exfoliating like a madwoman! ;)

  • Emma Kiely

    Hey Amy!! I would love the chance to go to expose live!! my skin used to be very clear and I never had a problem with it, but over the last few months it has started gettin oily and breaking out, I would love to find a cure, thanks for the opportunity :) xoxo

  • Aisling Carberry

    hey in 16….my skin seems to change types a lot ….but its mostly dry and i hav large pores around my norse which i hate!! i dont get many breakouts doh ;)

  • AislingC

    Hi! I have a huge problem with Rosacea on one cheek and Im in my early 20’s! Also I seem to be getting alot of breakouts recently which always leave red marks. Have heard great things about Proactiv, I really need a skincare brand to help me out, nothing I have tried has worked. Lets just say green tinted moisturisers /primers/concealers do not help! Id really appreciate these tickets so I could speak to some experts. Thanks so much! x

  • Sarah Meehan

    Hi Amy,

    I would love to win a pair of tickets to expose live, say it would be great fun, great prize! xoxoxoxo

  • Aghna

    Thank you proactiv :) pick me ;)

  • Orla Bolger

    i have dry/combination skin, normally fairly clear but then out of the blue i’d get a few monsters one after another. Pretty nasty:|

  • Aoife

    Hi Amy. I have clear skin (yay!) but unfortunately its really REALLY dry. one my 2nd skin care routine and 4th foundation since this January trying to set it straight but having no success :(

  • clare

    soooooooooooo oily ya wudnt belive !!! oil driping off me!
    mad to try the pro active
    jessica simpson here i come :)

    huge fan amy!!!!

  • Monica

    I’ve been getting these dry patches on my left cheek lately, keeps appearing after a while its gone! i dunno wat its from and its annoying me… other than that, i have a dry nose and kinda oily near my forehead! my face is grand without make up but my nose is horrible when i have make up on!
    btw amy love the brown in ur hair!!
    i would love to go to xpose!
    =] <3

  • Louise

    Hey Amy!
    just seen your channel thought i’d check out this proactiv. Sounds pritty good. Is it affordable? I dont have alot of money being a student :( but I’d love to check them out at xpose live =D

    love all you vlogs! your one of the few irish girls tubin it up. Its nice gettin advice from somone from ireland, so I can relate. i.e orderin from the USA >.< (pain in the bum) but i'm so checking out that bundlebox!! thanks so much for that tho!!

    love ye loads hun! xxx

  • Karen

    Hi Amy, Well my skin has changed sooo much over the years and iv always had a problem with it. As a teen I had dry ache pron skin and being in secondary school you want nice skin no?! When i got into my late teens I still had dry skin but the spots where limited to our monthy thing and I could handle it but now at 21 my skin is at its worst, I have dry,oily,senitive,flaky and ache prone skin. A lot of products break me out like yourself and its so annoying when you found the right foundation and turns out to break you out.Grrr! Please pick me I would so love to see the team and learn more. Thanks for reading this :)xox

  • Shauna

    Hi Amy…
    WOW this is such an amazing opportunity !! :D
    i hav combination skin but can get very oily and dry and extremely flakey in places which makes my makeup peal off..its soo annoying! ….my debs is coming up in August i would aboloutely LOVE to go and have a talk with the people of Pro-Active :D
    Thanks Amy xxx

  • Antonia

    I’ve always had a lot of troubles with my skin. I had a couple of skin diseases which have left my skin very dry and flakey and it really gets down my self confidence. And if i put on foundation, it goes dry and flakey. I have a lot of blackheads as well wich are very annoying. And I get a lot of spots and blemishes around my t-zone.

  • Becky

    Hey all,

    I have always suffered with problem skin… as a teenager I had breakouts 24/7 and was on plenty of different presbribed treatments for it inc tablets, the pill and creams etc n eventually my skin cleared up (thank god!).

    Recently though, and I cant think of any change that could have caused this, my skin has been breaking out in huge swollen boil type spots that are actually painful and have been scarring my skin :( for some reason though they never appear on my forehead?? which i find odd but anyway….

    A good line that works for regular breakouts, that I swear by is the vichy normaderm range…. it is incredible!! I definitely recommend it to anybody looking for over the counter acne treatments!! the facewash & moisturiser r permanent residents in my bathroom :)

  • Tara

    My skin has really been acting up lately. It is usually dry at my temples and in between my eyes and gets oily on my nose, but my chin/mouth area has been breaking out non stop since christmas. Nothing seems to work so I’ve just had to invest in an industrial strength concealer :D Overall i’d say that my skin is dehydrated with the area around my mouth being a probblem area for breakouts. xx

  • Lilly

    I’d really love the opportunity to go!

    In the past year my skin has become incredibly oily – I’ve spent a small fortune on mineral make-up and treatments and nothing seems to work. Now with spring/summer coming in I don’t want to make the situation worse by adding sun block on top of already oily skin.

    I’ve no idea what to do or where to go next, it’s really depressing to use expensive products and by lunchtime my make-up is sliding off my face!

  • Cassie

    I’m 14 and I’ve been on about 3 or 4 different medications from my GP since 2007. They work while I’m on them and then as soon as the course is finished my acne comes back. The GP said I have grade 3 acne,which is really bad because it’s the one before scarring occurs. So as you can imagine I want it gone before it gets worse! I’ve heard great things about Proactiv and I’ve been thinking about giving it a go for about a month now. This is actually like a blog post from heaven! It was just the other week that me and my mum were talking about going to Xposé live and then we talked about again this morning but figured the tickets would be all sold out by now, and I want to try Proactiv so it’s like 2-in-1..haha!! It really does knock my confidence a lot, as my friends all have mega clear skin and can wear foundation from Pennys and still look gorgeous!! It really isn’t fair. I’d be soo grateful to win these tickets :) x

  • allyg84

    Well I have an oily forehead and my chin suffers from breakouts, and thanks to your video on the cleanser from Slender I started on the road to find perfect skin, and although Slender sold out of the product (think I posted that up on your vid on youtube) I have started to go down the dermalogica route and have had one facial so far, and a whole new facial care routine! Fingers crossed that the girl in the beauty salon has seen improvements the next time I go back…. :) I remember buying ProActiv before from the US on ebay but never really gave it a go properly, glad to see it finally come to these shores, I will definitely give them a proper go this time!

  • MissFitz

    Hi Amy, I’d love to win some tickets!! I have sensitive oily skin and it’s the bane of my life. I have to be careful to use gentle products yet still attempt to control oilyness – nightmare!!

  • Siobhan O’Dea

    My skin is combination, but particularly dry along my jawline, quite bumpy and red also. I use avocado oil on the dry areas at night and cliniques step 1 cleanser in the mornings and thats it. :)

  • Kelly

    Hey Amy! First if all I’d like to congradulate you on the sucess off your blog. Your tutorials on YouTube are fab and I look out for new uploads everyday.

    My skin is combination. My forehead and chin often breakout. The skin between my eyebrows are always dry and my nose even though I moisturise with Vaseline dry skin moisteriser everyday! I really wouldn’t appreciate the advise of proactive and ivmay also be able to get a recommendation of what type of foundation to buy as that puzzles me as my skin is both oily and dry.

    I would really love a pair of tickets! It will help me alot in the long run as I don’t want to ruin my skin!

    Fellow makeup lover
    Kelly x

  • Adele

    hey amy :)
    im not going to lie and make my skin sound really bad justt so i win im going to tell it as it is :)
    im 14 so i have pretty spotty skin.
    i ahve had a really bad breakout on my forehead but i have that under control now, my skin is normal with an oily t zone so i have blackheads and what not!
    on my chest and back i have these hives/spots i have no idea where they come from ive tryed everything to get rid of them but have had no luck :( i have the hives on my arms too :( i hate them so much.
    well i know i wont win but thanks anyway lool.
    Adele Xxxxx

  • Aliona

    Waw it is so greate!!!
    I have oily skin,so blemishes very close to me=)

  • luceat

    Oh dear, my skin changes with with the season. During the winter season my cheeks and forehead are like chalk, nothing helps it feels tight and bad, while the nose remains oily all year round. During the hotter seasons the situation with cheeks becomes better (even though it never becomes oily). Well, forehead joins the “oily” team and my T zone becomes shiny and greasy haha. Well at least it’s not acne prone or sensitive because that will be a huge problem for me. Oh yeah, and blackheads are another problem I have – it’s on my nose and it’s area. Hate it, hate it and I can’t normally get rid of them..

  • Rebecca

    I have combination skin which I find difficult to balance at times. I also suffer random breakouts which don’t seem to have any particular cause.

  • Sarah C

    My skin very rarely behaves itself and cannot be brought anywhere without adult supervison and care. It’s combination skin i think although can be quite oily so always have a feeling after a few hours after washing my face that it just isnt clean anymore. And when I’m wearing makeup have to constantly carry Blot Powder with me.

  • amanda

    my skin is sensitive,flaky,rough like sandpaper,red and scratchy looking…i hate it…i use proactive…find it really gud,,,that’s about it though so..bye..xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Amanda Culley

    Hi Amy,

    This is one Draw I so want to enter. I was so glad to hear proactive was coming to Ireland. Yippee xpose, the mother ship (Brilliant) works for me. Thanks Amanda (makeupmadeeasy on youtube)

  • Caroline

    i used to have lovely clear skin but i broke out last summer and Ive been fighting the spots ever since !i have dry skin and i find products for acne prone skin to be extremely drying so it makes matters worst .im 17 and i dont want to put too much products on my young skin so i use natural and organic products whenever possible.

  • rachel

    Id love to try proactive! when i heard they wer coming to ireland i wus so excited:) i have oily spot prone skin and ive heard great things about it:)

  • Belinda

    Hey guys,
    I’ve got SUCH dry skin. It used to so flakey and gross, but I’ve learned to exfoliate regularly and use a good mosturizer and it’s keeping the flakiness at bay – for the moment.
    The St. Ives Apricot Scrub is a GODSEND. Love it.
    I used to suffer horribly with acne too, but I’ve been on Dianette BC for a while for that. Still get breakouts occasionally though, but thats the hormones for ya. The joys.. :)

    Love the new hurrr Amy – really suits you! Thinking of bringing a picture of yours to the hairdresser with me on my next visit – would love something similar :)

    xx B

  • Kate

    Hi Amy :) im 17 and im just after recovering from severe acne. I had it mainly on my cheeks and it was very hard to cover up. Especially when i had no job to buy expensive concealers and foundations. I have since tried many if not all boots acne washes,creams,spot treatments,and toners!!! Nothing helped and i went to the doctors to get a prescription! I was put on antibiotics to kill the infection and guess what.. didnt help :( when i turned 17 i went on the pil (dianette) and happy ending my acne has cleared!! i havent had one spot in over 5 months! Im a happy happy girl, only thing i have some scars now but it doesnt bring me down! I am currently in 6th year now an have my DEBS planned for september in Meath! I I would love to attend this show to get some idea which i badly need!
    Faithful subbie kate :)

  • marie

    My skin well its a mystery to say the least. its oily im definite about that but when i wash it it feels tight and i mean really tight (dosent that mean i have dry skin?????) my spots i can handel they come and go but the one thing that gets me is the scars. There like little red reminders of every bad skin day i’ve ever had.

  • Ashley

    LOVING your site…I am actually finding it quite addictive!! Would really like to go to xpose!! Pick me! :)

  • Ailish O’Reilly

    Hi Amy,

    I don’t understand my skin at all, I have tried numerous products all for different skin types.

    When I watched your video about the Clinique Acne Solutions products, I immediately went out and bought it, but I regret it IMMENSELY. It completely dried out my skin and made it really irritated and flaky.

    So then I switched to skin care for dry skin… disaster. Since my mother herself has dry skin I decided I would try out her Lancome products. They were way too heavy for my skin, more suited towards an older clientèle and it ended up making my skin oily!

    Right now I have given up hope in finding the right skin care and, shock horror, has gone back to using Johnson’s facial wipes for combination skin, and I use the moisturiser from Johnson’s for combination skin also. But i would love to invest in a proper skin care regime that will benefit my skin in years to come.

    My skin type keeps going back and forth and I have no knowledge of keeping it on the ONE TYPE! It’s extremely frustrating. And it also effects how I buy make-up, because I don’t know what skin type I have, my make up can either look disastrously oily or extremely flaky and caked on. This causes my pores to become blocked and I end up getting occasional break outs.

    I am 19 years old, a college student and I would really appreciate these tickets to Expose Live so I can finally talk to experts about my skin and figure out which product is the best for me. I think finding out at a younger age would benefit me in the long run, maybe preventing premature ageing even.

    Thanks for reading this :)

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  • Saoirse

    I have acne on my chin!
    It only started after I turned 19!!
    It’s horrible.. I’ve tried everything to try get rid of them :(
    Luckily i never seem to get spots anywhere but my chin, that’s something at least!
    I also have normal to dry skin.

  • Niamh

    I’m your normal teenager spots magically appearing all the time a recently LOADS ,I have been trying to find something that will work as many don’t ! my clearasil will help but minoe difference anyway I would lovee these tickets:)

  • Aoife

    I have skissues!!! I meant to try Pro Activ when I was in the US but the only time I saw it was in a vending machine in one of the Airports!! (random!) Also my skin was kinda behaving itself then! Not so much now! I may be looking into Pro Activ! My mission is to debump my chin!Congratulations on being on TV3 too! You’ll look perfect with no makeup. :-)

  • Elcaoi

    Hi Amy 15 and I get awful bad breakouts on my chin and forehead..i get very self conscious about it and have to wear makeup everyday to cover it..I have never found anything that has properly worked for me I would love to try proactive and one day not have to wear makeup to cover it up!

  • Sarah

    Hey Amy .. :) I am so super excited about this giveaway xpose is the BEST!!haha ..Well i act have different types of problems like some of my face will go dry and the other will be oily ..Confusing haha .. Not too sure how to manage that like both parts being treated
    Sarah :)

  •!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1026474109 Sophia Ellis

    hey Amy :) I’d really love to go to Xposé live! :D thanks :) x

  • Caoimhe

    My skin is dry to combination..I get alot of breakouts on my chin ..i have recently started using vichy and so far so good..would love these tickets! xx

  • Niamh

    Hey, okay my skin problems! first off my skins chances itself like the weather, one week its dry the next its oil. big problem sometimes :(
    Breakout : i breakout most of the time, its been pretty dormant for the last 3 months, they come straight up and take weeks on end to get rid of them, and they always leave scars!
    But yeah, guess its part of being a teenager,
    Thanks for reading :) x

  • Tara

    I am dying to give proactiv a go!! i have super oily skin, its horrible! I had severe acne as a young teenager and now im nearly 20 and my skin has cleared massively thanks to going on the pill but i still have very nasty break outs on my chin!! I have recently purchased Neo strata products which have proved themselves to be RUBBISH so as soon as the budget allows I am defo investing in some Proactiv products!!

    Fingers crossed :)

  • Aoife

    hello, my name is Aoife.

    My skin is quite a complicated one! I am combination skin. I’m dryish around the cheeks, especially under my eyes.I’m oiler around my forehead and nose area (t-zone).I always seem to break out on my forehead and the sides of my nose.I have some white heads and blacks head also around my t-zone.

    thank you Amy and proactiv for this ticket competition.


  • Michael Ryan

    Im studying make up artistry atm and my skin is taking such a battering from testing loads of products on it!! Its super red and irritated!!
    Nothing I do seems to clear it up and it doesn’t look very professional going for interviews with bad skin :(

  • Aislinn

    Hi Amy
    Just to let ur readers know – proactive is available in Ireland – at least it is in my local chemist in Galway. Have heard great things about the brand so it’s great to see them becoming more available to its Irish market. I have extremely sensitive skin. Would love to visit Xpose. All the best

  • dee

    my skin it’s ok, i have combination to dry skin, but i struggle to blackheads around my nose :(

  • caoimhe

    hey there im 17, my skin breaks out constantly especially around my cheeks and chin its such a pain! even though i drink loads of water it just doesnt seem to clear up. wouldnt go out of the house without makeup. i blame the weather, if only we had sun :D

  • Laura

    I have very oily skin! Especially on my t-zone! Get pretty bad breakouts on my cheeks and chin too even though i’m 20!

  • Eileen

    Thankfully my skin is not so bad at the moment but I try and keep on top of it with good cleansers and moisturisers, would love to win the tickets! thank you!! x

  • Caoimhe

    Struggling with spots or blemishes and have a debs? YES! my debs is in August and i have breakouts. well they’re not actually breakout i dunno what you’d call them. I have spots on my cheeks all the time that NEVER come to a head thus making it impossible to get rid of them. I also have really dry sensitive skin and have to lather on the moisturiser!

    Love to win the tickets to get some proactive at the show! :) Xx

  • angela

    Well both of my parents had TERRIABLE skin ! and now both of my brothers have it too !
    oh and guess what ?me too !
    it;s oily…its dry ! and all of the are VERY Very RED ! i’ve used kinda everything ! from soap&glory to Clearsel to simple and everthing in between ! ! xx
    Spots EVEYwhere !
    like chin.cheek.forehead.and NOSE and back !
    its a HUGE confidence annoyance !
    cause im the only person in my class with spots and its … bad !
    and i do drama and perform and the lights allways make my spots look scarry !!!!!! xx

    I <3 LOVE this site and Xpose
    so yeah !!! xxxxxxx

  • Danielle

    My skin is generally well behaved but occasionally I get massive breakouts on my chin area, including those awful spots that you can feel but never really have the guts to come to the surface so you can fight back! sometimes they are there for weeks. grrrrr!

  • Nicky

    Hey Amy!My Skin Is Okay But My Main Problem Is My Chin And My Forehead These Parts Of My Skin Are A Bit Oily And Therefore I Get Alot Of Spots There I Have Tried Nearly Everything To Get Rid Of Them But They Just Keep Coming Back And I Also Have Very Sensitive Skin So I Have To Be Careful Of What I Use Because It Can Make My Face Very Red And Sore….Which Doesnt Do Anything For My Confidence…I Also Have Some Scars….I Would Love To Find Something That Would Solve My Problem Thats Why I Would Love To Win These Tickets…..XxXxXxX

  • nicola

    hey amy im from ireland :)

    woo galway in fact. i wud love 2 goo to it. ive been clensing toning and moistrising my face twice a day for the last 2 months and its really working for me. im so adicted to make up at the moment. i love your videos i look every day for a new one!!

    also loving the new hair

  • Emma

    hey amy – my skin is ok – thank god – however now and again get a psorisis like patch near my nose – such a pain – seems to occur with stress etc- such a pain – tho think i have it under control these days.

  • Carol Davis

    My skin I completely dehydrated at the moment after the crazy weather cold/snow/sun (?). I have quite a lot of dry red patches even though my skin is quite oily :( Im prone to the odd break out also which is manageable with a good skin routine and good make up. When I was younger I suffered badly with acne and have some scaring because of it. Love listening to Bell XI Bad skin day..makes me laugh :) haha!

    Love the blog missy!

  • Racha M

    Hi Amy! My skin gets oily in one spot only which is round my nose but i really hate it. Also my skin is very discolored and I hate it. Im not allowed to wear foundation and would prefer not to but I have very white cheeks and a tanned forehead and then everywhere else is yellow which I really hate. And I have fade marks of spots that never exsisted. Lol , but comparing to some people i am lucky enough that my spots arent very bad and i dont get bad breakouts during mesturation. Anyways take care and good luck to everyone :) xx

  • collette

    im 37 and i still get acne out breaks, sometimes it gets so sore i cant even try cover it in makeup, lol i thought it would be all behind me at this age lol

  • Orla

    I Have Very Dry Skin On My Forehead & Nose.
    I Get Alot Of Break Out On My Chin Also.

  • Naoise Galvin

    I dont get spots or breakouts often, but i get lots of blemishes and my skin is red all the time , I would be lost without a good foundation, It would be nice to leave the house without foundation more often though , i would love to win these tickets :)

  • Bobby Haberlin

    OMG I’ve been using proactiv since Forever!! Love the stuff! The refining face is epic it really helped with those impossible blackheads on my nose!

  • Morna

    Aww My Skin is the one thing i always say when anyone asks the if you could change anything about yourself what would it be question! its drives be mad, its like the irish weather sooo unpradictable, So prone to break outs so sensitive to nearly everything even products for sensitive skin somtimes make me break out. a nightmare! i never leave the house without makeup, even on holiday where nobody nos me ill always wear full face of make up. like other girls have said its really really is important to have nice skin to feel confident!

  • Julie

    I used pro active in America when I was there and it was really good!! Crappy that you cant really get the stuff off the shelf here but I love it all the same!

  • Ellis Murphy

    Hey My Name Is Ellis & Im 17.
    I Have Very Dry Skin On My Face Especially On My Forehead & Nose.
    I Get Alot Of Break Out On My Chin Also :( XxX

  • Rhiannon

    I don’t break out too much but if I do get a spot it’s awful and takes forever to clear. Even when it’s gone the scar stays there forever! I still have marks left from January on my forehead!
    Plus I’m really pale and any bit of redness looks so visible on my face and its so annoying.
    Also my face is never just one type like dry or normal, like one day my whole face will be dry and the next it will be oily! So annoying.
    Love to win this competition and thanks for holding it :)

  • Laura Ryan

    My skin can sometimes affect my mood and confidence,if I have a huge spot on my chin or especially on my nose,if I try any concealer of foundation the enormous spot is still noticeable and you can see people staring at it but are too afraid to say anything! But overall I would have soft skin,I would have a few blackheads on my nose,but who doesn’t?

  • becky

    Im quite lucky with my skin, EXCEPT my redness, Im 19 and have never left the house without make up since the age of 13/14. I fell horrendous with no make up on.My cheek/jaw line are very red and Im very pale, hazel eyed and dark hair so its VERY noticeable and it really gets to me.

  • Niamh

    I have pretty good skin in that I dont generally have trouble with it. My main issue is that when I do have a problem its usually massive! The weather plays havoc with my skin so while its great in summer and autumn, its at its worst in winter/spring…

  • Chloe

    Hey. I’m 13 and my spots are my main skin problem. My forehead gets them really bad and I get redness on the rest of my face. I’ve tried loads of products but given up on them all so I just cover them with make up. My school doesn’t even allow make up but I refuse to leave without them covered up. I absolutely hate it and I don’t want to feel like I have to wear this much make up every day. Thanks.

  • orla gill

    I break out all the time and as im getting older where i get a breakout its kinda markin my skin … bit weird i dont know , im fed up of stupid spots especially when ur 24 come on like seriously ?! go away already …

  • Karen

    My skin is usually ok most of the time. I drink a lot of water, like 4-5 litres a day and the majority of my blemishes happen around my chin, which I think is to do with hormones at that time of the month! I’m also a makeup junkie and love trying out new foundations and powders. I’ve now a couple of spots on my cheeks and forehead and am convinced its due to the new makeup, I need help getting rid of these blemishes, I’ve a girl’s night out this Friday!!

  • Aveen

    Im having serious skin issues lately it is so depressing!! im 25 and have teenage skin!! It is very dry and flakey but im getting those under-ground spots the ones which pay rent as you say Amy ;) so its impossible to find a suitable cleansing regime! :( Im gonna look into Proactive to target these craters im currently getting :)

  • Susie Q

    my skin is okay in comparison to others. i dont have acne however i do get horrible breakouts quite often. and i also have the problem where i get a breakout and when that breakout is finally clearing up my skin decides to give me another! i suppose its all part of being a teenager lol :/ xoxo Susie

  • Brid

    Hi Amy!!im a huge fan!!well generally i have quiet good skin but sometimes i can get bad breakouts on my chin or forehead, sometimes they can be quiet sore!some of these breakouts can leave small marks on my face!:(i tend to be quiet concious of my skin when i do get breakouts!:(

  • Brid O’ Riordan

    Hi Amy!!im a huge fan!!well generally i have qiuet good skin but sometimes i can ghet bad breakouts on my chin or forehead,sometimes they can be quiet sore!some of these breakouts can leave small marks on my face!!:(i tend to be concious of my skin when i do get breakouts!:(

  • Denise

    hey!!! Firstly i’d like to say i love this site!! I also love xpose and my skin problem is the spots that are on my cheeks still wont go away!! There not very visible now but you can feel bumps when you rub the cheek area!! Also spots that have been on my face ages ago are gone but they’ve left marks!! =( I’d love to sort this out so i would love to win these tickets =) =) !!!!!! xxxx

  • Ellie

    My skin gets super oily, and when this happens I wake up with random breakouts. There terrible!! If I try do anything about it, my skin gets so dry and flaky! which is not a good look. I tend to just leave them and let them disappear themselves, which takes a while. It happens all the time though, Really is a confidence knock! xox

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