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Winter Boots…

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you have probably picked up on the fact that I am very excited about Winter. It’s my favourite season – dark cosy evenings by the fire, Christmas parties, warm clothes and layering.

I’m also flying to Chicago in December which means I need some warm clothes since the avergae temperature expected during the festive month is between -5 and 1 degree celcius!

Enter, warm boots…

Dunnes Slippers €7

The first are boots of the slipper kind :) The first thing I do when I see any sign of Winter is buy slippers and jammies. I always wear slippers in my home – I have a little unit in my hall that allows a slipper/shoe exchange.

The second pair I picked are for dry but freezing Chicago days….

Dunnes boots €12

There is no way any cold air is getting in to my little feet in these! They were so cheap as well so I won’t mind binning then as soon as they get ruined.

Last year I brought two pairs of boots with my – one leather and one similar to the above. I wore the fur ones most days as it was dry but cold. I had never actually purchased a pair of boots like this before – I was a high heel or flat leather boots girl.The leather boots were stylish but my toes were numb despite the tights and socks layering system I had going on.

My sister has a pair of snow boots which are very girlie. I shall be borrowing these in case of snow.

Bring on the freeze!

What are you Winter traditions? Are you a fan of Winter?

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  • ciara

    I bought a really nice pair of boots in Dunnes last week. Non-slip sole and knee length for €30 bargain.

  • Anna

    Gorgeous boots and the slippers – so cosy!! I like winter, but prefer autumn :) But I do love snuggly duvet days, pyjama parties and drinking hot tea by the fire!! Yay!

  • Tanisa Olivia Rossi

    So cute! Warm & Cozy! Aww the wonders of Winter!

  • eva

    i must add, i loved dunnes stores in dublin and i love these boots too. wish i could shop there now :)

  • eva

    don’t complain– our temperatures here in estonia might get as low as – 25 to – 30 degrees below centigrade. actually we have snow and about zero degrees out now and we are still running around without mittens, trench coats and in some cases,even in summer shoes.

    so,you’ll be ok too :P

  • Karen

    How cute are they! I think I need the slippers :)

  • Suzanne

    You will definitely need those for Chicago!!

  • Tracey

    I really didnt like the whole Ugg boot style and the mad cost of them…but when I saw the price of these it is so reasonible and they look so much cuter then Ugg boots. I think in snowy areas and skiing etc these type of boots are great…however at 5ft3 i find chucky boots make me look more tiny if it was around a city

  • Mel

    I’m so going to buy these now! :) x x x

  • Aoibhe

    Love the slippers -they so in right now haa haa x

  • Kayla

    So cozy and warm :) what a bargain!

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