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Winter Boots…

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you have probably picked up on the fact that I am very excited about Winter. It’s my favourite season – dark cosy evenings by the fire, Christmas parties, warm clothes and layering.

I’m also flying to Chicago in December which means I need some warm clothes since the avergae temperature expected during the festive month is between -5 and 1 degree celcius!

Enter, warm boots…

Dunnes Slippers €7

The first are boots of the slipper kind :) The first thing I do when I see any sign of Winter is buy slippers and jammies. I always wear slippers in my home – I have a little unit in my hall that allows a slipper/shoe exchange.

The second pair I picked are for dry but freezing Chicago days….

Dunnes boots €12

There is no way any cold air is getting in to my little feet in these! They were so cheap as well so I won’t mind binning then as soon as they get ruined.

Last year I brought two pairs of boots with my – one leather and one similar to the above. I wore the fur ones most days as it was dry but cold. I had never actually purchased a pair of boots like this before – I was a high heel or flat leather boots girl.The leather boots were stylish but my toes were numb despite the tights and socks layering system I had going on.

My sister has a pair of snow boots which are very girlie. I shall be borrowing these in case of snow.

Bring on the freeze!

What are you Winter traditions? Are you a fan of Winter?

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