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PHYT’s Multi-Vita Facial – My Winter Skin Saviour

I had the most amazing facial last week. I have had a few facials lately as my skin has been in pretty bad shape. The best one I have had so far was a PHYT’s Multi-Vita Facial.

PHYT’s products are 100% organic and natural which is what initially appealed to me about this treatment. You know how I feel about skin products that are pumped full of chemicals, what a waste of money.

Get ready for some ‘oohing’ and ‘aah-ing’. As always, this review is based on my own experience and I am expressing my own views, I also have no affiliation with the brand or the salon (just to get that out of the way!).

When I arrived Virginie evaluated my skin and surprised me with the news that my skin was very dehydrated and fine. I thought I was doing my skin a favour by using anti-acne products. It turns out that I have been destroying my skin. I will now be moisturising like mad woman.

The facial itself was gentle and relaxing. The pore extractions were not tear inducing, I barely noticed it.  Virginie applied layer after layer of nourishing goodies (see below) which left my skin looking fresh and plump. There was a face and neck massage which is designed

The absolute best part was leaving the salon with calm skin –  with NO redness! This felt like some kind of miracle. Usually I look like I have done a round in a boxing ring when I leave a salon. My skin is prone to redness and is easily irritated so any extractions I have had before have left my face looking sore. Not this time. I left the salon without slipping to the bathroom to smear on some foundation and happily faced the world bare, my face that is.

My skin continued to improve all week. It felt comfortable, not tight. It also glowed – which made a change from my rather ashen appearance of late. Best of all, my breakouts cleared.  I also had quite a few compliments, always a good thing.

I also got quite a few tips from Virginie, who has amazing skin herself. Firstly I learned that a separate eye cream is not necessary if you are using organic products as there is no man-made particles that need to be absorbed. Conventional, non-organic skin creams often include artificial fragrances which make this unsuitable for use near the eye are. As a testament to how natural the products are, Virginie applied the face masks to my eyes too. There is nothing irritating or lab made involved, just goodness.

Secondly I learned that face scrubs can be too harsh on thin Celtic skins and that an organic face peel is a much better option. After it dries you gently flake it away. And lastly that hot water is not my friend – I use only luke warm water on my skin now. It causes far less irritation. I’m also quite shocked that I don’t have combination oily skin, apparently there wasn’t a trace of sebum in my skin. I need to treat my skin as dry and sensitive going forward – acne breakouts included.

I will definitely having another PHYT’s facial, it felt like Winter skin rescue. I’m looking forward to exploring the brand’s skin care products further.

There is more information below for anyone who is interested.

Have you heard of PHYT’s? Do you treat yourself to facials?



Here is some more information on the Multi-Vita facial

  • The Multi-Vita Facial is designed to brighten, tone and rejuvenate the skin giving instant and obvious results.  It benefits all skin types and ages, especially dry mature skin. It uses products which contain oils derived from wheat germ, yeast, sage and lemon & a high content of vitamins (A, B2, B5, C, A, E) all of which help to revitalise, lift and plump up the skin.


  • The facial takes one hour and 15 minutes to perform.


  • It costs €95 and is available from Virginie Claire Salon in Harold’s Cross and selected PHYT’S salons nationwide

The Multi-vita Facial : Step by step

Step 1
The face and neck are cleansed with PHYT’S ‘Lait de Soins’ removing all traces of make-up and pollutants.  Eyes are cleansed with PHYT’S ‘Lotion Demaquilliant pour les Yeux’.

Step 2
PHYT’S Tonique is then applied to remove residue cleanser and to help balance the skin’s pH.

Step 3
The skin is exfoliated using PHYT’S Contact +.  This very gentle buffing cream can be used on even the most delicate of skins (including eyelids, neck and lips).  This exfoliation prepares the skin ensuring that it gets maximum benefit from the serums and mask treatment which will follow.  

Step 4
PHYT’S ‘Prelude 108 Serum’ is applied to the face and neck.  This lifts the skin, plumping up fine lines and boosting circulation. This serum contains cinnamon, 21 amino acid and silicone.

Step 5
Pressure is then applied with single fingers) to key pressure points on the face and neck.  This helps improve blood circulation and relaxation.

Step 6
PHYT’S Serum Multi-Vita is then applied to the skin.  Enriched with Céveble and vitamins A, B and E, zinc, yeast, lemon oil it brightens the complexion and smoothes the skin.  (Céveble is a PHYTS patented vegetally derived active element which is scientifically proven to firm the skin cells.)

Step 7   
PHYT’S Serum Anti-Rides is then applied.  This nourishes the skin and helps lymph drainage.  Massaged into the skin it helps plump up the skin.  (Key ingredients are Rosemary, Thyme, Cypress & Virgin oils, wheat germ, hazelnut and palm oil.)

Step 8
Masque Multi-Vita is then applied.  This helps seal in and re-enforce the benefits of the serums.  

Step 9
Sérum Multi-Vita is again applied to further boost firmness and radiance.

Step 10
An appropriate moisturiser is applied to complete the facial. Creme Ylang in my case.



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