Woo Hoo for Weight Watchers Pro Points!

I recently found myself trying to squeeze into my jeans. Not fun. But I’m sure many of you can relate. I was within my healthy BMI for my height so it wasn’t too much to worry about. I have a holiday booked for later this month and I wasn’t bothered about my new curves. That was until it came to trying on my holiday wardrobe. Everything pinched a bit. Not being in a position to buy myself a new wardrobe I decided to accompany a friend of mine to Weight Watchers. Initially it was more about supporting her but when I realised that the extra pounds were falling from me I was happily on board.

When I stepped on the scales at the first meeting I learned that I was one stone over my normal weight. My first thought was Aaaaaaagh! but I decided to commit to the Pro Points plan for a few weeks and get rid of it.

I made myself a graph and hung it beside my size 8 (UK)  skinnies on the wardrobe. I had crept up to a UK size 10-12. I’m petite in height which means if I put on more than 4 pounds over my usual weight (around 9 stone) I look a little dumpy, well that’s the way I feel at least. Seeing the line on the graph I made go down was extremely motivating.

So although I don’t have a weight problem I had been less active this Spring/Summer and I also let portion size creep up. Weight Watchers has corrected both of these issues and I now feel back to myself. What I mean by this is that my attitude to food and activity has returned to normal.

Before I joined the class I thought that Weight Watchers was for people who had serious weight loss goals and that it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to go along considering I was within the healthy BMI for my height. Not so. There were plenty of ladies there who were trying to loose a few pounds. The second thing I learned was that Weight Watchers is not a faddy ‘lose lost of weight fast and pile it back on’ sort of diet. Rather, it’s an approach to living.

I committed myself whole-heartedly and lost 12 pounds in one month. I wasn’t hungry, tired or unsatisfied. I had originally expected to feel all three. Best of all the weight came off about 2.5  pounds per week. I was well hydrated so no water weight. Since my attitude has been adjusted back to the way it always was I’m hopeful that I will have no issues of poundage returning. That being said, if I see a few pounds creeping on in the future I’ll just follow weight watchers for a few weeks.

I had 29 points to use per day, which turned out to be plenty. Especially since fruit and vegetables are 0 points now. I love that there are 49 extra points to use each week too. I spent these on my social life but found that I didn’t use them all every week.

I decided to pack my suitcase this morning and try everything on. I was both shocked and delighted to discover that my shorts from last summer fit comfortable. Actually, they looked great. I am over the moon!

I decided to share this with you all, despite it being a little out of the beauty realm, because I never would have imagined  that Weight Watchers would work so well for someone who needed to drop one dress size. Especially since people say that the last 10 pounds are the hardest. I still have a few more pounds to go but I’m delighted that my holiday wardrobe fits.

I would love to hear any of your weight watchers experiences.


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