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Would love your feedback – A change in mindset (videos)

This morning I decided to put on my make-up in my pink room for a change. Those of you who have watched my videos for a while will know that I used to record my videos in this room. It’s been a while.

Whilst doing my make-up with the sun shining in the window it made me remember how much I loved making youtube videos. In the past few months I think I have forgotten to enjoy the experience.

I used to record videos on the spur of the moment, popping into my rickety old white chair and hitting record. Mostly I winged it. Nothing was ever thought out or planned. I loved it.

Lately, I have started planning when to record, preparing, thinking about what information to include etc  I think I may have started doing things this way in an effect to make more balanced videos, covering all angles, with a clear point (sometimes :p) but to be honest this sucked a lot of the fun out of it. It has also made me record videos just because I should or was due to upload one, a definite no no.

I actually enjoyed playing with my make-up this morning and remembering how much I once loved making videos. Somehow this made me excited again. I sat down with a cup of tea and decided to was time to bring those ad-hoc, light videos back.

I have set my camera up in the pink room again so that if the mood takes me, I’m ready to record :) Hopefully this will see a return to regular video uploading – I used to upload one every second day, that has slipped (as I’m sure you’ve noticed!)

I coulnd’t be more excited!

It would be great to hear what videos you like watching and how often you would like to see me upload a  new video. Any feedback would be greatly received :)

Thanks for all of your continued support,

Le grá,






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