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Would love your feedback – A change in mindset (videos)

This morning I decided to put on my make-up in my pink room for a change. Those of you who have watched my videos for a while will know that I used to record my videos in this room. It’s been a while.

Whilst doing my make-up with the sun shining in the window it made me remember how much I loved making youtube videos. In the past few months I think I have forgotten to enjoy the experience.

I used to record videos on the spur of the moment, popping into my rickety old white chair and hitting record. Mostly I winged it. Nothing was ever thought out or planned. I loved it.

Lately, I have started planning when to record, preparing, thinking about what information to include etc  I think I may have started doing things this way in an effect to make more balanced videos, covering all angles, with a clear point (sometimes :p) but to be honest this sucked a lot of the fun out of it. It has also made me record videos just because I should or was due to upload one, a definite no no.

I actually enjoyed playing with my make-up this morning and remembering how much I once loved making videos. Somehow this made me excited again. I sat down with a cup of tea and decided to was time to bring those ad-hoc, light videos back.

I have set my camera up in the pink room again so that if the mood takes me, I’m ready to record :) Hopefully this will see a return to regular video uploading – I used to upload one every second day, that has slipped (as I’m sure you’ve noticed!)

I coulnd’t be more excited!

It would be great to hear what videos you like watching and how often you would like to see me upload a  new video. Any feedback would be greatly received :)

Thanks for all of your continued support,

Le grá,






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  • Manda

    YES! I miss your videos! You were one of the VERY first beauty gals I found on youtube. I started by searching for hair cutting DTY videos and found Kandee Johnson and you were the second beauty I found! You have been inspiration to me to start my own beauty channel. I’m no expert, but I love the beauty community! My channel is



  • Ash

    Well seen as you are my ALLTIME FAVE youtuber if you had a video every day i would be delighted so just as much as you can flim would be great , Any sort video,rambleley vids,tutorials,tags,hauls, fashion vids ,best and worst recommendations
    Like you said i love the more spur of the moment vids,where it feels like you are a friend ,no over edited , organised vids ,just fun and casual vids please

  • Tinna

    I really love to watch when you do other peoples makeup, all the videos with your sister are awesome! Looking forward to seeing easy, breezy, beautiful Amy :)

  • Maudy Mac

    I watch a lot of tutorials and video’s and I really like the ones that are not full of waffle… Pixiwoo. Hate sitting through anything longer than 10-12 mins. Hate listening to stories in the middle of a video.

    Also, I like to watch spur of the moment video’s, where the person is in a rush as these are generally looks that are wearable and can be done quickly.

    I like when the products used are itemised in the description,as I can refer to this at a later stage rather than watch the whole video. Really really annoying when products aren’t itemised!

    Really like outfit of the day!! why not do lots of really short “outfit of the day” video’s with lots of info on where you bought and how much!

  • robyn


    i’m glad you are wanting to upload again. I look forward to your videos all the time. i’ve gone back and watched older ones! i love tutorials but ones that are upclose. i like reviews, outfit ideas and just random tips. it coudl be anything..what you are eating, wearing or whatever…also b/c i’m jealous you live in ireland i’d love an “out and about” type of video and a house tour… :)

  • caitriona

    It wud be great to see some tutorials, especially on eye make up. It gives me ideas of how to wear mine. I have a good few mac eyeshadows but nearly always stick to just a few in particular. Maybe some advice on which colours work well together. I also really like the hauls as most of them on YT

  • Jan

    I much much MUCH preferred your vids in your pink room! Woo old Amy is coming backkk! :D

  • Becky

    I love watching your videos and would love to see more. You’re very articulate and you express yourself really well. Love reviews of boots style products (refuse to use the word ‘drugstore’ – oops I did it!) :)

  • Elke

    I looooved the videos you made when you where just starting out.
    Just sitting there, being enthousiastic and rambling on about something you
    just purchased. Lately, your videos became more rehearsed and less bubbly.
    I would really like to see those old ones, where you’re just yourself, happening to sit in
    front of a camera.
    Topics … I liked your hauls, tutorials, favourites and so on!

  • Nikki

    I love your video’s, they are always fun to watch. I think you should just do one or two a week as it makes it more interesting than too often which can get routine !! I love hauls too as most of the hauls on YT are US Products only – if I see one more Sephora/ Bath and Body Works hauls I’m going to cry :(

  • Emma

    Would love for you to got back to the oldstyle videos!! i generally think they are much better for everyone rather than the realy polished HD new ones!!so please do go back to them- that would be great and extremely welcome in my subscription box!!!!!!:)xxx

  • Brandi Stagg

    I love watching all of your videos! You and lollipop26 are like watching friends talk and now I only have you! So glad your going to make more!

  • Lieenie

    Yay I like reviews & Random things that you like in video’s. I love trying out new bits & pieces but I’m pale & it’s not so easy to get certain things in Ireland. Plus you give your professional makeup artist opinion so it’s great to hear if things are really worth it.
    Makeup is meant to be fun and the vids look better when your enjoying yourself!!!

  • Gemma

    Yours were the very first videos I ever watched on You Tube (about 8 months ago) and I loved them – I really value your enthusiasm and honest opinions.

    Since then I have expanded the list greatly of who I subscribe to, but to be honest I still only watch you and about three others. I’m finding a lot of the ‘guru’s’ seem to be becomng a bit disingenuous – but maybe they’ve just lost heart?

    Anyway, I love all your videos, but I do especially love the early videos where the enthusiasm realy comes through – so pls carry on and I look forward to watching your new/old style videos soon!.

  • Renata

    Amy is coming back….in your own words – ‘I couldn’t be more excited’! :)

  • Roanna

    your videos are always good, but we certainly want you to enjoy it! that will show through! :)

  • julie

    would love to see what you have done with all those blue eyeliners :)

  • Caroline

    Yay! We’ve missed you! I love your reviews, tutorials, OOTD, fashion/hair and you just rambling; basically anything and everything :) I also love how you mix it up with brands; sometimes mac, sometimes products available in boots, etc.
    Love from Cork xxx

  • Lorraine

    I love it when you go off on random tangents, it’s so like me and makes me giggle!
    I’m a haul lover, but I’d love more tutorials and/or tags videos.

    If you could grab the nearest person to you with hooded eyelids and do a tutorial that would be ace :)

    As for timelines… whenever you want, it’s your channel :) I used to be a daily reader/watcher when I was obsessed with MAC stuff but I’ve since gone back to not caring about my makeup (working at 6.30am will do that to you, folks at work don’t care) which is a shame cos now it’s like munter alert lol. However when I’m online and see you tweet-plug your site I have a mosey over cos you have a nice way about you and your writing, it’s very welcoming.

    What was I saying about random tangents…?

  • Kerrie

    Would be nice to see more makeup tutorials every day makeup celeb inspired evening makeup etc. But I kno wat u mean u have to be in the mood for it. Also if u sat closer to camera it might make videos more personal an viewers would be able to really see ur skin n makeup. Hope u dnt mind me saying, jus a suggestion. X

  • Katy

    I’d love to see more ad-hoc videos from you.

  • Roseanne

    I would love to see some everyday make-up routines and ootd and maybe some fashion is general for us petite girls :D


  • Marnie

    I love the spur of the moment videos-that’s when your real personality comes out and you truly shine. However, I’m just grateful that you make any videos at all, so however you want to do them, I’ll be watching!

  • Sharon

    Dear Amy,

    I understand what you must feel; sometimes our hobbies can turn into obligations that we feel we need to fulfill. You definitely shouldn’t feel like you need to make videos to satisfy anyone apart from yourself.

    I enjoy all your videos no matter what the topic. However, I think my favorites would have to be room tours, collection/organizational videos, tutorial, tags, and product disappointments.

    I’ve got no expectations as to when you should upload. Anytime a little inspiration comes around it is the right time to do it. Also, videos recorded on a whim are sometimes the best ones because you can feel the person’s enthusiasm while watching.

    Good luck! :)

  • http://Twitter Sarah

    I had missed your old videos can’t wait!! :)

  • Sammar

    Every second day ! I’d also love if you did more Hauls !

  • Sarah

    Personally I love reviews, hints & tips and rambly videos. You are very watchable :) At the moment I’m especially interested in drugstore gems…trying to cut back on my habit, financially at least x

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