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Wrinkle Prevention in Your 20’s: Essential Oils

Cellular regeneration is said to be the key to youthful skin. Essential oils are used for this reason in thousands of high end skin care products. Why not make up yourself. It will be far more concentrated and completely natural, I’m all for keeping lab made preservatives out of my pores.

This particular oil is best for people on their 20’s. After you have made the mixture store it in a tinted tincture bottle (available at the chemist). Use morning and night.

Anti-aging treatment oil (20’s)

  • Carrot – 1 drop
  • Geranium – 8 drops
  • German Chamomile – 3 drops
  • Fennel – 5 drops
  • Lavender – 5 drops
  • Neroli – 8 drops

Dilute this blend of oils in 2 tablespoons of almond or apricot kernel oil.

What these oils do:

1. Encourage the regeneration of cells

2. Oxygenate the blood which energises cells

3. Help maintain collagen

4. Encourage firming of the skin (Fennel)

5. Deal with manifestations of anxiety on the skin (Geranium)

6. Helps skin heal and repair (Lavender)

7. Acts as an antiseptic (German Chamomile)

I have made this in the past and love how it makes my skin feels . I think my skin could do with some spoiling right now. No more laziness Amy, get up off your tóinín* and make some potions!

*Irish for bum :)

– Recipes for ladies in their 30’s  tomorrow.

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