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Yes to Carrrots Christmas Sets

I really like Yes to Carrots products. I’m all on for anything natural and gentle.

At the moment I’m using the Body Butter, shower gel and shampoo. Last Christmas I bought myself a gift set as a way to try out a few of the products. I like sets in general since they are usually more cost effective than buying the products separately. This year I’d like to try some of the Yes to Tomatoes range which is probably more suited to my skin.

Here’s a little look at the sets available this Christmas…

Yes to Carrots Body Care Kit  €21.99

  • Yes To Carrots Hand Cream (100ml Tube)
  • Yes To Carrots Body Scrub (200ml Tub)
  • Yes To Carrot Body Butter Full Size (250ml Tub)

Yes to Crarrots Carrot Loving Care Set

  • Carrots Moisturizing Day Cream (18 ml Tube)
  • Carrots Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser (18ml Tube)
  • Carrots Body Butter (30ml Jar)
  • Carrots Shower Gel (60ml Bottle)

Yes To Carrots Shower Kit   €19.99

  • Yes To Carrots Shampoo (500ml Bottle)
  • Yes To Carrots Conditioner (500ml Bottle)
  • Yes To Carrots Shower Gel (500ml Bottle)

I think I’ll buy the Body Care Kit for myself. I have yet to come across any of their products that I don’t like so it’ll be money well spent.

What are your thoughts on Yes to Carrots? Do you buy sets often?

I’ll be back this afternoon with a post on my mac eyeshadows.


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  • Rushmore Bonus

    Love This Stuff Thanks!

  • michelle

    I got a little sample of the body butter from Target and the smell is awful almost like baby wipes and it makes me ill! I love the way it feels though.

    • Amy

      I quite like the smell, although I like the smell of baby wipes haha x

  • Scarlet

    These look like great gift ideas. I love Yes to Carrots

    • Amy

      Handy for gifts, think most girls would like them. Who am I kidding? I want to buy myself one hee hee

  • Amanda

    I loved the yes to carrots body wash, but found that after a while the smell gets to me. it’s very strong and kinda makes me sick! but i DID love it!

    • Amy

      It’s funny, the smell never registered with me. Must keep an eye out and see if I get sick of it too!

  • Alanana

    I think my mum might like these too. She’s mad about natural products. My chemist only stocks the carrots range. I’d like to try the cucumber stuff since my skin is so sensitive.

    • Amy

      My local chemist is the same, I found one in Donaghmede that sticks everything.

      • Ciara

        Hey Amy,

        Is it the shop in Donaghmede that stocks those gift sets? which shop is it if you don’t mind me asking :D I can’t find anywhere that stocks this range!! Boots in the Omni +Swords didn’t have any products. The chemist in the Pavilions has (sadly) decided not to stock this range anymore :( My friend picked me up the Exfoliator in some shop in Blackrock but i wanna try get a look (and sniff) at the producst myself! Thanks :)


  • Caoimhe

    Thanks for showing us these amy, i love yes to carrots stuff. My mam bought me the lipbalm a few weeks ago. It’s gorgeous :)

    • Amy

      the minty one? Been meaning to try it!

  • lorraine

    yup i use their body moisturiser i luv the smell of it, i also have the night cream, face mask and hand scrub. love the smell off them too.

    • Amy

      Must check out the face mask and hand scrub Mmmm.. :)

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