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Yon-Ka Creme 15 for Problem Skin – Review

I was lucky enough to have access to Yon-ka products as a teenager thanks to the family business but those days are long gone. I loved their products. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the brand – they make botanical based skin care products, most of which have a distinctive essential oil scent.


At my last facial appointment my beautician have me a sample size tube of Creme 15 for Problem Skin to try (I had to use an image from their website as my tester tube is crumpled up). Firstly, let me say that the size of their sample tubes are fantastic. My beautician has given me samples of Dermalogica products (not a fan) before and they come in sachets. How can you try a product once and know it’s for you.

I used Creme 15 on my chin area for 3 weeks – my chin is the only area I break out.

Here are my thoughts on the product:

  • It’s  very good at spot treating. It takes the redness out and seemed to lessen the life span of my spots.
  • It promoted healing. A spot on my chin would heal in 3 days rather than 5.
  • It reduces redness of the affected area. I woke up every morning to less angry looking skin.
  • It draws out impurities. This is both a good and a bad thing – if I apply the cream all over the area it will fight the spots that are visible but it also will draw out more. This is fine if you get the off spot, drawing out impurities and having clear skin is the goal really. But as any acne sufferer knows, it’s an endless cycle.
  • It’s expensive.
  • It’s light and absorbs easily. It didn’t leave any residue on my skin. Some people find this cream greasy – I suspect it’s those with over-active sebaceous glands, they may have very oily skin.
  • It didn’t irritate my sensitive skin.
  • Has a distinct aromatic scent – I’d like to say rosemary-ish and woody but I could be wrong.

The bottom line

It didn’t clear my skin but it did clear spots faster and take down redness.

Would I purchase the full size?

So, not a miracle worker for me but helped take the redness out of my skin and reduce the size of a spot whilst encouraging healing. I would consider purchasing the full size tube. It’s hard to find spot creams that work on sensitive skin so I should probably be delighted that I found this.



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  • Donita Sejkora

    I hope you receive it soon! I know that sometimes there can be delays at customs depending on your location.

  • Oshin

    Hey Amy,

    I recently discovered this brand at local spa. Are there any particular products you recommend from this brand? Thanks!

  • Samia

    I tried this a few years ago with the toner. It was gorgeous but just too expensive in the long term! Its a bit of a luxury buy!

  • Trish

    Greetings from Canada, All. The best product I have found for my annoyingly sensitive, hormonal and reactive skin is Burt’s Bees Ant-Blemish Solution (the one with Willow Bark). It takes the red away, and clears the spot up in 2 days without the severe flaking and other issues harsher products cause.

  • Ash

    Hey Amy,
    I got really bad hormonal acne on my forehead in about September of last year… Having never had any sort of acne before I really didnt know how to treat it! As it was hormonal my skin wasnt in any way oily in fact it was extremely dry so all the acne treatments just made the acne worse… I started using Cetaphil and my forehead has completely cleared! It took about 2 weeks for me to noticed a difference but now after using it for about 2 months I’ve had no more breakouts :) I’m delighted :)

  • Amy

    Taking notes Charlotte :) Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Michelle

    Hi Amy, been reading your blogs and I can totally emphatize. Have you ever tried Quinoderm? It’s an acne treatment cream and you can get them at pretty much all chemists. I got a generous sized tube for €7.20 which I thought was excellent value considering I’ve spent a small fortune on ‘acne fighting’ products, from Dermalogica, Proactiv Solution to La Roche Posay.

    I suffered from acne for ages and it was SOOOO frustrating, especially since I longed for the gorgeous glowy skin as I’m getting married this year! Anyway after using my face as a skin lab for over a year I finally got my act together and went to the doc. He prescribed me Tetralysal which I took twice a day for 2 months. It has cleared my acne (I still get the odd few spots though) and now my skin care regime consists of Simple Oil-balancing Exfoliating Wash and Face Scrub, Botanics Pore Perfecting Day Shift Moisture Lotion for Blemish Prone Skin (Boots) and Quinoderm to get rid of redness and any impending spots. So far so good! Might be worth a try for you? Turns out my skin had very cheap taste and didn’t like any fancy nancy products! :)

    • Amy

      Hi Michelle – thanks so much for your feedback. Would you believe I had a long standing love affair with quinoderm. Swore by it for years – back then I used the get the odd spot here or there, nothing major. Unfortunately at the moment my skin is hyper sensitive and spot creams seem to make my acne worse. It’s hormonal acne so I figured it would sort itself out once my hormones balanced… still waiting :)
      Thanks for letting me know about Tetralysal – might end up at the doc if it doesn’t sort itself out soon.
      I agree with you on the cheap taste thought – quinoderm wash and cream with a cheapy no7 moisturiser used to be perfect for my skin. No more, boo hoo.

      Thanks again for the info, it’s brilliant!

    • Lieenie

      I have written that down. I am strapped for cash at the moment and was saving to try proactiv. I will defiantly give Quinoderm a go for the price it would be fab if it worked for me. Thanks for the info Michelle!!

  • Charlotte

    Try Akoma (or any brand available) Pure African Black soap from Ghana, its 100% natural, £3 for a bar of soap which lasts forever and clears up spots dramatically; I’ve been using the soap for 18months now and haven’t looked back, seriously try it :)

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