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You can now buy my natural goodies!!


I’ve decided to give the people what they want! Haha I got so many comments telling me to put my homemade natural goodies up for sale, so I did as you asked. I’m a good girl :)

I’ll leave them up for a few weeks and see how it goes. Everything will be handmade to order so please bear that in mind.

A big thank you to my best friend for putting the paypal part of the site together and taking pictures of everything. And another thank you to my little sister Eimear for being such a huge help.

A HUGE thank you to all you for your encouragement and ideas. I never would have tried this without you! Your support has been amazing.

Click here or go to the Amy’s Bath & Body link on the right hand side of my blog page.

Amy x

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  • Brittany

    Oh yay, I can’t wait! :) I will put a good word in with all my friends…I already told a few of them about your blog, and they should be visiting soon!

  • Redrew25

    hehehe – I can’t spell either. I meant photos – not phones. :P

    Order is in! I really hope you have a lot of success with this! :)

    • Amy

      Lol I’m glad it’s not just me! :) Thanks so much for your support! I just finished packing up your goodies. Put a few samples in too :)

  • Wright81

    Thanks so much! I love the phones, so professional! I am totally ordering a shipment!!!

  • Lucy

    I was hoping you’d put up some recipes for your products but this is even better! Just ordered 2 items, looking forward to trying them out!

    • Amy

      Yay! Thanks for your support :) x

  • Bianca

    Well done you! I’m excited now …waiting for my package of natural soap goodies :)
    I was wondering if you could tell me how you included the paypal stuff. A friend is trying to set up a little system like that and wonders how to include the paypal payment thing.

  • Laura

    I just put my order in sweetie :D xxx

    • Amy

      Yay :) Thank you! x

  • jenni

    im so so excited to see this!!! well done you!! yay!

  • Brittany

    Ordered two of the lavender soaps! Am I the first one? :)
    Thanks Amy!

    • Amy

      Yaaaay! Thanks Brittany, first one!! I’m so excited :)

  • Brittany

    Hooray! Three cheers for Amy! :)

  • Jess M

    hello :)
    just incase u didnt realize u put fried instead of friend :) thought i might just point that out xx

    • Amy

      Thanks for letting me know, I can’t spell today :) x

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