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YSL Fall/Winter 2011

I’m excited about YSL’s Autumn Winter 2011 collection. Here’s a little look, let me know what you think.



Greens and purples with matte and moiré effect. 5 eye shadows captured in a unique new palette
Dark green, mauve, aubergine, violet and green aqua –
Smoky crimson-purple, a halo of green infused with violet, dark mauve and aqua. The superimposition of an iridescent green with blue mother of pearl reflections, brightens and frames darker shades with an almost supernatural radiance…


Yves Saint Laurent style extends to the tips of your fingernails. The hand becomes a luxurious fashion accessory. Revealing the delicate obscurity of dark green to midnight blue essences. Metallic reflections in a moonlit sea.
LA LAQUE N° 43 – Wintergreen
LA LAQUE N° 44 – Moonlight blue


Blush Radiance

Color plays four ways. Cheeks are dressed in light. A half-matte, half-satin blush that captures the light and transforms it into color. 4 squares of matte and satin powder that, with a light sweep of the brush create a radiant veil.

And for lips…


Pearl-like reflections on flowers and autumn vines… Full and sensual lips with a subtle, iridescent brilliance. ROUGE VOLUPTE PERLE is a new range of six shades, natural or nocturnal, each with shimmering reflections.

N° 107 – Impetuous Beige
N° 108 – Celestial Mauve
N° 109 – Brazen Plum
N° 110 – Incandescent Orange
N° 111 – Mysterious Red
N° 112 – Spellbinding Violet

I love the art work! The nail polishes and the eyeshadow palette shall me mine.

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