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YSL La Laque Couture Nail Polishes – Swatches & Review

I am in love with YSL La Laque Couture Nail Polishes. Love I tell you! Thought it was time for some swatches and a review of their fabulousness (yes, I make up words now).



N°4 Corail Colisée A bright coral. Sounds like so many others but its beauty is unparalleled in my books

N°29 Doré Orfèvre A unique, true gold

N°15 Violet Baroque Deep, rich, juicy violet. This oozes class.

N°22 Beige Léger Deemed this seasons ‘it’ shade by YSL.


N°4 Corail Colisée



N°22 Beige Léger



N°15 Violet Baroque



N°29 Doré Orfèvre

My thoughts

Colour: Whenever a nail polish comes with a hefty price tag I expect a bit of magic. Lately I have been disappointed by a few high end offerings – Estee Lauder Pure Color being one of them. Well, with these beauties there was no disappointment. These shades are intense and vivd. I couldn’t love them more. In fact I rooted through my collection to look for dupes and couldn’t find any that lived up to the quality and vividness of colours. When I applied Corail Colisée I spent the entire day looking at my nails. I’m a fan of coral shades anyway and find they work well with my skin tone but this just plain outstanding.

Application: Vividness aside, the application of these polishes are a dream! The brush is wide, tapered and smooth. It worked perfectly with the shape of my nail bed. I find that I can vary the pressure of the brush and get one whole nail coated in one swipe. The polishes I tried are creamy and smooth and were foolproof to apply. I would go as far as to say that I had the easiest application I can remember.

Dry-time: Rapid. I managed three coats in a few minutes. I didn’t need more than two coats for any of the above. In fact, the coverage was great after one coat. I just needed two for perfect coverage.

Finish: Creamy with a high shine (less of a shine with the gold because of the finish)

Staying Power: The polish and the shine last. I didn’t need to apply a top coat. They are also enriched with Chilean Rose bush and extract of Corallina that is source of Calcium, the formula fortifies and protects nails.

Packaging: Again, pure luxury

Price: Expensive at €24. These nail polishes are a splurge but from the few I’ve tested the quality is outstanding. It would be a special sort of nail purchase. After all, luxury comes at a price (although in my experience price definitely doesn’t always mean luxury!)

Wow, that was bit of a rant. If I was to root for any negatives I would say that the gold shade suits my skintone least. But I have big plans for this one during tan season! I also picked up a bottle for a friends birthday – it would suit her tanned skin perfectly.

If I could grade these they would received a big fat A+


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