Z- Palettes

I’m always on the lookout for makeup storage solutions. Enter Z-Palette. I first heard about these on Kandee Johnsons channel, they seemed like a great idea so I have just checked out their website and thought I’d share.

I have quite a few floating eyeshadows. I find I neglect them because they’re not in a palette. This won’t be the case for much longer, all of my eyeshadows will get the attention they deserve.

The Z-Palettes are magnetic with clear lids, genius! I love the idea of being able to see whats inside. They come with stick on magnets for the back of your eyeshadow pans.

I think I might order one and give them a try.They come in different sizes, the large costs $20.

You can find them here or you can buy them in London at Make-up Provisions (thanks to Emma aka Computergirl for telling us)

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  • MaquillageTalk


  • Holly

    What a fantastic idea! I might buy one of these instead of the MAC pallette I was planning on buying.

  • Sinead

    I really like the look of the Z palettes, the idea of them is really good and i think i may get myself the smaller version to pop my eyeshadow pans into for when i travel! :)
    Great post chick

  • Kirsten

    Great idea! I was just going to order a MAC pro pallet for eyeshadows, but they are out of stock. This is a perfect substitute!!!

  • Emma aka Computergirl

    These palettes are fab.

    You can buy them in London at Make-up Provisions, and I think they do mail order. Great for us UK Chicks!

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